The Governor of Northern Province laid the foundation stone for the construction of Govitshanthi Public Trade Complex.

Under the leadership of Northern Province Governor Mrs. P.S.M. Charles, Jaffna, Karavetti, Kovitchanthai Public Trade Complex construction work was inaugurated on 06.09.2023. Rupees 35 million will be spent for this construction.
In Karavetti area, the villagers of Kovitchanthai are still conducting their business activities in a temporary building. Due to the lack of adequate facilities in these temporary buildings, traders and consumers involved in selling goods in the area are facing difficulties. Thus setting up a new business place is a great need for people.
The people of Kovitchandi region have also donated a substantial amount in association with Vadamarachi South West Pradesh Sabha for the construction of the new commercial complex.
Northern Province Governor Mrs. P.S.M. Charles, who participated in the stone laying function, said that getting more contributions from the local people for such a development project is a good example.

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