Exposure visit to Jumbo peanut field in Kilinochchi district

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The Agriculture Sector Modernization Project has been implemented in Kilinochchi District for promoting the seed production of ground nut and enhance the living standard of the farmers. Under this project, 30 beneficiaries have been selected in Thiruvaiaaru and Kanagaampikaikulam AI Ranges. 20 kg of Jumbo peanut seeds, 25 kg of gypsum and water pump were supplied to each beneficiaries to cultivate jumbo peanut in half an acre. At present, the established crops are in harvesting stage.

The exposure visits were arranged by Provincial Department of Agriculture, Northern Province for promoting jumbo peanut cultivation in Northern Province through popularizing it among the farmers. Four exposure visits were conducted in Mullaitivu, Mannar, Jaffna and Vavuniya districts on 17.07.2020, 18.07.2020, 21.072020 and 22.07.2020 respectively. 20 Commercially ground nut cultivating farmers and 2 officers were participated in each exposure visit. They visited jumbo peanut fields in Thiruvaiaaru and Kanagaampikaikulam AI Ranges, Commercial level Cowpea cultivation with the support of Small holder Agribusiness Partnership Programme, Ginger cultivation and A.K.M International Import and Export Pvt Ltd. The farmers who participated in the exposure visits said that they have interested in cultivating jumbo peanut and requested seed of jumbo peanut for cultivating it and some farmers purchased ginger seedlings to cultivate in their fields.