The Secretary of the Australian Border Force meets with the Governor of the Northern Province

Australian Border Protection Force Primary Secretary Brant Isanda and his team held a discussion with Northern Province Governor Mrs. BSM Charles on 11.08.2023 at the Governor’s office regarding Border Security and Illegal Travels and Illegal Activities at the Maritime Borders. Sri Lanka Customs Department officials also participated in the discussion.
In this discussion, it was examined about the effective implementation of activities to prevent illegal immigration from the Northern Province.
According to the Australian Defense Force Chief Secretary and his team, The Australian Border Force will provide training and introduce new technologies to Customs officers.
The Governor also said that ‘since there is direct travel to Chennai from the Northern Province through Palali Airport and the India Sri Lanka shipping service is about to be started the activities of the Customs Departments should be strengthened’.
‘The governor also stated that, since we are developing the Jaffna Palali Airport and the ports of Kangesanthuari, Mannar etc and improving tourism in the Northern Province, there is a possibility of illegal border crossings, so we should be careful about it.’
‘Drugs are not manufactured in Sri Lanka. But its use and influence has affected not only the Northern Province but the whole of Sri Lanka. Drugs that are not produced here and are available here are smuggled here from abroad. Even if appropriate measures are taken, it is very difficult to control them’. The governor had also said ‘that it would require the assistance of the Australian Border Force’.
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