The National Vocational Aptitude Certificate Ceremony was held with the participation of Education Minister and Fisheries Minister.

Under the direction of the Honorable Governor of Northern Province Mrs. P.S.M. Charles, the certification ceremony for those who have completed the National Vocational Aptitude Certificate training course conducted by the Department of Agriculture, Department of Industries, Fisheries Unit of the Northern Province was held on 10.10.2023 at the Golden Jubilee Hall of the Charvakachcheri Municipal Council under the leadership of the Chief Secretary of the Northern Province.
On this occasion, Education Minister Dr Sushil Prema Jayantha, Minister of Fisheries Mr. Douglas Devananda, Member of Parliament Mr MA Sumanthran, Speaker of North Provincial Council, Chief Secretary, Jaffna District Government Agent, Representative of International Labor Organization for Sri Lanka, government officials, officials, beneficiaries and the public have participated.
The guests who participated in the certificate awarding ceremony congratulated those who received the certificates and said that they should engage in business ventures with the experiences of these training courses. Also, the Minister of Education said that they are making changes in the education system according to the times and according to our needs in our education programs and the education system will be completely modernized in 2027. He also mentioned that we are taking steps to transform the teaching service into a professional service like the fields of medicine, engineering and law.