A Probe into Iranaitivu People’s Issues

A discussion to probe the issues of the people of Iranaitivu who displaced due to the chaotic circumstances and have resettled there was held under the chairmanship of Hon. Governor of Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles at the auditorium of Kilinochchi District Secretariat on 19th January 2021.

The discussion was attended by the Hon. Douglas Devananda, Minister of Fisheries, Secretary to the Governor, Kilinochchi District Secretary, Poonaryn Divisional Secretary, Naval Officers, Senior Officers of the District Secretariat, and the people of the area.

The discussion also focused on the restrictions imposed by the Navy on the outbound migration of people currently in Iranaitivu and Iranaimadha Nagar, the freedom of movement of NGOs and outsiders to the island, permission to the people who bring their own belongings, electricity and toilet facilities, and the provision of government jobs.

The transportation problem faced by the people in this area, implementing development projects, the control of livestock (cattle), illegal activities in the area (sand excavation, land encroachment) were also discussed in detail. Hon. Governor advised the Divisional Secretary of the area to appoint the relevant Grama Niladhari to work with the police to control the illegal activities immediately and the Hon. Governor directed the relevant authorities to arrange the necessary means for the problems of the people.