“JEYAGAMU Sri Lanka” mobile service in Mannar District

Service of mobile service programmes for the provision of all services of the ministry of Laboure and foreign employment to the public in their hometowns, Mannar district was held on 20th and 21st of April in Urban council ground, Mannar. Hon. Manusha Nanayakkara, Minister of Laboure and Foreign Employment and Hon. Jakath Pushpakumara, State minister of foreign employment promotion also participated in this programme.

All the government institutes in the district have setup the stall to provide information to public regarding create employment opportunities and identify employment opportunities. Therefore, department of agriculture also participated in this mobile service.

Deputy Provincial director of Agriculture, Mannar Mr. S.F.C. Uthayachandran, Assistant director of Agriculture, Subject matter officers and Agricultural instructors also were participated in this job fair. They facilitated the information regarding “Ammachchi” traditional food centers functioning and job opportunities in the food centers.

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In addition to that, they instruct how to find out job opportunities for young peoples in Agriculture sectors with new and innovative technologies. Moreover, facilitate the information to school leavers for follow-up the courses in agricultural sectors under the authorization of national apprentice and industrial training authority (NAITA). Therefore, they easily get NVQ certificate which will be mandatory for foreign employment opportunities.

In addition to that crop clinic also conducted with in the job fair stall and provide immediate and sustainable remedies for pest and disease attack on crop cultivation.

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