Towards the Achievement of Targeted extent of Crops in Jaffna District….

In Jaffna District, special activities are carried out to achieve the targeted extent of Other Field Crops and Vegetable Crops. In order to enable the farmers to engage in their cultivation, seeds and planting materials are supplied to farmers via mobile sales services throughout the District. The Mobile Sales Services are carried out by Office of the Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture, Jaffna with the coordination of Seeds and Planting Material Development Center of Central Department of Agriculture, Seed Producers Cooperative Society Jaffna, Young Farmers’ Club Karainagar, and Onion True Seed Producers Society. Vegetable seeds such as Mae, Okra, Bitter gourd, Tomato, Brinjal, Amaranthus and Cucumber and OFC seeds such as chilli, Onion True Seeds, Ground Nut, Green gram, finger millet, Black Gram, Cowpea and Maize and Manioc Cuttings, Mushroom Spawns, Potted Vegetable seedlings and Fruit Plants are sold.

Ginger planting materials were obtained from Kurunagala District and have been distributed to farmers from each AI ranges of Jaffna district to achieve the targeted extent for Ginger in Yala 2020.

Due to the high demand for Ginger and Turmeric Cultivation in present situation, Ginger and Turmeric seedlings are produced and sold in potted bags in DATC, Jaffna to extend the cultivation in Maha 2020/21. The seedlings established in large potted bags which are sold at the rate of Rs.150.00 can be kept in the same bag until harvest. Small potted seedlings which are sold at the rate of Rs.50.00 have to be transferred into large pots or to the field to obtain harvest.