Sudden Inspection over Restaurants and Pharmacies in Chankanai

On a directive of Governor of the Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan, a sudden inspection visit was done over the restaurants and pharmacies in Chankanai region by the Food Control Officers of the Chankanai Pradeshiya Sabha in association with Governor’s Task Force yesterday (19).

During the inspection process to verify the quality of the restaurants and whether they function in accordance with the law, 15 restaurants have been identified with hygienic issues such as low quality food products, preparation methods, unclean kitchen and dirty utensils. Further, the cooked foods were kept in plastic vessels and rotten vegetables were used for cooking.

9 of them found with more hygienic issues and legal actions will be taken against them. Non-qualified rotties and vegetables were destroyed in one restaurant.  A certain period has been given to other restaurants to fix their issues. In case of failure, legal action will be taken against them.

The inspection was also carried out on 4 pharmacies; two pharmacies were found with the service of unqualified drug dealers.

Food is the basic need of the man. Most restaurants do not maintain cleanliness. In future, legal action will be taken against the restaurants during this visit.

The inspections will continue in all parts of the Northern Province. If you find any unclean food centres, people are asked to contact the Governor’s Office on 021 221 9375.

– NP Governor’s Media