Mobile Service – Northern Province – 2022 “We are at your entrance” – Vavuniya District

It was decided to conduct the mobile service for this year in every district of Northern Province with the direction of Hon Governor – Mr.Jeevan Thiyagaraja – Northern Province and the guidelines of Mr.S.M.Saman Bandulasena, Chief Secretary. As the initial stage, the mobile service Phase I was conducted at V/Erarperiyakulam Paragum Maha Vidyalayam – Vavuniya South, V/Al-Khamiya Maha Vidyalayam – Vengalacheddikulam, V/ Olumadu Maha Vidyalayam – Nedunkerny and V/ Gamini Maha Vidyalayam – Vavuniya Town.

Hon. Governor of Northern Province, Chief Secretary of Northern Province, Secretary to the Governor, Secretaries of Provincial Ministries, Heads of the Departments, Staff Grade Officers and other Officers were also present at the mobile service.

Services had been provided to the public by the Governor’s Secretariat, Secretariats and Departments under the Northern Provincial Council and some divisions of Vavuniya District Secretariat had also provided their services.

The following special programmes had been conducted in the particular places for the purpose of resolving complaints submitted by the public while the services had been provided by the mobile service.

Awareness seminar for the preschool teachers – Vavuniya South, Vengalacheddikulam, Vavuniya North and Vavuniya Town.

Inauguration ceremony for the reconstruction of Andamaskawa Dam, Vavuniya South.

Tree planting ceremony – Vavuniya South, Vengalacheddikulam, Vavuniya North, Vavuniya Town

Identifying the requirements for the skill development related to industry by the Department of Industry, to assist for self employment , business development services- Vavuniya South, Vengalacheddikkulam, Vavuniya North and Vavuniya town exhibition ( Divisional Sale Centres Vavuniya South, Vengalacheddikulam , Vavuniya North and Vavuniya Town).

To resolve the problem related to the establishment procedures for the teachers and principals by the Department of Education – NP, awareness seminar regarding early childhood development, to register the sports clubs, awareness on sports events, awareness on youth affairs, track and field events and short film events – in all divisions.

Providing reflection stickers to the heavy vehicles by the Department of Motor Traffic NP, seminar on road safety, medical camp and awareness seminar for driving instructors – In all divisions.

Mobile medical camp along with checkup for the public, distributions of medicinal plants, providing Suwa Dharani Ayurvedic Immunity Booster drink by Department of Indigenous Medicine- all divisions.

Advisory service, providing practical explanation of water management to prevent water wastage, to demonstrate regarding water resources in Vavuniya district by the Department of Provincial Irrigation – In all divisions.
Providing advisory service to the farmers, providing animal feed machines, to explain regarding dairy production by Provincial Department of Animal Production and Health Services – In all divisions.

Awareness seminar to the children who reside in child care centre , self development programme for the children in child development centers, motivational and entertainment programme for the children who are residing in the child development centers by Department of Probation and Child Care – NP- In all centers.

To provide basic agricultural details, explanation on harvest mechanism, to display equipments and tools regarding agriculture farm, integrated cultivation, videos on water management and weather forecast , seeds and nursery, organic fertilizers sale centers, explanation on organic cultivation programme, displaying on bees keeping and mushroom cultivation , displaying on food and water conservation project, fruit plants and vegetable nursery by the Department of Agriculture –In all areas in Vavuniya district.

Awareness seminar on gender based violence by the Ministry of Provincial Women Affairs – All divisions
Awareness seminar on physical and mental health to the elderly people, issuing elders’ identity card, and providing equipments for differently abled people by Department of Social Services, NP.

People from all divisions of Vavuniya district benefitted from this mobile service. Altogether 2535 complaints had been received from all divisions. Immediate solutions have been given for them and other remained complaints had been considered by the relevant secretaries, ministries and departments.

The concluding event of the mobile service was held on the 24th of February 2022 at the Auditorium of Vavuniya District Secretariat with the collaboration of Vavuniya district Secretariat and the Cultural Department, NP.

Hon. Governor graced the event as the chief guest and an address on the mobile service had been delivered by Chief Secretary, NP and the mobile service came to the end with the cultural and other events performed by the school students.
Secretary to the Governor, Secretaries of all ministries and heads of the departments, staff grade officers and other officers were also present at the event.