Discussion with the Provincial Secretaries and Heads of Departments

A meeting with the Secretaries of Provincial Ministries, Heads of Provincial Departments and other high ranking officials was held under the chairmanship of Governor of Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles on 17th January 2020 at Governor’s Secretariat.

The discussion was also held with the departments under the purview of the Provincial Ministry of Health: Department of Indigenous Medicine and Department of Probation & Child Care and Departments of Industries.

During these meetings, the various issues faced by the departments were brought to the notice of the Governor of the Northern Province. Meanwhile, the projects being carried by the departments were briefed to the Governor.

The Governor of the Northern Province advised the officials that instead of talking about the shortcomings and own problems, to focus on what they had and think about what to do. The social concern should be developed and we should improve ourselves. The time is running out on blaming others than not solving problems.

Governor of the Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles urged everyone to cooperate with her initiatives to help the people of the country by resolving the identified issues.