‘Awarding Ceremony’ of the Northern Province Tourism Bureau and the Launching of the Tour Guide Documents

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Awarding Ceremony and Launching of Tour Guide Document of the Northern Province Tourism Bureau was held on 25 February 2021 at 9 am at the Jetwing Hotel, Jaffna. Hon. Governor of Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles graced the event as a Guest of Honour. Government Agents of all 5 five districts, Divisional Secretaries, Chairman of Northern Province Tourism Bureau, and relevant officials also participated in this event.

In her address, the Hon. Governor pointed out that since February 2020 the tourism industry has been facing many difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic and more than 40,000 tourism employees and stakeholders across the country faced an unfortunate situation.

Despite the challenges of the epidemic, she said she was pleased to see the Northern Province Tourism rebuilding its own sector with the project, which was launched in September last year in conjunction with the Epex Project.

She also pointed out that more than 150 tourism institutions in the Northern Province have been imparted skill development training under the Covid-19 epidemic safety guidance. She also said that the Northern Province Tourism Department is fully open for domestic tourists.

She commended the Epex team and the tourism officials of the Northern Province for especially developing and publishing tourism guide documents for the 5 districts in the Northern Province separately. She also wished everyone who will be appointed as tour guides here to position themselves properly in this field and work for the development of the future tourism industry of the country and the Northern Province.