Similar games to casino vegas world that you can play online for free

  • If you love Vegas World, you will enjoy these free-to-play casino games like Wild Casino, House of Fun, and more.
  • In Wild Casino, you can access hundreds of slots, win free coins, and interact with a great community.
  • Cashino is perfect if you’re after something less intensive than Vegas World, as it has fewer games but they load much faster.

EVERYONE LOVES VEGAS WORLD. WELL, MOST slot heads. This social networking casino game allows you to not only spin reels for fun and win prizes but also connect with a vast community of like-minded players.

As a welcome gesture, Vegas World hands out up to 100,000 FREE WP (Wall Street Points) on signing up plus an additional 1,000,000 WP on logging in each day for consecutive days.

These Wall Street Points can be used to purchase items from the mall, bonuses in the casino, or Slot Machines to place in your Palace. You can also join groups, attend parties, send/accept friend requests, visit friends places, play Bingo, Poker, and so much more.

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Intrigued? You kind of have to be over 50 to really get into this stuff. But if you love it, you probably already know about the Vegas World Facebook Group where thousands share their experience and game hacks.

If you are looking for similar free-to-play social slot machine casino games where you can meet new people and enjoy some of the best slots available then try one of these below.

Wild Casino – Best Similar Game to Vegas World

Wild Casino looks amazing and has all the bells and whistles of Vegas World but with way better slot games. While Vegas World has its perks and a huge following, the truth is that most of the slot games found at the social network are IGT clones.

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Sure, they are recognizable land-based favorite classics, but many of the graphics look dated and do not compare to the modern video slots that can be found at . These slots are made exclusively for online play.

Don’t get me wrong. Vegas World gives away tons of free Wall Street Points (WP) and you can redeem amazing prizes once you reach certain levels. However, it’s a bit misleading when you see all those jackpots. The biggest one is a staggering 1,000,000 WP, which according to their prize redeem page is worth roughly $9.99! Yes, less than ten bucks for a year’s worth of work banking into those meters.

And don't even think about cashing in your points for the millions of Coins because, well, you guess it… You can't do that. The Coins are only for playing purposes inside the game.

Now, Wild Casino fixes pretty much every issue mentioned above. First off, the developers work hand in hand with software providers to offer the exact same game found at , i.e., BetSoft, Nucleus Gaming slots.

Secondly, Wild Casino doesn’t beat around the bush. When it says ‘free spins’ or ‘jackpot’, you can rest assured it is referring to free spins and jackpots worthy of your time. And thirdly, the community here is just as engaging, helpful, and friendly as the one at Vegas World.

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Like Vegas World, Wild Casino is a Facebook casino game but it is also available for download on Google Play and the Appstore. It’s basically a free-chip casino like Viagifts, but way better.

You start by building your own Vegas Casino Resort. Inside your resort, you place the slot machines you have won or purchased, and you can place bets to win more rewards such as gold bars, coins, xp, and more slot machines. The more resort levels you reach the more slot machines you can place and the more features become available to use inside your casino resort.

Once you place your slot machines you can play them as many times as you want. Of course, you will run low on gold eventually, so you will need to either purchase more gold, wait for the gold bars to refill, or request from your friends (or give to your friends and they will request back to you).

Another way to earn gold is by completing missions, daily challenges, leveling up, and logging in every day. Wild Casino also offers limited-time events that allow you to earn rare slot machines and other high tier rewards.

When you run out of gold you must head to the casino floor to play the slot machines. Some slot machines are easier to beat than others, but since they are casino games, you can expect consistent roughly around the games’ RTP.

For example, Zombie FC by Nucleus Gaming has a 96% RTP, so approximately $96 dollars out of every $100 bet is supposed to be returned as winning. The remaining 4% is the house edge, which is the casinos profit margin from that particular game.

One of the coolest features about Wild Casino is called The Vault. This is essentially your personal bank account where you can keep track of all the gold, gems, and cash you have earned within the game. It’s always accessible and a nice touch, so you know exactly how much you have earned without having to go through your inbox or worry about the developers losing track.

All in all, I would highly recommend Wild Casinos to anyone who loves Vegas World, especially if you are looking for a step-up with better slots, fun gameplay, and rewarding features.

House of Fun – Great Alternative to Vegas World Free Slot Games

Pulsz and its exclusive loyalty program, Volt Zone, might just be a better option compared to Vegas World social casino.

First, let’s talk about the similarities between the two. Both games enable you to build a “house,” although it appears to be much simpler in Pulsz. Then again, that could be a good thing if you prefer minimalism to excessive details.

This simplified approach means that the focus isn’t on the “decorating” part but rather on the games, promotions, social elements, and other features that make Pulsz a top choice among social casino gaming enthusiasts.

Once you join, you receive 5.3 million free coins to get started. You can use these coins to play slots and win more prizes or head to the store to buy even more games for your collection.

Everyone gets the same amount of free credits to start with, but the difference is those that sign up through one of our links get a , which is 5x more than the standard welcome bonus.

House of Fun works the same way; you start with 5 million free coins and have the chance to earn more every hour (once every six hours for 24 hours).

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The hourly rewards increase the more you level up. At level five, you start earning 750,00 coins every hour. You also gain Sweeps Coins, which are redeemable for cash prizes and gift cards.

Of course, you can boost your coin balance by connecting to Facebook, watching videos, leveling up, spinning the wheel, and inviting friends (30 million coins are handed out if you refer five of them).

But the fastest way to expand your collection of slots is to take advantage of the various offers sent to your inbox on a daily basis.

Many of these deals sound familiar to what goes down at Vegas World. There are login offers, for example, which feature anywhere between four and eight slots that you can play for free for the opportunity to win prizes.

Speaking of prizes, the featured slots tend to come with bigger rewards, including rare and limited-edition House of Fun characters that you can add to your property.

This brings us to another similarity with Vegas World.

Both games allow you to invest your winnings into your home base. This can range from fountains and bridges to trees and bushes, among other things.

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Some decorations boost the XP you earn from playing slots, while others provide additional coins or SP (another currency used to play specially marked games).

There’s also a synergy between mobile and desktop platforms at HoF, meaning you can pick up where you left off regardless of the device you’re using.

Moreover, Big Win Casino shares many characteristics with Vegas World but excels in the slot department.

Jackpot Party Casino – Social Casino Like Vegas World

have long been a popular way to pass the time.

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Whether you’re on public transport, standing in a queue, or simply looking to kill some time, these games are easy to play, exciting, and almost guaranteed to provide rewards – even if you haven’t got a penny to your name.

If you relish the thrill of playing , for example, you might enjoy playing this social version with your friends. The great thing about social casino games is that you don’t need any prior knowledge of poker to understand the basics.

In fact, if you know how to play video poker games, you’ll pick up the nuances straight away. Granted, there are various different versions to choose from, but we will start with Ignition Casino’s social media app.

As you might have guessed, Jackpot Party Casino is filled to the brim with slots. In fact, there are hundreds of games to choose from, along with daily logins gifts, free spins, booster shots, and so much more.

You start with 1.5m JPP Coins, 15k Sweeps Coins and 30 Free Spins. Before you ask, no, you cannot redeem JPP Coins or Free Credits for cash prizes, gift cards, or other prizes with monetary values.

The main purpose of JPP Coins is to let you play stunning slots, have fun, and move up the levels. As you climb the ladder, you will unlock more slots, achieve higher daily coin bonuses, and much more.

Sweeps Coins, on the other hand, can be used to redeem cash prizes and gift cards. The best part is that you can connect your Facebook account to receive 1.8m JPP Coins, 20k Sweeps Coins, and 40 Free Spins.

You can also purchase a variety of party packs for yourself or send as a gift to your friends/group members. Pack size ranges from small (15m JPP Coins + 1.5k Sweeps Coins) to insanely massive (10bn JPP Coins + 100k Sweeps Coins).

Keep in mind that you can only give or receive party packs if you connect your Jackpot Party Casino account to Facebook.

Similar to Vegas World, you can also build your very own Las Vegas resort by purchasing and placing hotel rooms, clubs, restaurants, etc. These places produce free coins every hour, so it’s a good idea to place your more profitable buildings on busy areas.

Finally, Jackpot Party Casino allows you to send/request Friendship, Experience Boosters, and Party Favors. These items help you level up faster, test unlisted games, and win more prizes, respectively.

Overall, Jackpot Party Casino is a fantastic alternative to Vegas World, especially if you are a big fan of slots.

Caesars Casino – Free Online Casino Game Like Vegas Casino

Caesars Casino is another great free-to-play social slot machine casino game similar to Facebook casino games like Vegas Casino.

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Here you build your very own Caesar’s Palace with the slots you have won or purchased, and inside your palace, you play the slots as many times as you want.

The goal is to earn Caesars Credits (CC), Golden Coins, XP, and more slots. Once you run out of gold, you must venture into Cleopatra’s Daily Spins or the Roman Ritual to play your slots.

Cleopatra’s Daily Spin is a limited-time event that allows you to spin a wheel and win various rewards such as GC, CC, XP, and hourly logins rewards. The Roman ritual costs 8 energy to play and wins GC based on a virtual wheel similar to Cleopatra’s daily spin but with fewer prizes.

You can lower the cost of energy-based games and spins by owning certain palaces or purchasing energy potions from the shop. You can also earn extra energy by reaching new levels, friend requests, and hourly energy bonuses.

Unlike other social casinos on this list, it is not advisable to spend real money on Caesars Casino bundles because the best bundles can be obtained for free. The only reason to spend money is to support the development team.

One of the unique features of Caesars Casino is the ability to invite friends to your private room club where you can play slots together and win rare prizes. Another cool feature is the daily puzzle that rewards you with a random prize upon solving the puzzle.

While this game is quite similar to Wild Casino, it lacks the diverse slot selection since Caesars Casino focuses mainly on offering slots created by their in-house developers. With that being said, these slots are still good and entertaining, and you can’t find them anywhere else except for Caesars Casino Slots My Konami Casino, which is also similar to it.

Big Win Casino – Social Gambling App Like Vegas Casino

If you love playing at Ignition Casino, then you will appreciate Big Win Casino, a social version of their establishment. Here you can play a series of fun table games against other players and deal with aggression in a healthy manner.

It goes without saying that you don’t actually win or wager any cash — instead, you earn “Chips” to collect rare prizes and “Big Win Coins,” which can be exchanged for prizes with cash equivalents.

Unfortunately, the process of converting Big Win Coins to actual funds is both convoluted and time-consuming.

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You can only request a payout once every eleven years and are limited to a maximum of three requests per year. Each payment request is reviewed within 180 days, which equates to almost one and a half years in total.

So unless you are a patient person, it makes more sense to use your Big Win Coins to win even more prizes within the app.

Chips, on the other hand, are far easier to understand. Not only can you amass millions of the stuff, but you can also use them to win rare tables, chairs, and other interesting objects for your Big Win space.

You start off with two million chips and the same amount of Big Win Coins before being asked to wait one hour before you can play again. After one hour, you can play as much as you like but will earn fewer chips per game. Every subsequent hour, your earnings reduce further before resetting at zero after eight hours.

Our biggest criticism of Big Win Casino is the waiting times between playing sessions.

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We understand the need to limit the number of chips you can earn in order to prevent people from topping up via paid chips and dominating games. Therefore, it makes sense to limit the number of chips you can earn in each hour.

What doesn’t make sense is the declining rate at which they are awarded. Unless you refer friends or sign in every day, you’ll never catch up with those who request and repeat every hour.

In an attempt to encourage players to stick around, Big Win Casino allows you to decorate your space in any way you like. From sofas and carpets to aquariums and televisions, there is plenty of junk to fill your virtual den with.

The only problem is that these objects serve no purpose whatsoever. Furthermore, they completely overwhelm your avatar, making it difficult to see who is in the hand.

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Still, if you can look beyond these shortcomings, Big Win Casino can be a lot of fun, especially if you .

I recommend you also check out my rundown of the where you can enjoy an expanded version of the game.

Slots A Lot – Free Casino Style Game Like Vegas Casino

Slots A Lot is one of the most popular social casinos on Facebook with over 6.5 million monthly users and a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from nearly 3,000 reviews at the time of writing.

On joining, you are greeted with 6,999,999 coins and 999 rare gems before being encouraged to connect with your Facebook account to win an extra 7 million coins and 100 gems.

You can use these coins to play hundreds of slots and progress through the levels in a bid to unlock new slots, weekly coin bonuses, chests, and more. The coins can also be used to build your Slots A Lot empire by purchasing hotels, cinemas, beaches, marinas, and much more.

The gems are slightly different in that you can exchange them for gem slots, which offer bigger prizes and better winning chances. You can also request up to 100 free gems every three hours from your friends or purchase them via Gem Boosters.

Speying of purchases, Slots A Lot is free-to-play but you can enhance your experience via a range of bundles starting at $1.99. Coins can also be converted into credits that can be exchanged for real-world prizes such as iTunes/Google Wallet cards, Amazon vouchers, and more.

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Like Vegas World, Slots A Lot has a strong community aspect to it, allowing you to send/request gifts, visit friends’ casinos, attend events, join groups, chat with like-minded players, and so much more.

Cashino – Fast Action Alternative to Vegas World

Cashino is a simple social casino that allows you to play eight slots, win prizes, build your very own casino, and interact with your friends.

Unlike Vegas World, which has a cluttered dashboard with too many options and features, Cashino keeps things nice and simple, which is why this site loads much faster and runs much smoother. Plus, eight well-coded slots are far less taxing on older devices compared with hundreds that often feel rushed and unpolished.

That’s not to say Cashino’s games are better than Vegas World’s — it’s more of a preference thing because NRG iNnovation and Bear in Hat Studio develop the later’s games, while Cashino’s titles are courtesy of KamaGames.

What is impressive about Cashino is how light the game is despite offering virtual items you can purchase with real money. Of course, you don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy Cashino because its tokens (coin) system allows you to win enough prizes to build multiple casinos.

Each casino can hold up to eight slot machines. You start with one and one slot machine can hold up to four identical machines. The idea is to trade machines with your friends or visit popular casinos and place your machine there.

The closer your machine is to the center of the map, the more people will see it and have the chance to play it.

Trading machines with your friends is an important aspect of Cashino because the more you trade, the more XP you earn, which allows you to level up and unlock more items from the shop.

Leveling up is also important if you want to increase your token balance because the hourly token rewards increase as you climb the ranks. Finally, the best way to speed up your item collecting process is by purchasing a golden shovel for ¥9.99 ($1 USD = ¥70).

This allows you to refresh your item window every 30 minutes instead of the usual nine hours. Refreshing your screen gives you the chance to obtain rare items that your friends don’t have.

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In summary, if you’re put off by the complexity of Vegas World and just want to play a few slots on Facebook, give Cashino a try.

What Makes a Good Social Network Alternative to Vegas World?

The best social network like Vegas World should have a solid library of classic slots.

Apart from that, each game is unique in its right and it comes down to player preferences. For example, some players love the fact they can convert credits to cash prizes in Big Win Casino and Jackpot Party Casino.

Others prefer the exotic slots found in Wild Casino and the community aspect of Vegas World and Cashino.

Personally, I believe Wild Casino is the overall winner due to its high production value, diverse community, and impressive game library.

That’s not to say Pulsz and the others aren’t worth your time because they all bring something unique to the table, and the best part is they are all available on Facebook and Google Play/App Store.

Overall Rating
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Game Selection
  • Community
  • Bonuses
  • Payouts
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