Sudden Checking on Passenger Buses on A9 Road at the request of the Governor

At the request of the Governor of Northern Province, Dr. Suren Raghavan, the National Transport Commission (NTC) conducted a thorough raid on the Jaffna-Colombo and Colombo-Jaffna buses traveling along the A9 road.

Considering the people’s benefit, about 50 buses were raided last night and early this morning. The National Transport Commission (NTC) identified the drivers whose driving licenses have expired, vehicles which were not licensed by the National Transport Commission and which had no identity cards for drivers and conductors. The charge-sheets were issued by the National Transport Commission.

During the raid which was conducted first time as per the instruction of Governor to control the road accidents on A9 Road, about 60 percent of buses were not in compliance with legal requirements and failed to comply with highway-traffic rules.

The Governor said that the inspections will be carried out continuously in future in the Northern Province with the support of Northern Transport Authority and the passengers are requested to be vigilant about whether the buses have proper permits.

It should be noted that the Governor’s Task Force also joined the raid.

– Media Unit of Northern Province Governor