Launching the Magazine “ PARIHAARI – II”

The DVD of the second Magazine “PARIHAARI- II”  launched on 14th  of August 2023 on the occasion of the ceremonial opening of the OPD & Admin block of Rural Siddha Hospital, Pandatherippu.

It was launched by Dr.Mrs. S.Mohananathan – Secretary, Ministry of Health. Also, the DVDs were provided to some of the guests.

The Provincial Commissioner of Indigenous Medicine in her speech mentioned that all could be benefitted by uploading this magazine to the official website of Northern Province.

Provincial Commissioner Indigenous Medicine – Northern Province, Deputy Commissioner of Provincial Department of Indigenous Medicine, Father from – St.Meris Church, Public Health Inspector – Pandatherippu, Secretary of Divisional Secretariat Sandilipay, Board Member of  Pradeshiya Sabha – Pandatherippu, Medical Officer In- Charge – Rural  Siddha Hospital Pandatherippu. Hospital Staff, Medical Officers and Staff from Indigenous Medicine, Principals from neighbouring schools, the President of Rural Development  Society and the public participated in this event.

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