Two Women Societies issued with Tools and Equipment to expand their Small Business

Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Northern Provincial Council (NPC) distributed livelihood assistance worth Rs.183,418.00 to two women societies whose members are mostly from women-headed families in Kurunagar – West, and Araly – South villages from the Criteria Based Grant (CBG) fund. Secretary to the Provincial Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Cooperative, Industries, and Social Service R. Varatheeswaran handed over the wood carving power tools and furniture worth Rs. 99,111.50 to the president and members of the “Reclamation women affairs society” functions under “Kurunagar Women’s Rural Development Society” in the Jaffna Divisional Secretariat area on 24th September 2019 at the Ministry office in Ariyalai, Jaffna. These society members are turning out a variety of handicraft items made out of coconut shells for export and local markets.

In the 2nd program held in Aralithurai (Jetty) area on 27th September 2019 at Velavan Community hall under the chair of Divisional Secretary, Chankanai Mrs.P.Premini, Chief Accountant S.Visnukumar, Assistant Director Planning and Development Officers from the Ministry office, Women Development Officer,  Grama Niladari and sweets members of the society also attended this event and furniture worth Rs.84,306.50 kitchen utensils such as frying pans, basins, manioc slicing machine, and  polythene sealer were handed over to the president of “Araly – South Women’s Society”. This women society was engaged in preparing and selling “Jeevaposha” (named by Ministry of Health) infant nutrition flour mix in packets since 2015 and now expanding their business in manufacturing manioc chips.