Ways to find the best online casinos (2023) - ask the apps!

Are you struggling to find the best online casinos? Look no further than your smartphone apps! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore various methods using smartphone apps that can help you discover the top online casinos that suit your preferences. From researching game variety and bonuses to ensuring safety and legality, these tips will assist you in making informed decisions before signing up. So, let's dive in and unlock the world of exciting online casinos! 

Part 1: Research Methods Using Smartphone Apps

#1 Use Casino Review Apps

Example: asks the experts and provides unbiased reviews.

Researching through review apps: 

  1. Search Function: Typically, these apps have a search bar where you can enter the name of any casino or game provider that you’re interested in. For instance, if you want to know more about the Grand Ivy Casino, simply type its name into the app's search function. The app will show you a list of relevant results related to the casino.
  2. Casino Overview: The app displays an overview of the casino, including information such as license numbers, game providers, bonus offers, payment methods, and contact details. You can also find links to the official website and social media pages of the casino.
  3. Expert Reviews: Expert reviews provide detailed insights into different aspects of the casino, such as gaming experience, customer support, mobile compatibility, and security features. These reviews are based on extensive research and testing by industry experts.
  4. Player Reviews: Player reviews allow you to hear from other users who have first-hand experience with the casino. You can read about their positive and negative experiences, which helps you make an informed decision. Some apps even provide ratings based on player feedback.
  5. Updates and News: Reputable review apps constantly update their content to keep users informed about any changes or developments at the casinos they review. This could include updates on new game releases, bonus offers, or regulatory developments.
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Why trust expert reviews? Experts have years of industry experience and stay updated with the latest trends and standards in online gambling. Their reviews are objective and free from bias, helping you make informed decisions. Additionally, reputable review apps have a reputation to maintain, so they strive to provide accurate and reliable information.

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Note: While expert reviews are valuable, it's always a good idea to do your own research as well. Read player reviews and check forums to get a well-rounded perspective.

#2 Utilize Comparison Apps

Example: allows side-by-side comparisons of multiple casinos.

Using comparison apps:

  1. Select Casinos: Most comparison apps allow you to choose from a list of predefined casinos or enter the names of casinos you want to compare. For example, Let’s say you select Grand Ivy Casino, Videoslots Casino, and Duelz Casino for comparison.
  2. Feature Selection: The app provides a list of features that you can select to compare across the selected casinos. Common features include bonuses, number of slots/games, payment methods, and licensing jurisdictions.
  3. Visual Presentation: The app presents the comparison in an easy-to-understand format. It could be in the form of a table, chart, or graph. For instance, you might see a side-by-side comparison of welcome bonuses or a bar chart showing the number of games available at each casino.
  4. Filter Options: Advanced comparison apps may offer filter options that allow you to refine the results. For instance, you could filter the results to only show casinos that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Benefits of using comparison apps:

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  • Saves Time: Instead of visiting each casino website individually and manually comparing features, comparison apps provide all the information in one place.
  • Objective Analysis: Comparison apps help you make objective comparisons by presenting facts rather than emotional appeals.
  • Identify Trade-offs: By comparing different factors, you can identify trade-offs between different casinos. For example, Casino A may have a higher welcome bonus, but Casino B has a wider variety of live dealer games.

Drawbacks of using comparison apps:

  • Simplified Information: Comparison apps can only provide so much information. They cannot capture the entirety of the casino experience, such as the user interface or customer service quality.
  • Outdated Information: The information provided by the app may not be current. It's always a good idea to verify the accuracy of the data.

Tip: Don't rely solely on comparison apps. Use them as a starting point for your research, but always supplement your analysis with additional research.

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#3 Explore Bonus Tracker Apps

Example: keeps track of all your active casino bonuses.

Using bonus tracker apps:

  1. Add Bonuses: You need to add the bonuses you have claimed from various casinos into the app. Usually, the app allows you to input the bonus amount, wagering requirements, expiry date, and any other relevant terms and conditions.
  2. Monitor Progress: As you play and wager your real money, the app tracks your progress towards completing the wagering requirements. Some apps even provide visual representations, such as a progress bar, to help you understand how close you are to meeting the requirements.
  3. Reminders: Many bonus tracker apps send you reminders before the bonus expires. This feature can be particularly useful if you have forgotten about a bonus or have multiple bonuses with different expiry dates.
  4. Analyze Results: By tracking the success rate of your bonus acquisitions, you can identify which casinos offer beneficial bonuses and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Benefits of using bonus tracker apps:

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  • Optimize Bonus Utilization: Bonus tracker apps help you maximize the value of your bonuses by keeping track of the wagering requirements and deadlines.
  • Strategic Planning: By analyzing the success rate of your bonus acquisitions, you can develop a strategy that focuses on the most advantageous bonuses.
  • Time Management: With reminder notifications, you can ensure that you don't miss out on bonuses due to forgetfulness or busy schedules.

Drawbacks of using bonus tracker apps:

  • Limited Scope: Bonus tracker apps focus exclusively on bonuses. They do not provide insight into other important factors such as game variety or customer support quality.
  • Maintenance Required: You must regularly update the app with your current bonuses. If you forget to add a bonus or provide inaccurate information, the app's effectiveness will be compromised.

Tip: Complement your use of a bonus tracker app with research from other sources to get a well-rounded understanding of each casino.

Part 2: Criteria for Evaluating Game Variety Using Your Phone

After narrowing down your search using research apps, the next step is to evaluate each online casino's game variety using your phone. Here are some criteria to consider:

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#1 Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Most online casinos are now optimized for mobile devices, but it's still essential to check for compatibility with your specific phone model and operating system. Look for casinos that offer native apps or mobile-responsive websites. Make sure the games run smoothly on your device and the interface is user-friendly.

#2 Range of Games

Online casinos typically offer a wide range of games, including slots, table games, live dealer games, and poker variants. However, the quantity should not compromise the quality. Ensure that the games are developed by reputable software providers known for fairness and engaging gameplay. Check if there are demo versions available so that you can try out the games without risking real money.

#3 Search and Filter Functions

To facilitate easy navigation, look for casinos that provide robust search and filter functions. These features enable you to quickly find your favorite games or discover new ones that match your preferences. Categories, themes, volatility levels, and betting ranges are some of the filters that can enhance your gaming experience.

#4 Updates and New Releases

The casino should regularly update its game catalog to keep up with the latest trends and player demands. Stay informed about new game releases and see if the casino adds them promptly. This indicates that the casino has a good relationship with game developers and caters to the evolving needs of gamblers.

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Part 3: Assessing Bonuses on Your Phone

Bonuses are a crucial aspect of online gambling, offering extra opportunities to win without risking your own funds. But not all bonuses are created equal. When evaluating bonuses on your phone, consider the following factors:

#1 Welcome Bonuses

Most online casinos provide a welcome bonus to new players. An ideal welcome bonus should have a reasonable wagering requirement, a validity period that gives you ample time to complete the wagering, and a decent bonus percentage or fixed amount. Also, check if the bonus is applied automatically or requires a promo code.

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#2 Regular Promotions

Besides welcome bonuses, look for regular promotions such as reload bonuses, cashback offers, and tournament prizes. A diverse range of promotions keeps the excitement level high and rewards loyal customers. Pay attention to the terms and conditions, especially the contribution percentage of different games toward bonus turnover.

#3 Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs recognize and reward long-term customers. Understand how the loyalty program works, what benefits you can enjoy, and whether there are exclusive events or personalized offers. Some programs have multiple tiers, and you can climb the ladder by accumulating loyalty points.

#4 Payment Method Restrictions

Some casinos might restrict the use of certain payment methods for bonuses. For instance, Skrill and Neteller deposits may not be eligible for the bonus. This restriction is commonly known as the "e-wallet ban." Familiarize yourself with such limitations, as they can affect your preferred banking option and bonus availability.

Part 4: Ensuring Safety and Legality Using Your Smartphone

While researching and evaluating game variety and bonuses, never lose sight of safety and legality. Before signing up for any online casino, verify their credentials using your phone.

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#1 License and Regulation

A legitimate online casino holds a valid gambling license from a reputable authority. Licenses from organizations like the Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and the UK Gambling Commission indicate strict regulations and player protection measures. Check the casino footer or about us section to find the license number and regulatory body.

#2 Encryption and Security Measures

Trustworthy online casinos employ robust encryption technology to safeguard your sensitive data. Look for logos or certifications from SSL/TSL providers such as DigiCert, Thawte, or RapidSSL. Additionally, read about the casino's fraud prevention policies, employee background checks, and secure server environments.

#3 Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

In case of disputes, it's reassuring to know that the casino has established ADR mechanisms. The availability of ADR services like mediation or independent third-party resolution indicates the casino's commitment to fairness and customer satisfaction.

#4 Responsible Gambling Initiatives

Legitimate online casinos prioritize responsible gambling and offer resources to help players manage their habits. Look for self-exclusion options, deposit limits, reality checks, and partnerships with organizations that provide counseling and support for problem gamblers.

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Important: Even if an online casino passes all these safety checks, it's crucial to trust but verify. Regularly monitor industry news and player feedback to ensure that the casino maintains its standards.


Smartphone apps can significantly simplify your quest for the best online casinos. By utilizing research apps, comparison apps, and bonus tracker apps, you can efficiently gather information and make well-informed decisions. Remember to complement app usage with manual verification and thorough evaluation of game variety, bonuses, and safety aspects. Happy exploring!


Q1: Can I really find the best online casinos using my smartphone?

A1: Absolutely! Most online casinos are mobile-friendly, and smartphones offer convenient access to research apps, casino websites, and gameplay. Many casinos even have dedicated mobile apps.

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Q2: How do I distinguish between good casino review apps?

A2: Look forapps that provide in-depth expert reviews, player feedback, and up-to-date information. Additional features like comparison tools and video previews can enhance your research experience. Trustpilot, AskGamblers, and Casinomeister are examples of reliable review apps.

Q3: Should I rely entirely on comparison apps for choosing a casino?

A3: No, comparison apps should supplement your research, not replace it. They offer a quick overview, but they cannot capture the entire casino experience. Visit forums, social media groups, and expert websites to gather additional perspectives.

Q4: Can I claim all the bonuses offered by multiple casinos simultaneously?

A4: No, having multiple real money accounts and taking advantage of all associated bonus offers is known as bonus hunting or "bonus abusing," which is considered a breach of terms and conditions by virtually every casino. It's essential to read the fine print and understand the bonus policy before claiming any offer.

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Q5: How can I ensure that a casino's loyalty program is worthwhile?

A5: Compare the reward rates, redemption options, and program levels. Look for a program that suits your playing style and offers perks that matter to you. Additionally, read player testimonials to gauge the program's effectiveness.

Q6: What if I suspect fraudulent or unlicensed casinos?

A6: Report such casinos immediately. Cooperate with authorities if they initiate an investigation. Sharing your experience on reputable blacklist platforms can warn others and help take down illegal operations. Remember, player safety is paramount, and collective action can make a difference.

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