Casino secrets no one is supposed to know - tips & tricks

All the tips in this post are based on our personal experience playing at land-based and online casinos, as well as info from trusted sources like gambling forums and ex-dealers, - all double checked by gambling experts. We hope you enjoy these honest answers to questions you were too shy to ask.

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What happens behind the scenes at a casino? Why do players tip dealers? And how do you increase your odds of winning? Get ready for some straight up answers about this fascinating industry we love so much. Buckle up! This is going to be fun.

Top 10 Casino Secrets You’re Meant to Know

If these casino secrets don’t quite quench your thirst for knowledge, stick around. We’ve got a lot more juicy stuff coming right up. From how to find loose slots to why casinos are bad for countings cards, get ready to learn the unvarnished truth about gambling (and have plenty of ammo for your next game night).

Casinos Spy on Players

Sadly, yes—casino security is always watching you. Hidden cameras, listening devices, and trained floor managers are used to monitor every inch of the casino ©.

Whether you’re playing slots or poker, eating at the buffet or using the restroom, someone, somewhere is keeping tabs on you. If this makes you feel uneasy, consider that casinos are businesses first and foremost. They need a way to protect their assets, including you (in case of an emergency) and your hard-earned cash.

But there are good reasons for this Big Brother vibe—like catching cheaters and counting card sharks. However, things can get a little creepy. For example, casinos track your playing habits and offer “comps” based on how long you stay and how much you bet. The longer you play and the higher your wagers, the better your comps will be.

As a general rule: the house always wins; but you can, too—by finding loose slots and using bonuses to your advantage.

How to Win at Slots

Playing slot machines may seem like a game of chance, and it is—to some degree. But there’s more to it than popping in your coins and hitting spin. If you want to know how to win big at slots, take note of these three casino secrets:

  • Always play the max bet – With multi-line slots, it’s always to your advantage to play the maximum number of paylines. This gives you the best odds of winning and maximizes your payout when you hit the jackpot.

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  • Use bonus money – When you make a deposit at an online casino, you’ll often receive bonus money that you can use to play slots. This is free cash that the house gives you; so use it to your advantage. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions of your bonus, which will outline any restrictions or wagering requirements.

  • Find loose slots – Some slots are programmed to pay out more frequently (or with higher jackpots) than others. Online casinos audit their RNG software to ensure fairness, but specifics about each game’s payouts remain a trade secret. Luckily, other players are happy to share their findings online, so do a Google search for “loose slots” + the name of your casino.

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Tip #1 – Get Free or Discounted Drinks

“On the Strip in Las Vegas, casinos spend an average of $178 per day to keep a gaming customer happily entertained. Of that total, $2.04 is allocated to offer that customer a drink.” - Forbes

This is one of those casino secrets that works both ways. Casinos give you free or discounted drinks to loosen you up and keep you playing; but staying hydrated can help you too. 

Alcohol impairs your judgment and makes you more likely to make bad betting decisions; while dehydration has the opposite effect. In fact, a study by the University of Connecticut found that even mild dehydration can lead to improved reaction times and enhanced cognitive performance.

So the next time the cocktail waitress rolls by, ask for a water first. Your wallet (and liver) will thank you. Oh, and tip your server; these ladies get paid shit all.

Speaking of tips…

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Tip #2 – Show Appreciation for Good Service

This isn’t unique to casinos, but it’s such an important part of gambling etiquette that it deserves mentioning. If you receive good service – whether it’s from a cocktail waitress, parking valet, or casino host – it’s customary to show your appreciation with a tip.

In casinos, this is known as “the vig” (vigilante), which refers to the commission that casinos charge on credit. Tips are usually around 16 to 18 percent of your total action, although you can adjust this up or down depending on the quality of service.

For example, if you tips the dealer an extra $200 on a $1,000 chip color-up, that’s 20% – which may seem high; but remember that dealers keep only about half of their hourly wage. The casino takes the rest as a house fee.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dig deeper into casino secrets that few people know. Like why casinos are always cold…

Why Casinos Are Cold

Air conditioning is necessary to keep casino temperatures low because gamblers tend to become dehydrated and fatigued in hot, stuffy environments. By keeping the air conditioning running constantly, casinos can control humidity levels and prevent musty odors from developing.

Additionally, cooler temperatures can have a subtle psychological effect on players, making them more alert and focused on their game. So if you’ve ever wondered why casinos are so darn chilly, now you know. Just be sure to dress in layers and bring a sweater.

Oh, and if you’re a smoker, try to ignore one of the cigarette's worst enemies being AC. Read more about smoking in casinos on AskGamblers.

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Casino Employees That Aid Cheaters Must Be Punished

In 2013, several casino employees in Michigan were sentenced to prison time for their roles in aided cheating. The employees, who worked at various casinos in the Detroit area, were caught on surveillance cameras helping two men from New York City defraud the casinos out of over $1 million.

The ring was busted after months of investigation by the Michigan Department of Community Health. The ringleader, a card counter named Ronald Horry, had previously been banned from numerous casinos for his cheating ways. Despite this, he was still able to enlist the help of inside men who provided him with cheat sheets and other unfair advantages.

Thanks to the vigilance of casino security and law enforcement, Horry and his cohorts were brought to justice. But the case serves as a reminder that cheating is taken very seriously in casinos, and anyone caught aiding and abetting criminals will face harsh consequences.

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Why Do Casino Dealers Wear Uniforms?

Casino uniforms serve a practical purpose, making it easy for customers to identify and interact with staff members. Whether you’re playing table games or enjoying a meal at the casino’s restaurant, uniforms help you quickly spot employees who can assist you with anything you might need.

However, the real reason why casino dealers wear uniforms is to prevent theft and other nefarious activities. Since casinos typically deal in large sums of cash, they are prime targets for thieves and other criminals.

By requiring employees to wear easily identifiable uniforms, casinos can deter internal theft and make it easier to hold staff members accountable for their actions. Additionally, uniforms help promote a sense of professionalism and trust among customers, giving them confidence that they are dealing with reputable and responsible operators.

Fun fact: There are very few restrictions on what casino employees are allowed to wear outside of work. While some may choose to flaunt their tips through flashy clothing, this is not required.

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How to Get Comps at the Casino

One of the perks of gambling regularly is that you can qualify for complimentary items or services, also known as comps. These might include free hotel rooms, meals, shows, or drinks. To increase your chances of getting comps, here are a few casino secrets:

  • Join the loyalty program – Most casinos have a loyalty program that tracks your play and rewards you with points that can be redeemed for comps. Make sure to sign up and use your loyalty card every time you gamble.

  • Bet big or long – The amount you bet is less important than how long you play. Betting $5 for an hour won’t get you the same comps as betting $1 for four hours. So if you’re on a budget, stretch out your sessions.

  • Be nice – Treat the dealers and pit bosses with respect. They can influence how many comps the casino reports to their manager.

  • Ask for what you want – Don’t be afraid to ask for comps directly. If you’ve been playing for a while and think you deserve something, just ask the pit boss. Worst case scenario, he says no.

These four casino secrets should help you score some freebies on your next trip to the casino.

How Casinos Detect Cheaters

We’ve already established that casinos are always watching you; but did you know that some players go to great lengths to cheat the system? Here are a few methods that cheaters have tried in the past:

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  • Past posting – Adding chips to your stack after the outcome of a game has been decided. For example, if you lose a hand and should empty your bet area, you might slip a chip into the pile afterward in the hopes that it will be overlooked.

  • MMarking – Slightly bent cards that can reveal hidden information, such as the value of another card or your own hole card in blackjack. Cheaters might achieve this bend through persistent creasing or by physically bending the corner of the card.

  • Card counting – A technique where players keep track of the high (10-value) cards that have been dealt, allowing them to wager larger amounts of money when fewer high cards are left in the deck. Casinos frown upon this behavior and may ban or kick out anyone caught counting cards.

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To detect these and other forms of cheating, casinos use a combination of techniques, including:

  • Surveillance cameras – High-definition cameras that capture every inch of the casino floor.

  • Employee training – Pit bosses and other casino staff are trained to look for suspicious behavior, such as players covering their bet areas with their bodies (to add or remove chips undetected).

  • RFID chips – Some casinos are experimenting with chips that use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track their movement throughout the casino.

While these measures are designed to catch cheaters, they also mean that legitimate players may be watched more closely than they’d like. It’s all part of the price you pay to play in a casino.

How to Find Loose Slots

Everyone wants to know how to find loose slots, but there’s no easy answer. Some players swear by doing your research online, where other gamblers share their findings. Others recommend asking casino employees (such as shuttle drivers or hotel concierges) (who see a lot of different parts of the property) for their recommendations.

Another method is to simply walk around and play a few spins on different machines. See which ones seem to hit more frequently or with bigger jackpots. Of course, this can get expensive if you go overboard; so set a budget and stick to it.

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of signing up for a casino’s loyalty program and providing your player card every time you sit down at the slots. This will help the casino track your play and offer you comps or other incentives to keep coming back.

And if all else fails, try our recommended . Just don’t forget tip #1 and bring your water bottle. Cheers!

Tip #3 – Use Bonus Money

When you sign up for a new casino, one of the perks you’ll often receive is bonus money. This is free cash that the casino gives you to entice you to sign up and start playing. Tip #3 is to use this bonus money to your advantage.

Slots are generally the best games for clearing bonuses because they contribute 100% of your wager amount (in contrast, some table games only count a fraction of each bet). Plus, you can usually max out multiple bonuses at once (provided you have the bankroll to support it).

Just be sure to read the terms and conditions of your bonus carefully. Different casinos have different rules about minimum playthrough requirements, game contributions, and expiration dates. But if you find the right bonus and use it wisely, you can significantly boost your chances of coming out ahead (or at least minimizing your losses).

What Happens in Casinos When Nobody’s Around

Have you ever wondered what happens in casinos when nobody’s around? Believe it or not, most casinos operate 24/7, 365 days a year. But there are certain areas that may be closed off during non-business hours for cleaning or security reasons.

During these downtimes, casino staff is busy counts cash and chips, refilling slot machines, and performing routine maintenance. Security personnel are also on duty, monitoring the premises for any signs of tampering or intrusion.

In short, casinos are well-oiled machines that run smoothly around the clock, thanks to the dedication and hard work of their employees. But don’t take my word for it; if you’re curious, call up your favorite casino and ask to speak with their operations manager. I’m sure they’d be happy to fill you in on the details.

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These behind-the-scenes happenings might not be considered top casino secrets anymore but knowing how things work in the background can certainly enhance your overall impression of a casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we’ve got your attention, why not answer a few of your burning questions about casinos? These FAQs cover everything from tips for beginners to little-known facts about popular games. Let’s dive in!

Why do they give out free drinks and comps at casinos?

Casinos give out free drinks and comps for a few reasons. First, it keeps you on the gambling floor, where they can potentially take more of your money. Second, it’s a way to say thanks for your business (and hopefully encourage you to come back). And third, it’s just plain nice (in a calculating, capitalistic way).

Should you tip dealers in casinos?

Yes, it’s customary to tip dealers in casinos. A common practice is to tip the dealer $5-$10 for every $100 you bet (so if you color up a $1,000 chip, you might tip the dealer an extra $20). Of course, feel free to tip more (or less) based on the quality of service you received.

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How do you increase your odds of winning at the casino?

There are a few things you can do to increase your odds of winning at the casino:

  • Play games with the best odds – Blackjack, baccarat, and video poker are generally considered to be the most favorable to players.

  • Take basic strategy lessons – For games like blackjack and craps, there are proven strategies you can learn to give yourself the best chance of winning.

  • Set a budget and stick to it – This will help you avoid losing more money than you can afford.

  • Don’t get drunk – Alcohol impairs your judgment and may lead you to make bad betting decisions.

  • Quit while you’re ahead – This is perhaps the hardest rule to follow, but it’s crucial if you want to minimize your losses.

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Do slot machines get hotter the more they pay?

No, this is a common casino myth. Slot machines do not get hotter the more they pay. The temperature of a slot machine is determined by the surrounding environment, not its payout history.

Can you chew gum in casinos?

Most casinos allow guests to chew gum, but it’s always a good idea to check with the individual property beforehand (just in case). Additionally, some casinos may request that you discard particularly strong or pungent gum out of courtesy to other guests.

Final Thoughts on Casino Secrets

That’s it for our list of casino secrets! We hope you found these tidbits informative, entertaining, and maybe even useful the next time you hit the casino floor. Remember, gambling should be a fun and enjoyable experience, so set a budget, play responsibly, and don’t forget to tip your dealer (if you win big). And if all else fails, carry a water bottle and stay hydrated. Best of luck at the tables!

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