The Field Day on Harvesting of Lanka Jumbo Peanut for Seed Production

The Agriculture Sector Modernization Project has been implemented with the support of World Bank in Kilinochchi District for promoting the seed production of ground nut and enhance the living standard of the farmers. Under this project, 30 beneficiaries have been selected in Thiruvaiaaru and Kanagaampikaikulam AI Ranges. 20 kg of Lanka Jumbo pea nut seeds, 25kg of gypsum and water pump were supplied to each beneficiaries to cultivate Lanka jumbo peanut in half an acre. At present, the established crops are in harvesting stage. Field visits were conducted by the staff of Seed Certification Services, Kilinochchi of Central Department of Agriculture for monitoring the seed production of Lanka Jumbo pea nuts.

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A Field Day on Harvesting of Lanka Jumbo Pea nut for seed production was held under the chairmanship of Mr.P.Atputhachandran, Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture, Kilinochchi at Thiruvaiaaru on 25.07.2020 at 9.00am.

The cultivation of Lanka Jumbo pea nut will be expanded under Irranaimadu Irrigation Tank in Thiruvaiaaru lift irrigated high lands and Kanagaampikaikulam Gravity Irrigation to increase the seed production and commercial cultivation of Lanka Jumbo pea nut. SCAN Maggie Company agreed to purchase these Lanka Jumbo pea nuts based on the Tri Parties contract basis.

The cultivation of Lanka Jumbo pea nut which is cultivated first time in Kilinochchi district in Northern Province has become popularized among farmers and farmers are interested in cultivating this variety of Ground nut.

Mrs.Rubawathy Kaetheeswaran, Government Agent, Kilinochchi participated as Chief Guest in the above successful field day. She told that these type of activities will definitely increase the income of farmers. Mr.K.Pathmanathan, Deputy Provincial Project Director of the Agriculture Sector Modernization Project for Northern Province participated as Special Guest in the above program. Officers from the Seed Certification Services, Kilinochchi, Grama Niladari, Officers from Office of Deputy Provincial Department of Agriculture, Kilinochchi and farmers also participated in the above field day.