Revamped Northern Tourism website launched

Northern Province Tourism Website has been updated with several important features such as destination details, customizable trip plan with Geographical Information tools, galleries, event and programme notifications, social media integration, etc. Revamped website was launched by Chief Secretary of Northern Province Mr.A.Pathinathan at a ceremony held at Northern Province Tourism Bureau on 29th November 2019.

The ceremony was chaired by Prof.K.Thevarajah, Chairman of Northern Province Tourism Bureau. Secretary to the Ministry of Local Government Mrs.S.Mohanathan, Deputy Chief Secretary – Finance Mr.R.Pathmanathan, Senior Assistant Secretary Mrs.N.Inparaj, Accountant Mrs.S.Nanthakumar, Assistant Secretary Mr.T.Krishnananthalingam, Administrative Office Mr.J.Lawrance, staff of Tourism Bureau and officials from Ceymplon Pvt. Ltd. also participated at the ceremony.

The website address: