Governor to upgrade 14 schools of the Northern Province as National Schools

Governor Dr. Suren Raghavan has decided to send a request to the Ministry of Education to upgrade 14 provincial schools of the Northern Province as National Schools.

Governor has made the above resolution due to the continuous requests made by the old students and people’s representatives of the many schools in the Northern Province to the Governor to grant approval for upgrading their schools to National Schools.

Compared to the other eight provinces, the percentage of the National Schools in the Northern Province is 2 while other provinces have 3.5%. Governor has taken action to upgrade 14 schools in Northern Province in order to bring the percentage to 3.5.

The particular 14 schools must represent the five districts of the province. People’s representatives of the respective district are responsible to choose which school should be upgraded in the area. The Governor requested them to send the selection list as soon as possible.