Reasons why live casino tables have fewer players

  • One reason why live casino tables have fewer players is that they are more social.
  • Live dealer games tend to have higher minimum bets, making them inaccessible to some.
  • The complexity of certain live games like casino poker may also deter players.

Live dealer casinos offer a unique gaming experience that differs from their RNG-based counterparts. While the latter has hundreds of tables for popular games such as blackjack and roulette, live casino platforms often have fewer.

Why is this so? I looked into it and found three major reasons why live casino tables have smaller numbers than RNG games. Keep reading to find out what these are.

You can find thousands of RNG tables for blackjack on online casinos. In fact, it might take you a while to count them since most gaming sites offer countless versions of the game.

It’s a different story when it comes to LIVE blackjack. Most live casino platforms have one or two tables at most. That’s because running live games is expensive and not very profitable for casinos.

As you might know, live rooms stream games with professional dealers in which players make bets. This setup costs casinos a lot in terms of equipment, set leases, deals with live providers, plus the offering of higher stakes.

To understand why live casino tables have fewer players, you must first comprehend how costly it is to operate those games. There has to be a return of investment (ROI), which is usually done by increasing table limits.

Rather than having thousands of customers betting small stakes at live tables, casinos prefer having a handful wagering high amounts. As you can see below, even the most complicated among the best live casinos follow this model.,

case in point, has four live tables, with two dedicated to Unlimited Blackjack and one each for Free Bet Blackjack and Grand Blackjack. The former allows players to hit as many times as they want while the latter has a cool feature that allows bettors to change their bet size after seeing the dealer’s hole card.

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Grand Blackjack, as the name suggests, has higher winning payouts of 2:1 for natural 21s and 3:2 for hitting a blackjack with an ace and 10 from a single deck of cards.

If you like to play casino poker against real dealers, your options are caribbean studd, tambling with friends texas holdem, casino holdem, three card poker, and ultimate texas holdem.

Out of these six games, three are fold-based while the other three are heads-up games. Among all these, the most popular live casino poker game has to be .

This game, offered by Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play, pits you against virtual bettors instead of a real person. Still, it maintains the core of casino poker where you receive cards, decide on your hand, and compete versus a house hand to win.

Anyway, ultimately texas holdem is the most complex live poker game available. You you must wait for a specific number of players to fill a table, which is not the case with RNG poker.

Speaking of RNG games, did you know that you can earn rewards just for playing? Well, you can if you join the , which is our top recommendation for online poker.

So, back to live casino tables having fewer players. One explanation for this is that live casino poker games require a certain number of people to start a round.

Fold-based games like Caribbean Stud and Casino Hold’em emit a magical wave for more cards once a certain number of players are in. Meanwhile, heads-up games like Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em will wait for six gamblers before starting a round of poker.

Heads-up poker is more exciting because it is just you versus the house. The problem is that not a lot of people play live heads-up poker then again, it needs to be six people instead of six or more.

RNG poker does not have this issue as you can sit down anytime and play against virtual bettors. Of course, once you choose to , you will face real bettors, but the point is, you do not have to wait for anyone.,

There is only one site that offers a wide range of casino poker, and that is Ignition Casino. Not only can you play heads-up and fold-based poker against live dealers, but you can also enjoy two types of casual poker games.

One great online casino for its poker selection is . The online bookmaker has a massive selection of poker games including live dealer casino poker, fast-paced “Earth Poker” variant tables, side bets, and more.

For those who prefer to stick with live casino gambling, you will likely have to deal with the second reason why there are fewer players – bet limits.

Minimum bets for RNG games start as low as $0.01, giving everyone a chance to enjoy their favorite titles without risking too much money. Leveling up your account opens up additional bet limits up to a thousand bucks or more.

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That is also the case with live casino games but the difference is that it takes higher stakes to be profitable for the casino. For this reason, it is common to see live tables with minimum bets ranging from $5 to $10.

Of course, there are exceptions like the live tables you get from , which has RNG tables but also has casino poker games with minimum bets of $0.10.

In any case, the high roller gambling lifestyle is not for everybody. It is hard to lose (and win) a lot of cash in a single session, especially if you are just a recreational player looking to pass time.

If you are in search of a top-rated gambling site that has no place for high bet limits, make sure to check out . This online sportsbook has excellent odds and a user-friendly interface for US bettors.

You might like the higher stakes that come with live casino tables, but the complexity of the games might be a turnoff. That is reason number three and probably the main reason why live tables have fewer players.

Casino games are supposed to be easy. Almost all RNG titles have the same procedure, which is choosing your bet amount and letting the game run its course.

Some games will ask you to make decisions, but it is always a few buttons here and there. You are not required to tip your digital dealer or have small talks through a chatbox.

All these and more make up for the “authentic” casino experience live casino games offer. However, not everybody wants to go through that just to play.

That said, the most complicated live casino games are their variants of poker. Before joining the round, you must decide on the size of your bet, interact (if you want) with the dealer and other players, place your poker hand based on predetermined rules, and make calls depending on the deals.

Who has the time for all that when you can simply and win a ton of cash every week?

For regular online casino users, the simplicity of RNG games is what they look for. They can place bets on dozens of titles within minutes, without having to interact with anyone, and walk away with tons of cash if luck is on their side.

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While that is the case, I do the same thing and bash on live casino tables all you can do is switch things up. Knowing that you are actually playing a game instead of just betting and letting things happen has its perks.

You are basically getting the “VIP treatment” where you can talk to professionals and enjoy a luxurious atmosphere from the comforts of your own home.,

More Spectators Than Players

The truth is that most online casino players are observers. These are punters who do not bet but love watching live streams of games, especially roulettes and blackjack.

These spectators do not affect the outcome of the rounds, but they increase the number of people in a particular table. In a live room, this is not a problem since roulette, for example, can have as many as unlimited bettors.

Online casinos cannot support eight or more roulette croupiers spinning metals disks left and right non-stop. For this reason, it is either they remove the game from the live casino section or limit the number of players.

The same applies to live blackjack. A blackjack table in a land-based casino can easily handle eight to ten players at a time. Recreating the same scenario online requires a lot of resources, thus the need to cap the number of blackjack gamblers to four.

That is also the case for other popular blackjack variations like and .

If you don’t like the idea of having limited seats and a lot of spectators, just stick to RNG tables. You will have an unlimited seat to watch the metal ball bounce around the wheel or receive hits against the dealer’s chest protector.

Looking for a wide variety of RNG roulette games? Then head over to , which offers multiple roulette options, a generous welcome bonus, and so much more!

Which Live Casino Has the Most Tables?

Just because live casino tables have fewer players doesn’t mean you should stop playing these fun and interactive games. If anything, it adds to the exclusivity and VIP treatment you get from professional dealers.

And if you are worried about finding a platform with enough tables, fret not, because there are live casino providers that offer tons of games you can play.

By far, the biggest and most popular live gaming provider is . Ignition Casino has dozens of its games, all of which are highly recommended if you like a personal touch when gambling online.

Evolution Gaming started in 2006 and quickly became the industry leader in supplying software solutions for live dealer casinos. It currently has over 10,000 employees and 1 million square feet of facilities in several countries, including Canada, Malta, Georgia, and Spain.

You can find numerous in its library, including Speed Blackjack, Power Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack, and No-Limit Blackjack, among others. It is also the home of several casino poker games, baccarat, craps, dunk ball, and European Roulette.

Joining Ignition Casino gives you a 300% welcome bonus (up to $3,000) that you can use to play Evolution live dealer games. Engaging the bonus will give you an edge against the houses since you will be betting more money.

Other recommended online casinos for Evolution gaming titles include , Wild Casino, and BetOnline. All four platforms are part of our list of , so you know you are in safe hands.

If you think about it, having fewer players in live casino tables is not really a bad thing. It maintains the exclusivity and VIP treatment of betting with professional dealers.

RNG games will always have their place in online casinos, but there’s something special about playing with real people. Understanding why live casino tables have fewer players should encourage you to try these titles more often.

For one, you are getting a truly unique gambling experience that you cant get anywhere else. Two, you are following the trends, and three, it feels awesome placing bets on popular casino games with other people.

Happy gambling!


  • Article featured a list of the five best online casinos. We discussed in detail Ignition Casino, which tops the rankings.
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