Awareness programme for women on preparation of Traditional herbal food

A continuous awareness programme for 3 days on the preparation of traditional herbal foods was organized by Rural Siddha Hospital & herbal garden – Kalmadunagar and Divisional Secretariat – Kandawalai at Rural Siddha Hospital & Herbal Garden – Kalmadunagar from 19th to 21st of October – 2022.

This programme was targeted to involve women who are from women headed families in the way of improving their health as well as their economic condition.

Demonstrations and presentations of traditional foods such as Herbal porridge, Millet porridge, Suckmal coffee, Thurinchi syrup, thuthuvalai adai, Nannaari juice, shoe flower juice, Cinnamon tea and Aloe juice were conducted by Community Medical Officer.

Around 25 women benefited through this programme.