Report on Mobile Service, jointly conducted by the Central Department of Motor Traffic and Northern Provincial Department of Motor Traffic – 2022

A two days’ mobile service   was conducted  on 22nd  and 23rd October, 2022 at  the complex of the Northern Provincial Council, Kaithady from 9.30am  to 4.30pm.

The mobile service  was inaugurated with lightening oil lamp jointly  by the Chief  Secretary  and Commissioner General of Department of Motor Traffic and  lightening was followed up with Government Agent- Jaffna, Secretary Local Government-Northern Province, Secretary to the Governor, Deputy Chief Secretary- Provincial Public Administration Northern Province, Assistant Commissioner Motor Traffic- Jaffna and   other  authorized  officials.

About 1800 Nos.  beneficiaries   obtained the  necessary  services  at this two day’s  mobile service  and  several public   fulfilled their   needs  more than   three at  a  time ,   organized   well with  service providers  of  Dept. of Motor Traffic ,  served in  DS offices. under the one  roof.   Officers  of the  Dept. of Motor Traffic, attached to the  DS Offices  provided   fullest  support to the  public in fulfilling  their  lapses  on  transport  service.

The following   essential service related to transport and  motor traffic, were provided  to the  public, those who  have  come from   the  out districts of  NP .

  • Obtaining  international  driving license
  • Special  written exam for the  special needs public
  • Differently –abled   people in getting medical report, exam for  driving license of Technical report for their vehicles
  • Transfer for private coach to Omni bus
  • Medical report for driving  license
  • Condition removal of Vehicles issued to field officers through the 2014/2015 action plan
  • Weight Certificate for Vehicles
  • Taking over the applications  for ownership transfer form
  • Ordinary exam for driving license
  • Corrections on vehicle  registration books
  • Obtaining number plate  for  vehicles
  • Emission  testing
  • Vehicle insurance & tax clearance

List of service provided  and number of beneficiaries


Type of Services


Medical Report obtained

(Differently -abled)



Medical Report ( Ordinary)


Applicants sat for Special Exam

(Special need People)



Applicants sat for Ordinary Exam


Technical Report for Differently – abled persons  


Vehicle Revenue license


International Driving license


Applicant for Change of Omni bus


Vehicle Weight certificate


Emission Test


Other Services (Ownership transfer, copy of registration book, Number plate)  


In addition,   through the action plan 2014/2015 ,   1415 Nos.  applications were  taken over  under the  condition  removal   of  vehicles    and 1244 Nos.   were   solved  and handed over to the related filed officers.     Lapses, found in vehicle transfer  procedures of the  departmental vehicles    were sorted out  and  follow up  action is underway.

Service on photography for the   needy public  by the  licensed    studio  and  mobile banking  activity  were also arranged at this mobile service .    Awareness program  on  road safety  via video  program  was  displaced for the public , gathered  at the mobile service.

Further,  Department of Motor Traffic   is   proceeding   the  follow up  action  to   issue of driving license under   proper  mechanism  to  the Differently-able  persons  in collaboration  with Department of Social Services and Central Department of Motor Traffic.