Agriculture Federation for Iranaimadu Tank met Governor

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Governor’s Attention on New Agriculture Insurance

During the visit to Kilinochchi on 27th January 2018, Governor Suren Raghavan met the representatives of the Agriculture Federation for Iranaimadu Tank and had a discussion with them.

The progress of the matters discussed in the last meeting was explored in detail. They also discussed regarding the team which includes the farmer engineers and government officials representing the five districts of the Northern Province.

The Governor also emphasized that the actions would be taken after examining the detailed report of water catchment area and rainfall of Kilinochchi and Iranaimadu areas in the last 50 years.

Due to the heavy rainfall in the past season, the tank’s water capacity increased. Therefore the farmers requested the Governor to arrange a training programme for them to manage the excessive water in the tank in an efficient manner. The Governor appreciated their request and assured that he would take steps to organize a training programme for the farmers and the relevant officials.

They pointed out the fact of the nature in Iranaimadu Tank filling- there is a cyclic activity in filling – the first five years it is filled and spilling and for the next two years, the water level does not raise enough. Then, the next five years it fills. During the low water season, they suffer economically.

Listening to the farmers’ requests and opinions, the Governor said that he would seek and examine the potential mechanisms to keep the state of sustainability of the Iranaimadu farmers when the tank is drying up. He also examines the means of creating a new agriculture insurance policy through negotiations with the insurance companies.

Secretary to the L.Ilaangovan was also present in this meeting.