Livelihood Assistance distributed to Two Women Societies during “Let us stand for the country” Week in Jaffna District

An event to distribute the livelihood assistance to the two women societies during the “Let’s Stand for the Country” week was held in Jaffna district on 27th August 2019.

The livelihood assistance worth Rs.252,160 was distributed by the Ministry of Women’s Affair to a registered women society formed with the women-head families from Thaiyiddy village in Tellippalai DS division and women at “Women Safe House” located at Maruthankerny DS division under this year CBG allocation of the provincial council.

Secretary to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Cooperative, Industries, and Social Service  R.Varatheeswaran handed over the items worth Rs.200,185 consisting of 03 sewing machines, 02 steel cabins, 02 clothe cutting tables, 06 rattan chairs, 04 plastic armchairs and 02 scissors to the president of Panimalaimatha Womens’ Society. Assistant Divisional Secretary Tellippalai Mrs. Kokilatharsan Sangeetha also participated in this program. This society is engaged in needle works, cloth-based handicrafts and tailoring activities to generate income and share among members.

On the same day, worth Rs.51,975 carpentry tools to make coconut shell handicrafts and the pearl ornaments were also handed over to the Divisional Secretary, Maruthankerny These tools will be used by the inmates of the “Women Safe House” run by the government in Maruthankerny. The officials from the Presidential Secretariat also participated in this program.