A US$1.7 billion project to provide 6.5% daily renewable electricity to the National Grid will be launched in the Northern Province.

Steps are being taken to set up a solar power system that will provide 6.5% renewable electricity daily to the National Grid. It is said that 1.7 billion US dollars will be spent by a private company for this project.
According to Mr. Jayantha Samarakon, the head of a private solar panel company, this project will be implemented in the area of 6000 acres of land near Poonagari Lake in the Northern Province. A 700 MW solar power system will be installed on 1000 acres. Also, under the project of setting up solar power system, the concerned company will take steps to fully develop Poonagri Lake and provide electricity to the farmers for farming on 1000 acres of land in the area. For this the concerned company is going to spend 5 billion rupees.
Farmers of the region will benefit from this scheme as environmentally friendly renewable electricity will be added to the national electricity grid. A project review meeting in this regard was held today 09.10.2023 in the Northern Province Governor’s Office under the leadership of Northern Province Governor Mrs. P.S.M.Charles. Officials from Irrigation Department, Land Commissioner’s Department, Electricity Board, Agriculture Department and many government officers and officials participated in the discussion.