A field day on harvesting of Mango and Banana fruits

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A field day on harvesting of Mango and Banana fruits was held on 21.08.2020 at 10.00 am under the chairmanship Mr.M.Mahilan, Agriculture Instructor, Mulankavil AI range with the guidance of Mr.P.Atputhachandran, Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture, Kilnochchi District, at the field of the farmer Mr.Arunasalam Ponnuthrai, who has been practicing Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) in Mango & Banana cultivation. Chief Medical Officer Mr.K.Selvanathan, Counseler of Agri Business, Development officers, Commercial level fruit cultivators, Mulankavil Farmer Organization Members & farmers were participated in this successful field day.

The above farmer has received 40 Tom-E-JC Mango plants in 2017 from the Provincial Department of Agriculture with the support of Food Agriculture Organization. He has maintained those plants in proper manner. Later he purchased 20 Mango plants himself and expanded his cultivation. He has planted Tom-E-JC in 5mx5m spacing under density planting. Now with the proper Pruning and Training practices the plants have started fruiting and fruits are ready for harvest. In order to avoid the fruit fly damage and mechanical damages bagging was practiced for each fruits and able to obtain quality fruits which are yellow in colour.

In 2019, Under the Provincial Specific Development Grant 220 tissue culture Kappal banana plants were issued in 75% subsidy and planted under dense planting with a spacing of 10’x5’ in 1/4an acre. These plants are in 6 months stage under proper management practices. 20 minutes of continuous irrigation is being practiced through Mini spray type drip irrigation system. Therefore the chances for blockages will be low. A tissue culture banana plant needs 32l of water. While irrigating via drum drip irrigation system the plant receives water as droplets and it helps to avoid spreading of Panama Disease in Kappal banana variety.