Diwali Wishes from Hon. Governor, Northern Province

Diwali is a festival of lights and one of the festivals celebrated by Hindus.

All the Hindus from all over the world celebrate this day as a festival .This is the festival which is intertwined with the life of Hindus from the ancient time.

Diwali is celebrated according to the last wish of demon Narakasura when SriKrishna destroyed the demon Narakasura.

Let’s illuminate our minds with lights so that our inner darkness may be dispelled and brighter life may shine on this day

People are recovering from various inconveniences because of the spread of Corona virus in the country. At this time I extend my Deewali wishes to all the ethnic groups in the county that may all people be united, bonded and   thoughtful for their better life.


Hon. Jeewan Thiagarajah

Governor, Northern Province.