Casinos that offer a status match program (2023)

Many online casinos have loyalty programs, but most of them start with the welcome bonus. Sure, there are some that give you points for playing their games, but these often don't compare to what you can get at a .

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If you're already a VIP at another casino, it can be frustrating starting from scratch again. This is where the status match comes in, as this allows you to keep your current rank and enjoy the benefits right away at a new place. On top of that, some casinos even offer relocation programs that bump you up to a higher level, giving you even more perks.

I'll be going through the sites offering these offers below, while also explaining how they work and answering some frequently asked questions. Before we begin, let me show you our recommended live casinos with status match and relayocation programs for Wild Casino - Reputable Live Casino with a Status Challenge

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Wild Casino is our top recommendation for those looking for a site with a status challenge, better known as a status match. Not only is it one of the top sites offering this deal, but it's also an exceptional live casino in general, boasting a wide range of table games and betting limits to accommodate all players.

While the site is renowned for its generous bonuses and promotions, including a 250% welcome bonus with no max cash out and regular deals for table game and slot players, it's the VIP program that steals the show. Those with a status match from another online casino will appreciate keeping their current standing, while all players can take part in the ten-tiered loyalty program. Not only does Wild Casino offer a 'status challenge' that lets you join at a tier above initially, but you can also work your way through the ranks quickly, thanks to comp points earned at a rate of 1 comp point for every $1 wagered. 

In addition to the many table games and live dealer games available at Wild Casino, members of this online casino's loyalty program can enjoy exclusive deals, a birthday bonus, and a VIP Host service that goes the extra mile to enhance your gaming experience. With twenty-four/seven customer support, multiple banking methods, and a mobile-friendly website, Wild Casino is the clear choice for players seeking an exceptional live casino with a top-notch VIP program. TrustDice - Generous Relocation Program and More Perks than Most

Many live casinos have loyalty programs, but not all are created equal. However, the VIP program at TrustDice stands out among others due to its unique features that benefit gamblers in numerous ways. What sets TrustDuce apart is that they not only offer a vacation plan but an extensive eleven-tiered program that provides more perks than most casinos. Players can enjoy a wide variety of casino games, including slots, table games, live dealer games, and even bet on various types of crypto currency.

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Upon signing up, players are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program, starting at the Beginner level. From there, they can earn points by placing bets, which allow them to move up the ranks and unlock additional benefits such as increased cashback, personalized customer support, and access to exclusive promos and tournaments. Plus, new VIPs joining from another online casino are in for a treat with TrustDice's amazing relocation program that transfers them seven tiers upward! How many tiers are there in the VIP program? How do you advance from one tier to the next? And what kind of goodies can you expect at the highest level? TrustDice has got you covered, whether you're a casual player or a high roller. If you're searching for an online casino with a loyalty program that values your loyalty, look no further than TrustDice. Ignition Casino - Great for High Rollers

With three different vacation programs tailored to suit players at different levels, Ignition Casino stands out as the go-to destination for both new and experienced VIPs. Upon signing up, you can choose from three excellent offers that cater to your specific needs. Whether you're looking to maintain your current status, climb up a few tiers, or enjoy a VIP experience like nowhere else, Ignition Casino has got you covered. Known for its , this casino doesn't disappoint when it comes to rewarding loyal players. So, what makes Ignition Casino's VIP programs so special? Well, for starters, they understand that every VIP is unique, and therefore, they offer flexibility and choices that other casinos simply cannot match.

How does Ignition Casino Compare to the others on this list? Find out as I dig deep into their offerings in my detailed Ignition Casino review. Bovada - Best for Slot Players

Slot enthusiasts hunting for a new online casino should look no further than Bovada, a reputable gaming platform that goes the extra mile to make you feel appreciated. While many rival sites claim to have the best loyalty program, Bovada backs its words with action. They understand the importance of making every player feel like a VIP, not just a select few at the top tiers.

To put it simply, Bovada's loyalty program is outstanding. It's designed to benefit all members, regardless of their game preferences or spending habits. As soon as you sign up and make your first deposit, you'll be eligible for Bovada's program, which offers a whopping 200% welcome bonus and lots of free spins. But here's the best part: slot players can earn tier points at the same rate as everyone else, making it easy to climb the loyalty ladder and reap the rewards. Other casinos may offer better deals on table games or underwhelming slot offers, requiring you to play more to earn the same number of points. However, at Bovada, everything is fair and square, creating a level playing field for all customers. Their loyalty program isn't just about the numbers; it's about treating every player like a VIP and making them feel valued with every spin of the reels.

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Overview of What a Status Match and Relocation Is

Before we dive into the live casinos that offer vacation challenges and programs, it's important that we define exactly what they are. Put simply, a status match means that an online casino will match the rank you have at another site, meaning that you don't have to start over again. Some casinos also come with a relocation program, where not only do they match your rank, but they also bump you up one or more tiers, giving you even more perks immediately.

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This means that you can enjoy the same benefits that you were enjoying beforehand, removing some of the stress and confusion that comes with joining a new site.

Live Casinos with Status Match and Relocation Programs

It’s pretty rare for live casinos to have status match and relocation programs, so it’s little wonder that there aren’t too many that offer them. That being said, the sites above are not the only ones, as the following two casinos also have these deals.

mBit Casino

The final two live casinos with status match and relocation programs is mBit Casino. To qualify, you need to have played at another licensed and reputable online casino, with annual wagers exceeding $50,000, or the equivalent in deposits. You also need to have obtained VIP status, benefited from it for at least six months, and had no negative history regarding payments.

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If you meet these criteria, then you can apply for either a status match or relocation program. For the former, you will keep your current rank, whereas a relocation will see you start at Ambassador rank, which is three rungs up from the entry-level VIP level.

You only need to provide details of your account at your current casino, and this could see you keep all of your perks when you join a much better site.


BetOnline used to have a status match and transfer offer, but this has now been replaced with something similar. Instead of matching or transferring your current rank, they will now add 20% extra to it. For example, if you’re a Silver VIP at another site, BetOnline will boost this to Diamond, giving you access to even more perks.

Again, to qualify, you need to have made at least $75,000 worth of deposits in the last year, with monthly losses no greater than $5,000. Also, you need to have been a member of the other program for six months or longer, without any complaints about non-payment.

It takes up to four days for the BetOnline approval process, but it could be well worth the wait, especially as they are one of the .

Frequently Asked Questions

As this is a fairly unusual feature at online casinos, many players will have questions about it. In the following section, I want to answer some of the most common queries about status matches, transfers, and relocations.

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What is a Casino Status Match?

A status match is when an online casino agrees to match the rank you hold at another site. This means that instead of starting from scratch, you can keep all of the perks and benefits that come with your current VIP level. For example, if you’re a Silver VIP at another casino, you won’t drop down to a standard player when you join a new site – you’ll still be treated like the valuable player that you are.

What is a Casino Status Relocation?

Some sites go beyond just a match and instead offer a relocation. This sees your status increased by one or more tiers, giving you access to even more perks. For instance, if you’re relocated to a new site as Silver VIP but the casino’s VIP program has five tiers, a relocation might see you start as a Gold VIP.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Stay at My Current Online Casino?

There are several reasons why you might want to change live casinos, even if it means starting over again. Perhaps your current site no longer appeals to you, as its lobby lacks excitement or diversity. Alternatively, the perks you once enjoyed may have disappeared, leaving you dissatisfied. Some casinos suffer from slow payouts, long wait times for customer support, or other issues.

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Whatever the reason, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to lose your hard-earned VIP status. A status match or relocation means that you can enjoy the same benefits at a new home, potentially improving upon other aspects you’re unhappy with at your current casino.

What Happens if I Don’t Qualify for a Status Match?

If you don’t qualify for a status match, all is not lost. The requirements are stringent to stop unscrupulous players from abusing the system. After all, it’s not fair for someone who has never reached VIP status to join at the highest tier.

Fortunately, all is not lost. Most casinos have a basic loyalty program tied into their welcome bonus, although these tend to be quite basic, awarding points based on how much you play and wager at the site. Even if you join at the same level as a standard player, you can work your way up the ranks by earning points. Furthermore, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the new site so much that you overlooking the fact that you’re not getting the same perks as before.

However, there’s also a good chance that you have been playing at a poorly rated casino, in which case you most likely want to move anyway. Therefore, it’s always worth checking out the .


Who knew changing online casinos wouldn’t mean losing all your hard-earned VIP perks? It looks like some sites have been reading my fan fiction about a united front of online loyalty programs and decided to make it a reality. Kudos to Wild Casino, TrustDice, Ignition Casino, Bovada, mBit Casino, and BetOnline for recognizing the value of customers who’ve already shown their loyalty elsewhere. It’s a win-win situation: these players get to keep their privileges and discover a new casino heaven. Personally, I can’t wait to see if this trend catches on and becomes the norm rather than the exception. Until then, feel free to indulge in this sweet perk and spread the word to your fellow VIPs.

Among the seven casinos I’ve discussed today, my top recommendations are Wild Casino, TrustDice, and Ignition Casino, each bringing something unique to the table. Wild Casino’s challenge moves you up a notch in their loyalty program, while TrustDice elevates you seven tiers higher. Ignition Casino goes the extra mile by offering three different programs to suit different VIP preferences.

If you’re a slot aficionado, Bovada has your name on it with their exceptional loyalty program. Remember, these offers can change rapidly. If you don’t find a program that suits you now, bookmark this page and check back later. Who knows? Your dream vacation program might be waiting for you!

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May your gaming adventures be filled with lucrative bonuses and reliable partners. Safe travels on your online casino journey!

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