Tips for playing slots online for real money - how to play online slots

Learn how to play online slots with our comprehensive guide. We cover everything from how to play slot games to advanced strategies, bankroll management, and more! Our tips will help you improve your chances of winning when playing slots for real money at the .

The great thing about slots is that they are very simple and easy to play. You don’t really need any kind of strategy or tip to follow in order to figure out how to play online slots for real money. All the same, there are some things you can do to boost your chances of hitting it big while having some fun along the way. In this slot machine guide, we’ll go over what you need to know on how to play casino slots online with a few tips and strategies that may prove helpful.

Finding the Best Online Casinos for Playing Slots

Here are our top safely-licensed real money online casinos to play slots in 2023:


  1.  – Top-rated online casino for an abundance of slot titles from leading software providers
  2.  – Best for its high RTP rates combined with hot drop jackpots
  3.  – Best for its wide variety of live dealer casino versions of popular slots
  4.  – Great for its user-friendly interface which allows you filter through slot titles based on themes and features
  5.  – Most secure casino site with a solid reputation for its collection of slot games
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How Does Playing Slots Work?

You’ll need to start off by choosing the game you want to play from the extensive collection available at one of the recommended above. Take some time to browse around and see what looks interesting.

Every slot game comes with its own particular theme, soundtrack, sound effects, animations, visuals, graphics, and other special features – like bonus rounds, free spins, extra wild symbols, progressive jackpots, and so on. It all depends on which developer created the game and what their particular style is.

Once you have found a game you would like to try out, clicking on it will load up the individual screen for that slot. The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on how much money you want to bet per spin. Look below the reels to find the betting panel, where you can choose your denomination (the value of each coin) and how many coins you wish to wager on the spin. Some games will even allow you to choose how many paylines you want to enable, but most modern slots will automatically enable all of them.

After you have set your betting preferences, just hit the “Spin” button and wait to see if you get a good combination of symbols on the payline (or paylines). Each game comes with a pay table that lists all the possible combinations (and their respective values). You can access these tables by clicking on the icon that resembles a small piece of paper.

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In addition to the regular symbols, most slots also come with one or more special icons. Scatter symbols, for example, usually trigger an event like a bonus round or free spins, whereas wild cards can be substituted for any other symbol to help create wining combinations. Every game works a little differently, so make sure to check out the specific rules before betting any real cash. Keep on reading our online slots guide to learn more useful tips.

What’s the Point of Online Slot Games?

Slots are not only easy to play and incredibly entertaining; they also offer players the chance to win significant amounts of money. The main goal of the game is to line up matching symbols or icons across a payline once you hit the spin button. How much you win will depend on both the bet you placed as well as the exact combination that appears on the screen. If you manage to get several winning combinations after a single spin, you stand to make even more money. This is what makes slot machines the most profitable for land-based and , yet risky for players, especially if they don’t use proper guidance.

Unlike games like blackjack or video poker, there is no real strategy involved in playing slots. There are no good or bad decisions you can make during the game, aside from how much to bet on each turn. Everything else is purely luck of draw, so to speak. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot find some useful tips for playing slot machines that could give you better odds and a more enjoyable experience overall.

When it comes to online gaming, slot games are certainly the kings (and queens) of the hill regarding popularity. They draw larger crowds than any other casino game, whether in brick-and-mortar establishments or cyber casinos. But why are people so crazy about spinning those reels? Is it because slot machines offer better odds than the competition? Nope. In fact, the average return-to-player (RTP) rate for slots is around 95%, while other games like blackjack and craps often exceed 98%. So, why does everyone love slots so much? Simple: they are much easier.

The learning curve for slot games is almost non-existent. All you really have to do is put your money in the machine and press a button. Unlike poker or blackjack, you don’t have to actually pay attention to what’s going on in order to win. You can just pull the lever (er, hit the button) mindlessly for hours, hoping for a good outcome. Other games require you to practice proper strategy in order to maximize your profit potential. With slots, all it takes is luck. As the saying goes, you can take the person out of the couch potato, but you can’t take the couch potato out of the person.

Another reason slot games are so appealing to the masses is that they offer much bigger payouts than other casino games. Progressive jackpot slots, in particular, can award millions of dollars to lucky winners. Yes, the odds of actually hitting that jackpot are rather slim, but what would the lottery be without Powerball? People dream of becoming instant millionaires, and slot machines give players a chance to achieve that goal. Even if you don’t hit the big one, scoring a 100+ times your wager can still provide a very satisfying thrill.

Finally, slot games are just plain fun. Developers spend a lot of time and effort creating great stories, wonderful artwork, immersive soundscapes, and challenging side games. When you add in all the different bonus events and progressive jackpots, it makes for a very entertaining gaming experience. Who knew spinning some reels could be so much fun? Of course, that’s not to say that all slots are great. Far from it; there are plenty of clunkers out there. Nevertheless, the best ones do compare favorably to other casino games in terms of entertainment value. Can you blame players for choosing fun over function?

Check out our video on the to see how they work and what features to look out for.

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Online Slots vs Land Based

If you’ve played slots at a land-based casino in the past, you might notice that online slots differ in a number of ways.

While both offer plenty of opportunities to win big money, playing online offers advantages such as sign up bonuses, more varied gameplay, increased privacy, higher payout percentages, improved graphics, and the ability to set limits on your spending.

Brick-and-mortar casinos sometimes offer drinks service to players on slot machines, but this is obviously lacking when you opt for the online version. However, some sites offer branded promos where you could receive free drinks or food vouchers for meeting certain playing requirements.

Check out our list of pros and cons for each type of slot machine game.

Online Slots Pros & Cons

Online slots pros include:

  • Bonus features – Additional interactions beyond spin button involvement.
  • Bet variations – Penny players and high rollers alike find options suited to their bankrolls.
  • Instant play – Click and play with no special equipment needed.
  • Jackpots – Local, in-house, and networked progressive jackpots offer huge payoffs.
  • Paytables – Easy access explains all the game parts and winning possibilities.
  • Theme variety – Travel, sports, adventure, space, undersea, and more settings abound.
  • Free spins – Initial bet determines number of free spins awarded and top prize amount.
  • Mobile compatibility – Play anywhere with a smartphone/tablet and WiFi or data connection.
  • Winning potential – Same odds of winning a jackpot exist whether in a bustling casino or quiet home office.
  • Education – Players learn which games they enjoy and where to find them.
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Common cons include:

  • Volatility – Higher volatility means less frequent wins to help with dry spells.
  • Complexity – Some games may seem too complicated to understand and play.
  • Addiction – Unique brain chemistry causes some to feel compelled to play regardless of finances.

Land Based Casino Slots Pros & Cons

Land based casino slot machine pros include:

  • Tactile feedback – Coins coming out of the slot denote a win.
  • Seating comfort – Ideal for those who like to sit and contemplate life’s mysteries.
  • Socialization – Talk with friends and family while pulling the handle.
  • Responsiveness – Button pushed … smoke, lights, and bells in response.
  • Variety – Walk from machine to machine, trying new games and novelties.
  • Trust – No concerns about software being tampered with.
  • Entertainment crews – Dancers, singers, and other performers add to atmosphere.
  • Signage – Bright colors and flashing lights attract attention to new games.
  • Change to cash – No need to hunt for change count machines.
  • Tradition – Long-time players prefer the actual machine ambiance.
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Common cons include:

  • Transportation – Travel time, cost of gas, and parking headaches detract.
  • Crowds – Battling the throngs to get to and from favorite machines is annoying.
  • Machine variation – Unable to try a machine just because you like its housing.
  • Noise – Constant drone of coins, music, alarms, announcements, and chatter can be overwhelming.
  • Smoke – Lack of smoking restrictions makes it hard to breathe.
  • Drinks service – Must ask bartender for drink and tip him or her.
  • Lighting – Fluorescent lighting can distort colors and hide subtle details.
  • Sanitation – Germs, sticky floors, and other unsanitary conditions detract from enjoyment.
  • Ages 21 and up – Excludes teenagers and younger players.

How to Play Slots Online for Real Money

Use our step-by-step instructions to get started playing real money online slot machines.

1. Find a Safe & Reputable Casino Site

Before anything else, you will want to ensure you are registering with a safe, trusted, and reputable casino site. Check that the online casino has the relevant licenses and certifications from independent auditors like eCOGRA. Also, seeing the casino’s secure socket layer (SSL) encryption certificate indicates a trustworthy operator. Finally, read reviews from other players to gauge overall perception. Check out our list of the for your convenience.

2. Create a New Player Account

To begin, click the ‘Join’ or ‘Register’ button on the casino’s homepage. Complete the registration forms by providing accurate information. Check the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and FAQ pages for important details about the website.

3. Claim Your Welcome Offer

Most will greet new players with a generous welcome bonus package that could include free slot spins. Head to the banking or cashier page and select a deposit method. Enter all required information, including any bonus codes, then fund your account according to the minimum deposit requirement. Immediately claim the bonus and note any wagering conditions like minimum playthrough and expiration dates.

4. Browse the Game Selection

Navigate to the casino’s slot game section and scroll through the selection. Many websites categorize their slots by theme, developer, paylines, or date added. Read game-specific descriptions and view screenshots or videos to assist in selecting three to five possible games to try.

5. Try Free Demo Games

Many trustworthy online casinos offer free demo versions of their slot games. These allow you to become familiar with the gameplay, rules, paylines, symbols, and bonus features with none of your money at risk. You can even make notes to help you remember which games you enjoyed and why.

6. Choose a Real Money Slot Game

Now that you have tried a few choices, pick a slot machine game to play with real money. Check the paytable to familiarize yourself with potential wins and special features. Then, choose your coin size and the number of coins or paylines to enable. Remember to start with relatively low wagers until you fully understand the game’s quirks.

7. Place Your Bets and Play

Select the ‘Bet’ button to activate your chosen wager amount. Then, push the ‘Spin’ button to set the reels in motion. Sit back and watch the results unfold. If you win, the amount is instantly credited to your account balance. Repeat steps six and seven as long as you like.

8. Redeem Your Winnings

When you are ready to cash out your winnings, go to the banking or cashier page. Select your preferred withdrawal method and enter the required details. Submit your request, keeping in mind that some casinos cap withdrawals per day or week. Additionally, you may have to supply identification documents for verification purposes.

Types of Online Slot Machines

The number of different types of online slot machines might surprise you, especially since new titles continue to be released every month. Software developers are always thinking up new ways to keep players entertained and engaged. Below, you’ll find a quick rundown of the various kinds that exist and the types of experiences they offer.

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Video Slots

These are the kinds of slot machines you will find predominantly online. They feature animated images, digital graphics, and various scenes from a movie, place, or moment in history. The majority operate on a grid layout with multiple paylines, also called all ways to win. Activating all available lines gives you the best opportunity to capture winning combos on any spin. Based on their popularity, these kinds of games tend to offer bigger jackpots and payouts compared to traditional slot machines.

Classic Slots

Also known as traditional slot machines, classic slots mimic the original one-armed bandits that began gracing saloons and storefronts in the late 1800s. Online versions typically feature three reels and one, two, or three paylines. Symbols frequently include cherries, lemons, oranges, bell-shaped objects, horseshoes, stars, triple bars, double bars, and single bars. One symbol, usually depicted as a cartoon image of a fruit slice, may serve as a substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations. If you like simpler games with fewer wagering options, classics provide old-fashioned excitement. Based on their simplicity, they also tend to offer smaller jackpots and payouts compared to the modern video slots.

3D Slots

Software developers like Rival Gaming popularized the 3D effect in online slot machines. As the name implies, these games feature a three-dimensional appearance, making the symbols appear to jump out of the screen. The effects are quite mesmerizing as the reels spin and stop. Often incorporating a storyline, 3D slots strive to immerse players into another world, adding to the entertainment value.

Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots have the potential to reward players with massive sums of cold, hard cash. Each spin contributes a tiny amount to the running total of the jackpot, which keeps increasing until some fortunate soul hits the magic combination. At that point, the jackpot resets to zero and starts climbing again. Online casinos may offer a single progressive slot or participate in a network with other sites to generate even larger prizes. However, just remember that these types of games usually have a much higher minimum wager to qualify for the jackpot. Sometimes, it is 25 cents, but more often, it is $1, $5, or even $10. If you want to try for the big prize, be prepared to bet more per spin.

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Mobile-Compatible Slots

With mobile devices outselling desktop computers, developers had to adapt by creating games designed specifically for smaller screens. Today, numerous slot titles boast full mobile-compatibility, allowing players to log in via browser or app and start spinning right away. Obviously, your mobile device will need a fast internet or data connection to prevent lagging or interruption during play. Generally speaking, mobile slot machines tend to offer the same features and payouts as their desktop counterparts.

Buy-a-Feature Slots

The cost of playing this type of slot machine is similar to buy-a-pay slot machines, where you pay extra to play a particular bonus round or feature. In the case of buys-a-feature slots, you pay a set amount to bypass the normal means of unlocking the feature or bonus round. Although this tactic can get Old Man Buytickets everywhere, it is fairly common among serious slot players who dislike wasting inferior regular play (RRP) spinsto unlock a favored feature. Once they have enough credits to purchase the feature directly, they quit wasting RRP spins and move on to the next session.

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Buy-a-Pay Slots

Contrary to the traditional method of simply adding more coins to a payline to unlock higher paying combinations, buy-a-pay slot machines require wagering at a certain level in order to qualify for additional winning combinations. For instance, a 223 payline configuration may require wagering two coins to enable all 223 paylines and qualify for all possible winning combinations. Players unwilling or unable to meet the required wager levels run the risk of hitting multiple losing combinations on disabled paylines. This has led to confusion among some players.

Understanding the Basics: How Do Online Slot Games Actually Work?

Understanding how online slots work can be very beneficial for beginners looking to master this famous casino game. Despite their apparent complexity, online slots are not difficult to comprehend or play. Here is a basic overview of how the system functions:

  1. Game Selection: The player chooses a slot game from the casino’s selection.
  2. Wager Amount Selection: He or she decides how much to wager on each spin. This is done by selecting a desired coin size and the number of coins or paylines to enable. Note that the value of the coins wagered has no direct bearing on the frequency or size of wins. Instead, it serves as the total bet amount multiplied by the spin outcome multiplier.
  3. Spin Button: After setting the wager, the player pushes the “Spin” button to set the reels in motion.
  4. Outcome Display: The game displays the outcome of the spin. If the reel stops match any of the paytable combinations, the player receives the associated payout credited to their account balance. Depending on the game’s design, other outcomes may also occur, such as bonus events, free spins, or progressive jackpot rewards.
  5. Repeat or Cash Out: The player can either repeat the wager and spin again or initiate a cash-out process to withdraw winnings to an approved payment method.
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Slots Strategy: Tips & Tricks to Help You Win

Can you win money playing online slot games? While there is no surefire way to guarantee a profit, these handy tips can help improve your odds and make the experience a whole lot more fun.

1. Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

Casper, the Gentle Ghost of Online Gambling, floatily floats over other players to claim the best deals. One of his favorites is the signup or welcome bonus offered by most reputable online casinos. This typically matches your initial deposit amount up to a predetermined maximum. By reviewing the different sites and comparing their offers, you can add a substantial boost to your bankroll while depleting it very little.

Additional promotions include reload bonuses for subsequent deposits, daily or weekly specials, referral incentives, contest prizes, and birthday gifts. Loyalty programs can also be quite lucrative, especially as you ascend to higher tiers. And let’s not forget about those slot tournaments, giving you the chance to win extra money simply by beating others at the same game.

2. Practice With Free or Low-Cost Spins

Most online casinos offer demo or free play versions of their slot machines, allowing you to try out the game mechanics, rule variants, bonus features, and pay tables with no risk to your bankroll. This provides an educational experience, helping you decide which games to avoid and which to target for real-money play.

Another low-cost option involves reducing coin denominations to the minimum allowed while enabling all paylines. This reduces your wager per spin to the lowest possible level while still preserving your chances to win and enjoy the various features.

3. Set Limits Before Playing Slots

Whether playing for fun or to replenish the retirement account, deciding on a limit beforehand helps prevent problems related to loss tolerance and impulse control. Among the guidelines to consider are a fixed dollar amount, a time limit, or both. Knowing when to walk away from the computer is a valuable skill for slot players. Sadly, it is also one of the most neglected casino education topics.

4. Research Different Casinos and Games

Comparing features and benefits among various online casinos and slot games builds a foundation for smart decision-making. Since no single site or title will satisfy every desire, understanding individual preferences and priorities becomes essential for successful gambling.

Some players seek out particular developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, Playtech or Betsoft, while others focus on specific themes, bonus features, or return-to-player rates. Exploring the options allows you to construct a personalized gambling portfolio aligned with your goals and aspirations.

5. Enjoy the Experience

Slot machines were originally created to be enjoyable and entertaining. By designing unusual characters or intricate stories, developers try to draw players into the action and lose themselves in the fantasy world. Interactive elements like talking animals, mythological gods, exotic locations, and magical creatures can stimulate imaginative thoughts and emotional responses, enhancing the gaming adventure.

Letting go of preconceived notions and just playing the game can lead to unexpected rewards. Besides, no one wants to be seated next to Grumpy at the casino.

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How to Calculate Odds and Payouts

It used to be rather easy to calculate the odds of winning on a slot machine because they were mostly fixed at around 900,000 to one. That meant you could spin a machine for one dollar for approximately 1,000 years and hit the jackpot once.

However, random number generators (RNGs) changed all that because they make every spin completely arbitrary. In other words, what you see on the reeds is predetermined the moment you hit the spin button. Therefore, it makes no difference how many coins you pop in because the end result remains unchanged.

Knowing how online slot games actually pay out is slightly more difficult to discern these days. Back in the past, it was easy because manufacturers affixed a plate to the machine indicating the factory pre-set of roughly 90% for land-based slots and 95% for Vegas casinos online. Again, this had nothing to do with the amount of money you fed into the machine.

Today, official payout rates, or Return to Player (RTP), are kept as trade secrets by licensing companies like BMM (Gaming Laboratory International) and eCOGRA. Each casino generally has an OVERALL percentage by which it pays out, but individual slot machines can vary widely. For this reason, we advise against using historical methods that divide the RTP into 100 and use that number as your wager level. It just doesn’t work the way it used to.

What is RTP and How is it Calculated?

As mentioned above, the RTP, or Return to Player, refers to the theoretical amount of money a particular slot machine game should pay out to a player over the long haul. For instance, if the RTP is 98%, the machine should pay out 98 cents for every dollar taken in. However, as we explained, the exact workings of these figures remain trade secrets, so you won’t be able to historically calculate your wager level based on the RTP.

The good news is that online slots have a much higher RTP than their land-based cousins. According to recent studies, the average RTP for internet games is between 95% and 97%, which is incredible when you think about it. For reference, Las Vegas machines usually range from 93% to 96%, although some can be as low as 90%. So, unless you live near Sin City, you’re already coming out ahead by playing online.

Unfortunately, individual titles can vary widely with the same developer offering games that range from 85% to 99%. Progressive jackpot slots usually have the lowest RTP, often starting at around 85-90%. On the other hand, games with lower fixed jackpots generally offer an RTP of 95-97%.

Another aspect to consider is variance or volatility.

Low variance (volatility) slots pay out small amounts often.

Medium variance titles distribute moderate payouts occasionally.

High variance games seldom dispense large sums of cash.

How to Pick a Profitable Online Slot Game

Picking a slot game that fits your style and budget is primarily a matter of personal preference.

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First, decide what software providers you wish to play. Leading brands like NetEnt, Playtech, Realtime Gaming (RTG), and BetSoft have been thoroughly tested and proven fair for hundreds of slots apiece.

Next, narrow down your choices by theme, paylines, coin sizes, bonus features, and jackpot amounts. If you prefer classic slots, for instance, there’s little sense in examining highly interactive cinematic affairs like Tycoon or Iron Man 3. Likewise, if you only enable one payline, there’s no need to waste time on titles that only allow max wagers to access bonus rounds.

Finally, take advantage of the free play options provided by the major developers and play each game for awhile. See how the animation speed makes you feel and if the music drives you nuts or puts you in the mood for gambling. Pay attention to how often winning combinations appear and if the bonus games show up frequently or rarely. By sampling the action, you’ll quickly determine which slot games suit your tastes and wallet.

Slot Machine Strategy for Mobile Devices

Playing online slot games on a mobile device differs somewhat from using a desktop computer due to the smaller screen and touchscreen capabilities. Fortunately, the top developers have designed their titles to work equally well on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows platforms. Below are some tips to help you make the most of your mobile slot playing experience.

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1. Touch to Spin

Instead of clicking the ‘Spin’ button, most mobile slots allow you to simply tap the image by its on-screen location. Similarly, activating paylines and selecting coin densities are accomplished with a tap or swipe gesture depending on the software platform. Familiarize yourself with the controls before risking any real money.

2. Auto Spin Carefully

The auto-spin feature allows you to sit back and relax as the game spins itself a preset number of times. While this is fine for land-based slots, it can be disastrous on the internet because things happen much faster. Make sure you understand all the settings before leaving the auto-spin feature unattended. Otherwise, your bankroll can vanish in seconds.

3. Charge Your Phone

Nothing is more frustrating than having a big jackpot win cut short because your mobile device shuts down from a dead battery. Always make sure your smartphone or tablet is charged before beginning a slot playing session. Some casinos even recommend it as part of their responsible gambling policy.

4. Use a Dedicated Mobile Connection

Similarly, others suggest not engaging in online slot play over a public wi-fi connection due to security issues. We lean more toward using a dedicated mobile connection that you know to be fast and reliable. Buffering delays during auto-spins can result in unfortunate surprises when you regain contact with civilization.

5. Give the Game Time to Load

Some players tire of waiting for a mobile slot game to fully load graphics, audio, and interaction features. Out of impatience, they decide to play a different title or Log off in a fit of pique. Unfortunately, if you launch a game before all the components have appeared on the screen, it will eventually time out and log you off.

To avoid throwing away your bankroll, give the game time to finish loading all the features. This is another good reason to make sure your phone has a good charge.

Live Dealer Versus Automated Online Slots

Live dealer slots are becoming increasingly popular as technology advances. These games stream a live person spinning a mechanical slot machine while webcams show different angles and automated software monitors results for fairness. It creates a blend of traditional and modern slot playing techniques.

Despite their rising popularity, live dealer slots remain a novelty item with limited availability. Only a handful of developers offer the games, and connectivity must be sufficiently fast to support the streaming video. Still, the concept does hold promise for those desiring a fusion of classic and contemporary online slot machines.

Increase Your Odds Using the Martingale System

One of the oldest gambling strategies out there, the is fairly straightforward. Basically, you double the size of your next wager after every loss. For example, your first spin is 50¢ on one payline. If you lose, your next spin is $1 on one payline. Another loss requires a $2 wager on one payline, and so forth.

The theory behind this strategy is that you’ll eventually win and recover all your previous losses plus earning a nice profit. Since online slot machines are programmed to pay out wins periodically, it seems like a logical plan of attack.

Unfortunately, it also requires a bottomless bankroll since your wager jumps doubles with each successive loss. It is not unheard of for gamblers to increase the paylines active as well to speed up the process.

How high might your wagers get? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands? Some people have lost entire inheritances employing this technique at land-based slot machines only to start over again with a benign smile and a hopeful heart. Please, resist the siren song of the Martingale system and set sensible wager limits.


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