World Town Planning Day Celebrated at Chief Secretariat Auditorium, Kaithady.

In a grand celebration held at the Auditorium of Chief Secretariat, Kaithady, World Town Planning Day was commemorated with distinguished guests and participants on 10th November 2023. The event saw the convergence of key figures in town planning, including the Hon. P.S.M. Charles, Governor of the Northern Province, who graced the occasion virtually with her opening remarks.

The ceremony’s chief guest was Mr.N.P.K. Ranaveera, Director General of the Urban Development Authority (UDA), bringing a wealth of experience and insights to the gathering. The keynote speech was delivered by Mr. S.M. Saman Bandulasena, the Chief Secretary, shedding light on the crucial role of town planning in the development and sustainability of urban areas.

Adding a creative touch to the program, students from the University of Jaffna presented a captivating drama that highlighted the significance of town planning. The performance showcased the importance of thoughtful urban development and its impact on the community.

A pivotal moment in the event was the launch of a groundbreaking digital platform for service delivery for Local Authorities. This initiative marks a significant step towards efficient and modern governance, bridging the gap between citizens and local administrations. The collaboration between the Urban Development Authority (UDA) and Local Authorities promises a concerted effort towards enhancing the quality of life in urban and rural areas alike.

The theme of the celebration centered around the importance of town planning, emphasizing the need for sustainable and inclusive development strategies. The event served as a platform for knowledge exchange, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in urban planning.

The successful celebration of World Town Planning Day in Kaithady reflects the commitment of the Northern Province to building well-planned, resilient, and vibrant communities. The launch of the digital platform signifies a proactive approach towards harnessing technology for efficient service delivery, ensuring a brighter future for all residents.