Virtual casino no deposit bonus offers for 2023

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Top 5 Virtual Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Every single one of our recommended no deposit bonus sites will provide you with a safe environment in which to play, but some are better than others. Our top pick for those seeking out the best Virtual Casino no deposit bonuses is SlotsMagic. This operator offers a generous welcome offer that includes up to 100 wager-free spins on selected games. A range of other rewards and promotions are available to existing players at this casino too.

New players only. Min deposit £20. Wagering requirement apply 35x. Terms & Conditions apply.

Best Virtual Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes (Updated December 2023)

In many cases, you will be required to enter a specific code into the registration process in order to claim your no deposit bonus. We list any such codes here for your convenience, so be sure to enter them when prompted to do so. If we don’t list a code below, then rest assured you need make no entry beyond your personal details when signing up for an account. 

However notice that despite our efforts to present you with up to date information, sometimes codes can become obsolete or simply stop working for reasons known only to the operators themselves. In such instances, we apologise for any inconvenience caused, and ask that you check the terms and conditions section of the casino in question, or alternatively contact their customer support teams who will be able to assist you further.

On occasion,Virtual Casino no deposit bonus offers may not be made explicitly clear on the website of the operator in question. So if you cannot see a relevant code displayed on the site, do not despair. Check the FAQ section for further information, or else get in touch with the casinos’ customer support agents, who will happily clarify what, if anything, is on offer to new players like you.

Understanding the Fine Print Behind No Deposit Rewards

You might think that receiving free money or spins is as good as it gets, but there’s more to these lucrative promotions than first meets the eye. Every Virtual Casino no deposit bonus comes with certain restrictions and obligations attached, which must be taken into account before claiming. The most important of these include:

  • Wagering requirements – Also known as rollover or turnover, this term describes the number of times you are required to gamble the value of your bonus before being permitted to withdraw any cash won through its execution. For example, let us say that you scoop a $10 no deposit bonus with 10x wagering requirements. That would mean you would need to place wagers totalling $100 before you could access your winnings.

  • Expiry dates – No deposit bonuses will only be valid for a limited period of time, after which they expire and are no longer redeemable. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the timeframe within which you must use your reward, so that you don’t miss out.

  • Game Weightings – Different types of casino games contribute differently to the fulfilment of wagering requirements. For instance, slots often carry a weighting of 100%, which means that a wager of $10 on slots satisfies the full $10 of wagering requirements. Meanwhile, table games like blackjack and roulette frequently come with much lower weightings – perhaps only 5% or 10%. This means that a $10 wager on such games will only count towards $0.50 / $1 of wagering obligations.

  • Maximum wins – Some no deposit bonuses impose a limit on the maximum amount of money that can be won using the promotion in question. In such circumstances, you will only be able to withdraw a portion of your total winnings, with the remainder being forfeited.

  • Payment method restrictions – Sometimes, no deposit bonuses cannot be claimed using certain payment methods. If you have a preferred option for depositing and withdrawing money from your online gaming accounts, it is wise to check whether it is compatible with the bonuses offered by your chosen casino.

No Deposit Bonus Casinos California Residents Can Try in 2023

For a complete overview of the various terms and conditions which typically govern online casino bonuses, check out our extensive . Alternatively, take a look at the following short summary of key points to look out for when evaluating the small print behind any Virtual Casino no deposit bonus offers.

Games You Can Play With a Virtual Casino No Deposit Bonus

No matter which of our featured no deposit bonus casinos you opt to play at, you will enjoy a rich and diverse selection of games. Each of our selected operators boasts multiple software providers, giving you access to hundreds of exciting titles across every category of casino game.

Slots are particularly well catered for, with all manner of reel-based delights provided by industry leading developers such as NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, IGT, Microgaming and Thunderkick. Table and card games are plentiful too, with numerous variants of roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker spread far and wide across these platforms.

Many of the will feature live dealers, bringing an extra layer of authenticity and excitement to classic casino games. These live dealer games cannot be played using a Virtual Casino no deposit bonus, nevertheless there is plenty of non-live table games available to satisfy your appetite for , , and .

Furthermore, if you fancy trying your luck at the digital wheel or spinner, there will be no shortage of slot games to choose from. However, it is worth noting that most no deposit free spins bonuses are restricted to specific games, as listed on the casino website.

Accordingly, you should always check the small print to discover where you can exercise your free spins. Failing to select the necessary game will cause your free spins to fail, and in turn could breach the terms and conditions of the promotion.

There are numerous progressive jackpots up for grabs across the games listed above. Progressive prizes continue to accumulate money from player bets until such time as one fortunate soul finally hits the big win. At that point the prize resets to its base level and the whole cycle begins again.

Progressive jackpot slots are usually among the weightier categories for bonus wagering, meaning that playing such games will contribute more strongly towards satisfying your wagering requirements. Nevertheless, it is rare indeed to find a no deposit bonus offer which can be used to win a progressive jackpot. accordingly, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to win a significant amount of money from such promotions.

Finally, many of our featured casinos boast online sports betting facilities, where you can wager on a wide variety of sporting events from around the globe. Do make sure you play responsibly though, especially if betting with free money.

It’s easy to lose perspective of the value of the bets you are placing, when you are doing so with funds that the bookmaker isn’t actually letting you keep, regardless of the outcome. Accordingly, it is highly unusual for sportsbook promos to be included in the . Instead, they tend to form part of a separate regime of promotional offers.

Why Are Online Casinos Giving No Deposit Rewards?

As with all things in life, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. So why do these casino operators give away their no deposit bonuses if they aren’t just awash with other people’s money?

Well, quite simply because they want – and hopefully will – make a profit from your use of their services. Here’s how it works in practice…

Let’s imagine that a particular casino offers you a $10 no deposit bonus with 30x wagering requirements. Assuming you are an average-sized player, you will likely spend something in the region of 10 x $10 = $100 at that casino before you satisfy your wagering obligations and withdraw your $10 in winnings.

During the course of those 10 sessions, you might also expend another $50 of your own money in the hope of maximising your winnings. Meanwhile, you will almost certainly lose the casino a mere $10, since few players are lucky enough to walk away with winnings on their first $10 stake.

Nevertheless, from the casino’s perspective, they have signed up a new player and convinced them to deposit and spend $150 at their venue. Even taking into account the $10 paid out to you on your no deposit bonus, they are still looking at several hundred dollars net profit from your activities.

The operator has therefore lost very little, while you (hopefully!) have great fun playing your favourite games. Furthermore, if you fail to withdraw your initial $10 in winnings, the casino has a shot at turning you into a long term customer, thereby generating even greater profits over the months and years to come.

No deposit bonuses are therefore a powerful tool in enticing newbies into the world of online gambling, giving them a taste of the action whilst simultaneously exposing them to the allure of that particular gaming platform.

If you go on to make numerous deposits and spend lots of time and money playing at that casino, the value of the original no deposit bonus given to you will seem like a negligible cost to the operator, against the backdrop of the substantial revenue generated from your future play.

Some countries place certain restrictions on the types of bonuses that online casinos are permitted to offer. For example, within , no deposit bonuses are prohibited for players based in Sweden. Equally, deposit bonuses are banned across the board in that jurisdiction.

Similarly, in the United States, no deposit bonuses are legally permissible only if they meet certain criteria intended to protect players from excessive or unfair promotional practices. Accordingly, if you reside in one of these jurisdictions, do not expect to find no deposit bonus casinos offering such rewards to locally-based users.

What’s Better – A No Deposit Bonus or Free Spins?

Quite often, you will encounter online casinos offering free spins with no deposit required. In fact, this is a somewhat more common type of new customer promotion than a general purpose no deposit bonus.

The main advantage of free spin offers over more generalised no deposit bonuses is that – as mentioned previously – they will always be valid for specified slot games, and the casino will tell you which ones. Accordingly, you can immediately assess whether you might like to receive the bonus, and if so which game(s) you will play with it.

Games with the Best Odds of Winning at a Casino

By way of contrast, a pure no deposit bonus will provide you with a sum of money – often a rather meagre one – which you can use to play pretty much whatever games you wish. Yet without knowing the nature of that bonus, it is impossible to evaluate its potential usefulness to you.

Consider the difference between being offered a glass of water, and being offered a voucher for a free drink. In the former case, you know precisely what you will receive. Conversely, the latter could represent everything from a cool pint of beer on a sweltering day, to a cloyingly sweet cocktail that you wouldn’t dream of finishing, let alone paying for.

On the other hand, a no deposit bonus could prove to be a significantly more valuable proposition than a simple free spins offer. Whereas the majority of no deposit spin bonuses provide only a handful of turns, a no deposit bonus could conceivably include ten times that amount or more.

Furthermore, if the operator in question designates the bonus as cash – as opposed to bonus funds – then it is possible to withdraw any winnings, subject to satisfaction of any wagering requirements. Money won from free spins, on the other hand, is often available only as bonus funds, and therefore subject to wagering and maximum withdrawal limits.

Ultimately, it is a question of what suits your individual style of play. If you know of a slot machine that you really love, and you are itching to give it another spin, then a free spins bonus could be just what you need. On the other hand, a more flexible reward may be preferable if you are unwilling to be confined to the constraints of a single game.

How to Join the Best Virtual Casino with a No Deposit Bonus

Joining any of our recommended no deposit bonus sites could hardly be easier. Just follow these simple steps, using any one of our featured casinos as an example.

  1. Visit the of your choice – we recommend – and take note of any no deposit bonus code that you might need to register.
  2. Click the ‘Join Now’ or equivalent button, to begin the signup process.
  3. Complete the new account registration form, entering all the requested details. Look out for any tick box inviting you to opt in to marketing communications, and consider exercising that option if you would like to remain abreast of future promotions at the casino.
  4. If you noted a bonus code in step one, you should be asked to enter it during the registration process. Otherwise, assume that you need no special code, and proceed without such input.
  5. Verify your email address by clicking on the link embedded in the confirmation message sent to that address by the casino.
  6. Log into your new account, in order to activate it and gain access to your no deposit welcome gift.

And that’s it! Providing you have carried out each of those steps satisfactorily, you should find your no deposit bonus credited to your account. Of course, should you experience any problems along the way, or else require assistance with anything once you are registered, help is always at hand.

Each of our recommended casinos provides a range of customer support options for just such eventualities, including live chat, email and telephonic support. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with what’s available, so that you know where to turn in case of need.

Other Types of Gambling Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are merely one species of a larger class of promotional offers, namely the online casino bonus. Let us take a look now at some other prominent members of that class, to help you appreciate the unique qualities of the no deposit reward.

Deposit Match Bonuses

This is the most widespread and popular of all online gambling bonuses. With a deposit match bonus, the casino will agree to match your deposit by a certain percentage. Often this rate will be 100%, although it is not uncommon to find deals of 200% and even higher.

For instance, let’s say that you make a deposit of $100 at a casino offering a 100% matched bonus. The casino will add $100 to your account, giving you a total balance of $200. Likewise with a 200% bonus, a $100 deposit would produce a bonus of $200, for a total balance of $300.

Almost always, deposit match bonuses come with hefty deposit requirements: the larger the match, the bigger the multiple. Using the previous examples, those two bonuses might be subject to 35x and 40x rollover respectively. That means you would need to wager $3500 and $4000 apiece before fulfilling the obligation in respect of the $100 of paid in deposits.

Such requirements can sometimes seem overwhelming, but bear in mind that the average deposit match bonus carries a higher potential value than the typical no deposit reward. Moreover, such promotions are much more widely available.

Indeed, virtually all online casinos will offer their new customers some kind of deposit match bonus, whereas no deposit rewards are relatively scarce beasts. Used judiciously – and with the benefit of a solid banking strategy – a deposit match bonus can greatly enhance your bankroll and open the door to all manner of thrills and adventures on your favourite games.

For a thorough guide to understanding how deposit match bonuses work, check out our dedicated page on .

Low Deposit Casino Offers

We have all heard of casino bonuses requiring substantial deposits to extract their full value. But what if you are not a high roller, and cannot – or will not — commit large sums of money to gaming pursuits? Well, fear not, for there is a host of available to suit your needs.

With these enticing proposals, you can claim generous rewards by making tiny deposits, frequently amounting to less than $10. For example, a casino might provide a 200% matched bonus for deposits of $10 or more. Since the maximum bonus is generally limited to a multiple of the deposit, that means you could squeeze $20 of free bonus from a mere $10 deposit.

Naturally, such small deposit bonuses will be accompanied by lower wagering requirements than their blockbuster cousins. After all, the casino does not stand to make much of a profit if customers are fulfilling their wagering obligations with their own cash, before going nowhere near the bonus funds.

Accordingly, the wagering multiples on low deposits are often in the low twenties or even lower, providing a more manageable target for the casual or prudent player. Further easing the burden of complying with the conditions of such bonuses is the fact that – unlike many no deposit bonuses – they almost always appear in the deposit match format.

That means you can top up your bonus funds whenever they start to dwindle, using a mix of paid in deposits and free bonus credits. As long as you keep feeding that combination into eligible games, you stand a decent chance of reaching completion of the wagering requirements, and thereby retaining a chunk of the bonus as withdrawable cash.

Check out our informative page on for loads more valuable insights, tips and advice on how to get the very best from these highly accessible and appealing promotions.

Cashback & Insurance Deals

Loss aversion is a deep seated human trait, and online casinos are keenly aware of its potency. Accordingly, many gaming sites seek to attract new players by promising insurance against early losses. Such propositions come in a variety of forms, though all share the goal of returning some fraction of your initial cash stake, should you lose it on selected games.

Here we discuss three of the most prevalent examples of this genre of bonus.

  • The Reload Bonus – This award bears a superficial resemblance to the deposit match bonus described above, but it is a very different beast indeed. Whereas the standard match reward grants a sum equal to a percentage of your first deposit, the reload bonus kicks in only after you have exhausted your own cash. Upon depleting your opening balance, you may be eligible for a further bonus, often to a smaller percentage than before. Thus, “reloading” with bonus funds so that gaming may continue. Naturally, you will be expected to comply with the usual wagering requirements before you can access any winnings derived from reload bonuses.
  • The Risk Free Bets Promotion – Under this arrangement, the casino will grant you one opportunity to make a wager of a certain size, knowing full well that you are highly likely to lose it. Thereafter, assuming you have complied with any related conditions, the house will reimburse your loss to a defined value. Once again, any winnings from your risk free bet will ordinarily be subject to satisfaction of wagering requirements.
  • The Cashback or Insurance Bonus – This type of offer differs from the previous two in that it is not tied to any initial deposit or bet. Rather, it constitutes a safety net stretched beneath you as you explore your favorite selection of games. During the course of a predefined period – say, your first week or fortnight at the casino – anytime that your cash balance falls below a certain threshold, that difference will be returned to you in the form of bonus funds. Typically, the casino will credit you with a proportion of your cash balance at specified intervals – daily or weekly being the most popular choices. Crucially, you are entitled to this cashback even if you have already withdrawn some of your original deposit, since the intention is to compensate you for your cash outlay over the entirety of the promotional period. Needless to say, compliance with wagering requirements will again be mandatory before you can keep any cashback winnings.

Regardless of the precise structure of any cashback or insurance promotion, its objective remains constant: to allay your fears of rapid ruin in the unfamiliar environs of a novel gaming venue. By removing the spectre of swift bankruptcy, the casino hopes to relieve much of the psychological pressure that can detract from the pleasure of learning how to play, and instead encourages you to relax and enjoy your gaming experience.

If you would care to learn more about the many nuances and varieties of casino insurance and cashback schemes, we heartily recommend our comprehensive guide to .

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VIP/Loyalty Schemes

Having tempted you through the virtual doors of their establishment with various inducements, the major online casinos then seek to retain your custom through an array of loyalty schemes and VIP programs.

These multi-tiered awards provide ongoing benefits to regular players, ranging from enhanced rebates and deposit matches, through to invitations to VIP tournaments and exclusive high roller tables.

Commonly, all new players will enjoy the same basic status within a casino, say bronze for example. As they deposit and wager their way through the site, they gradually accumulate loyalty points. Once a player has amassed sufficient points to cross the finish line for the next tier – say, moving from bronze to silver status – they will automatically be granted that higher rank, with immediate effect.

At each successive level, the rewards grow progressively richer and more alluring. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find diamond-level VIP awards laden with perks worth many thousands of dollars, targeted at the most devoted and spendthrift patrons.

VIP treatment tends to encompass various privileges outside the immediate realm of bonus awards. Thus, premium players at the upper tiers might enjoy personal account managers, elevated deposit limits, free withdrawals, expedited customer support responses and other such luxuries.

Many casinos reserve the right to invite – or otherwise – in accordance with their own subjective criteria, rather than simply measuring objective factors such as how much you have deposited and wagered. In practical terms, that means the folks in charge can choose to extend VIP status to whomever they please, yet may also elect to revoke such benefits from any player, at their sole discretion.

In view of that last provision, never place undue reliance upon any apparently irresistible VIP offer. Always ensure that any rewards are clearly defined in advance, and read the small print very carefully. Seek independent reviews of the program online, and pay special attention to reports from players who have graduated from that VIP scheme.

Our detailed explanation of contains much more insightful analysis and advice, should you feel inclined to investigate further.

How to Choose the Best No Deposit Bonus Casino?

It isn’t difficult to find lists of online casinos offering no deposit rewards, but discerning the best from the multitude requires a practiced eye and a steady hand. Any old casino could be carrying a no deposit bonus on any old day, yet that does not guarantee quality either of gaming fare or of promotional offer.

Accordingly, we have set out a series of guiding principles designed to aid you in choosing amongst the scores of casinos advertising no deposit bonus deals.

  • No deposit bonus amount – While any amount is better than none, remember that most such rewards fall within the range of $5 to $30. Accordingly, you are unlikely to become a millionaire from such a source, so focus on the wider attributes of the casino offering the bonus.
  • Bonus wagering requirements – You will probably spend at least 20 and possibly 30 times your bonus amount – plus your deposit, if applicable –before satisfying wagering. Hence, a $10 bonus with 20x wagering requirements will cost you 20 x $10 x 20, or $400 in wagering, just to draw down your initial $10. That is why large bonus amounts are offset by high wagering requirements, making the latter a critical consideration. Lower wagering multiples are desirable, yet do not overlook the impact of other conditions such as validity and game weightings.
  • Validity of no deposit bonus – How long do you have to comply with the wagering requirements? Days, weeks, months or something in between? And what happens if you fail to satisfy the bonus within that period? Does the casino void the reward, or simply extend the deadline? It is essential to understand the ramifications of the validity condition before setting out to fulfill those wagering requirements.
  • Game weightings – The relative values assigned to different categories of game will significantly affect your strategy for consummation of the wagering requirements. For example, slots often carry a weighting of 100%, meaning that a dollar wagered on such games contributes a full dollar toward your obligation. By contrast, table games might be assigned a weighting of 20%, which translates to twenty cents toward the requirement for every dollar bet on those games. As a result, it may be possible to attain completion of the wagering requirements quicker at some game types than others. Although weightings of zero are rare, any games on which no weighting is expressed should be avoided altogether, unless the casino states unequivocally that any play on such unspecified (“null” or “N/A”) games contributes something – however small – toward fulfillment of the requirement.
  • No deposit bonus codes – Many casinos will request a bonus code in order to populate your account with the freebie. Make darn sure you have the correct code before proceeding, and double check that it is still current and valid. Nothing is more frustrating than completing your registration, only to find that you have missed a crucial piece of information.
  • No deposit bonus withdrawal – How much have you actually got to lose? Satisfying the wagering requirements is only half the battle, since you must then wait and hope that the casino allows you to withdraw your winnings. Some providers will gleefully allow you to continue playing with your own cash, all the while gratifying the wagering requirements with bonus funds – only to snatch away that bonus balancing when you attempt to withdraw your winy. To avoid this heartbreaking fate, scrutinize the fine print for references to bonus cancellation upon withdrawal. Although many honorable casinos reserve the right to do so, numerous others permit you to keep all complied-with bonus rewards.
  • Other casino features – Finally, never lose sight of the myriad additional attributes which define the character and quality of an online gaming site. Chief amongst these are the software providers, available payment methods, and the range and diversity of gaming content. Always ensure compatibility of those software brands with the devices you intend to use for gaming, and verify that your favored payment methods are accepted by the casino.
what is draftkings casino

Armed with these guidelines, you should be well equipped to distinguish the wheat from the chaff in the abundant harvest of casinos offering no deposit bonuses. But why labor the fields when expert analysts have done all the heavy lifting? That’s right: you can save yourself a ton of legwork by consulting our ranking of the for 2023.

Free Spins vs. No Deposit Bonus – Which Is Better?

In a nutshell, the no deposit bonus is far more versatile than the free spbers offer. Whereas the latter is restricted to specified slot games, the former can normally be employed on a much broader range of titles – albeit often to a diminished extent on tables other than slots.

Admittedly, some no deposit bonuses are tied exclusively to free spins, so you derive no benefit from they reward on any game except the specified slot. Nonetheless, many others provide a sum of cash – often with few or no restrictions on its utilization.

Notably, the value of a free spins offer is often greater than that of a no deposit cash bonus. That is because slot games vary so widely in their bet per line settings, and the number of free spins awarded is rarely sufficient to exceed the default bet per line of any popular slot. Therefore, it is comparatively easier to accrue a sizable sum from a free spins offer, even though the bonus itself may only consist of ten spots at a nickel each.

To illustrate this concept, let us consider two hypothetical bonuses.

  • Offer A – Ten free spins, valued at $5 each, on qualifying slots. Compliance with 20x wagering requirements. $10 bonus withdrawal limit. Maximum $200 bonus win.
  • Offer B–$10 cash bonus with 30x wagering, 20% contribution from table games. $50 bonus withdrawal limit. Maximum $400 bonus win.

On its face, the free spins award appears the more lucrative, delivering a starting endowment of $50 versus just $10 for the cash offer. However, both provisions carry identical caps on the maximum winnable amount, so your chances of drawing down the entire bonus are actually comparable.

Complying with those wagering requirements will prove much easier with the cash bonus, since the full range of games is available to you – albeit with greatly reduced weighting on tables — and only $400 stands between you and freedom. In contrast, you must expend your ten free spins wisely in order to meet that same target at the higher 20x weighting on slots.

Do not discount the impact of that $10 withdrawal limit, which could force you to make multiple withdrawals in order to collect your winnings in increments of $10 apiece. Though irritating, that is not the worst of it, for the casino has reserved the right to cancel your bonus funds should you exceed that limit.

Suppose you have satisfied the wagering requirements mostly with paid in deposits, yet also benefited to some degree from the free spins. If your only withdrawal precedes fulfilment of the requirement, the entire bonus – including that element derived from your own cash – may be cancelled, leaving you empty handed.

The lesson to learn is that no deposit bonus offers come in many shapes and sizes, and the devil is truly in the details. Always scrutinize the full terms and conditions accompanying any such reward, and never rely on headline figures to the exclusion of all else.

How to Use a No Deposit Bonus?

Using a no deposit bonus is a fairly straightforward affair, yet a few pitfalls lurk for the unwary. Here we provide an overview of the typical uses and limitations of these promotions, with a view to steering you safely around the hazards and into the realm of successful play.

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Registration Process

Before availing yourself of the bonus, you must first establish an account at the casino. This usually takes just a few moments, although some Know Your Customer (KYC) checks may delay matters for a day or two.

Be prepared to reveal certain personal details during registration, such as name, residential address, phone numbers, and so forth. You will also be required to nominate a username and password for your account, as well as specifying a preferred communication method for receiving any casino messages.

Claiming the Bonus

Once the account is active, you can claim the no deposit bonus by following these steps:

  1. Log into your casino account.
  2. Navigate to the cashier screen.
  3. Choose the deposit option – even though you’re not making a deposit. Some casinos will provide a designated button or link for claiming the no deposit bonus.
  4. Enter any required promo code – see above for further guidance on this step.
  5. Verify that the bonus has been added to your account. This should happen instantaneously, and the balance display within the casino cashier ought to reflect the bonus amount.

Using the Bonus

Every no deposit bonus will carry certain restrictions on its usage, and the foremost of these is fulfillment of any wagering requirements. Before allowing you to withdraw any winnings derived from your bonus funds, the casino insists upon your depositing additional time and money at the tables – or at least making some further payment to the house, even if you ultimately withdraw your original deposit.

Though an annoyance, this provision exists to serve the casino’s interests by affording you the opportunity to explore its gaming fare without absorbing excess risk itself. After all, if nobody had to make a deposit – ever –the whole business model would quickly founder under the weight of winning players withdrawing their profits.

Exactly how much you must deposit – and how many times over you must deposit it –constitutes the crux of wagering requirements, and varies considerably from bonus to bonus. Amongst the factors shaping those requirements are:

  • Size of the no deposit bonus.
  • Size of any new player deposit – if this is a matched bonus.
  • Maximum allowed deposit during wagering period.
  • Maximum allowed bet during wagering period.

None of us relishes the idea of squandering large sums of money at the tables, yet that is exactly what the casino hopes you will do – and promptly, too. Hence, the wagering requirements will take effect within very short timescales, commonly ranging from one to fourteen days.

Moreover, the casino will cap both your deposit and bet sizes during this period – often at very low levels. Thus, you could be facing a requirement to deposit no less than five times during a seven day period, with each subsequent deposit similarly restricted – and all wagering confined to qualifying games.

Given the foregoing, it becomes apparent that selecting an appropriate payment method is vital when claiming a no deposit bonus. Credit cards and eWallets like Neteller and Skrill regularly figure in wagering conditions, while others – notably paysafecard –are seldom, if ever, so burdened.

Bear in mind that the wagering requirements will cease to run down as soon as you attempt a withdrawal – regardless of whether that occurs inside or outside the validity period. Furthermore, the casino can at any time requisition that you verify your identity under its KYC procedures – and suspension of wagering will ensue until you comply with that demand.

Even after satisfying the wagering requirements and exhausting any other conditions relating to the no deposit bonus, you still stand a reasonable chance of losing all your own money on the tables. Accordingly, we never advise using funds you cannot afford to lose when engaging in any form of gambling – promotional offers notwithstanding.

Are No Deposit Bonuses Legal and Safe?

Yes, assuming you stick to only the safest and most reputable online casinos regulated by respected licensing authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Gambling Commission, and the Government of Curacao. Only play at legitimately licensed casinos, and avoid any operator lacking bona fide regulatory authorization.

Moreover, never accept a no deposit bonus – or indeed any other type of casino bonus –unless you fully comprehend and accept the terms and conditions governing that offer. Carelessly clicking your way through the bonus registration process – simply to bag that freebie – constitutes wanton disregard for your own financial welfare.

Remember, everyone loves free stuff – but sometimes it ain’t worth the price ya know?!

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