Staken best slots to play online - christmas jackpot included

Winning in slots is an art, yes. But it’s also a science.

You see, there are many things that you need to keep in mind if you want to beat the slots. Knowledge of is one of them. Knowing the is another. But more importantly, you need to know which slots to play. It’s not enough to just spam play on any 5-reel game that you come across.

Luckily for you, we know what we’re talking about. And being the awesome people that we are, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best slots to play. So, sit back, relax, and take note. Because by the time that we’re done with you, you will know exactly which slots to play at Stake Casino.

What Are RTP, Volatility, and Other Important Slot Features?

Before we get into naming specific , we think it’s imperative to explain what it is that you’re about to read.

Namely, all of the games featured on this page have been carefully handpicked because of their RTP percentages and volatility levels. Let’s look at each feature briefly and explain why they’re so important when playing online slots.

Everyone wants to win when playing casino games – that much goes without saying. But the tricky part is knowing which titles are likely to bring home the bacon and which ones are not worth your while. This is where slot analytics such as rtp slot games come into play.

The return to player rate represents a percentage that shows how much money a specific game pays back to the players. To put it simply, the higher the RTP, the better the chances of winning. All reputable slots offer an , usually displayed on the game’s info screen or provided by the developer.

As you can see, most of the games on our list have excellent RTP percentages – over 96%. Titles such as Bubbles Bonanza and Book of Dead boast RTP rates of 96.47% and 96.21%, respectively. These numbers mean that, in theory, at least 96% of every $100 wagered on these slots will go back into the players’ pockets. Of course, this data refers to long-term play – the more spins you make, the closer the actual results will be to the RTP rate.

Now, winning is what we’re all after when pulling the trigger on our favorite slot machines. However, you should know that not all wins are created equal. Some come around frequently but are small in size; others are large in value but are hard to catch.

This is where volatility comes into the picture – it determines the size and frequency of your potential wins. If a slot has low volatility, it means that you will be getting smaller rewards regularly. Games with high volatility, on the other hand, pay out less often but in larger quantities.

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Our best slots toplay at Stake Casino include games with different volatility levels. Fruit Party has been labeled as a low volatility slot machine. Happy Riches and Bubble Bubble 2 fall in the middle ground (they are both medium volatile). As for Nine Realms, it is a high volatility game – but more on that later!

Another slot characteristic that you might find useful is its hit rate. It shows what percentage of the symbols on the reels constitute a win. For example, if a game has a 20% hit rate, it means that, on average, every fifth symbol on the reels will be related to rewarding icons.

Some providers also add information regarding a slot’s max win, which tells you how much cash you can grab in a single round. Finally, features such as free spins, wild symbols, multipliers, bonus games, and mega ways can greatly improve your odds of leaving a slot machine richer than you were before you sat down to play.

Best Slots to Play at Stake Casino – Our Top Five Picks

1. Bubbles Bonanza – 96.47% RTP | MGW Slot

Kicking off our list of the best slots at Stake Casino is Bubbles Bonanza. This awesome game was developed by and offers an exciting gaming experience. Not only does it have a fantastic RTP rate (it’s over 96%) – but it also has a Max Win GUARANTEED (MGW) prize of 2,500x your bet. On top of everything, Bubble Bonanza has five reels, ten paylines, and a ton of cool features!

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The first thing that you notice when you load up this slot is the colorful design and the cheerful tune that plays in the background. It’s clear that BGaming wanted to create a happy atmosphere where anyone could come and . The theme is very bubble-related, of course – you will see a lot of those round, soap-based objects on the reels, as well as additional symbols such as stars, 7s, lemons, oranges, pitchers, diamonds, and clams.

In terms of gameplay, Bubbles Bonanza is pretty straightforward. There are wilds, scatters, and free spins to keep you entertained – and the action seems to never stop. Another cool feature is the Buy Bonus option, which allows you to purchase free spins rounds whenever you want. Of course, this feature is only available in certain jurisdictions – but it’s good to know that it exists.

Our experience with Bubbles Bonanza was a positive one overall. We triggered the free spin round once, and the action seemed to flow naturally. Granted, we didn’t manage to hit the 2,500x MGW during our test run – but that’s not to say that it’s not possible. In fact, if you hit the maximum win amount, you’ll score a reward of up to 3 BTC/ EUR/ USD/ mBTC/ CAD/ NZD/ UKC. Not bad at all! 

RTP: 96.47%

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Volatility: N/A

Max Win: 2,500x (guaranteed max win)

Features: Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Buy Bonus

2. Happy Riches – 96% RTP | Progressive Jackpot Slot

If you’re looking for the best slots to play at Stake Casino, we wholeheartedly recommend Happy Riches. This awesome is brought to us by none other than Provisionagging Software – and believe us when we say that this game is truly magical. With cartoonish visuals, a soothing soundtrack, and dozens of features, Happy Riches promises to keep you entertained for hours on end.

The reel grid is pretty standard, featuring six rows, four reels, and 20 paylines. You will encounter a variety of symbols during your journey through this slot paradise – from lucky horseshoes and four-leaf clovers to gold pots filled with loot, rainbows, and all sorts of numbered tiles. The last ones hide the in-game bonuses, so keep your fingers crossed and spin those reels!

Happy Riches comes with quite a few special features. For starters, there are golden keys that unlock the mystery chests (tiles with question marks on them). These bonuses can award you with extra wilds, multiplies, or free spins. Speaking of free spins, you can get up to twenty of them by landing tile no. 20 on your reels. During the free spin mode, an additional multiplier of x3 will be added to your prizes! Pretty sweet, right?

But the main reason why Happy Riches qualifies as one of the best slots on Stake Casino is the progressive jackpot. Yes, you’ve read that correctly – this slot offers a chance for you to win BIG. Tile no. 15 hides four different jackpots (from smallest to biggest: pink Silver, green Gold, blue Platinum, and red Diamond): Mini, Major, Super, and Mega. Land three or more of these tiles to enter the jackpot bonus game – and who knows, maybe you’ll be the lucky winner!

RTP: 96%

Volatility: N/A

Max Win: Progressive Jackpot

Features: Wilds, Mystery Chests, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpot

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3. Nine Realms – 96% RTA | High Volatility Norse Mythology Slot

Do you like high variance slots? Then Nine Realms is the perfect choice for you! Created by ReelPlay, this awesome game can be found in the staken best slots collection under the “hot titles” section. And trust us, it deserves to be there – with its excellent graphics, awesome audio track, and cool gameplay elements, Nine Realms promises to give you Godly rewards in a matter of seconds!

First things first: let’s talk setting. Nine Realms takes place in Norse mythology, with figures such as Odin, Thor, Loki, Freya, Heimdallr, and others making appearances throughout the game. Each of the nine realms (get it?) is represented by a different character – and landing full stacks of symbols on adjacent reels will allow you to activate that realm’s power. Cool, right?

The visual effects in Nine Realms are top-notch. Every symbol looks amazing, with details that really pop out at you. The audio track is also quite nice, consisting of heavy guitar riffs and epic choirs that contribute to the God-like feeling you get while spinning the reels. Overall, the experience is awesome – but would we expect anything less from ?

Of course, the best way to judge a slot is not by its appearance or its audio effects. No – the true test is in the actual gameplay. And we are pleased to inform you that Nine Realms passes with flying colors. True to its nature as one of the best high variance slots out there, this game offers huge rewards… but you will have to work for them.

We played with $0.20 per spin for around ten minutes – and while we didn’t win big, that’s not to say that it’s not possible. In fact, if you land the game’s bonus Reel Modifier feature, chances are that you will leave the game richer than you came. Will you get Godly rewards? Only if you !

RTP: 96%

Volatility: High

Max Win: Over 10,000x

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Features: Reel Modifiers, Symbol Transformations, Multipliers, High Variance Gameplay

4. Christmas Joker Upgrade – 96.3% RTP | Medium Volatility Christmas-Themed Slot

Who says you can’t play Christmas-themed slots in April? We say you can – and you should! After all, it’s never the wrong time to enjoy Thunderkick’s awesome Christmas Joker Upgrade – which, by the way, is one of the best 2023 has to offer!

The first thing that catches your eye when loading up this game is... Everything, really. From the snowy background to the jolly sounds and the Christmas-styled symbols – everything feels cozy and warm, reminding you of the winter holidays. You will see cherries, oranges, watermelons, bells, and joker heads of different colors. It’s a classic setup, sure – but it works.

The game itself is pretty simple. You have three reels, three rows, and five paylines. You can manually select how many bet lines you want to use – or you can just click on the Bet Max button and hope for the best. We don’t recommend doing that unless you’re prepared to take the consequences.

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Each symbol in Christmas Joker Upgrade can upgrade to a higher-paying one after a respin. Joker heads, for example, can level up into Wilds, Doubles, or Trebles. When all five symbols on a bet line upgrade to the same type, you win the corresponding prize.

is a medium volatility slot machine. This means that, although the wins might not come around too frequently, they will be worth the wait. We played with $0.10 per spin for about five minutes – and although we didn’t hit any big combos, two decent rounds kept us afloat.

Christmas Joker Upgrade is a fun game that we highly recommend. Not only is it great to look at and listen to – but it also has good stats! With an RTP rate of 96.3% and a max win of 600 times your bet, this slot can provide you with some joyous rewards. Just remember not to Bet Max unless you feel absolutely confident!

RTP: 96.3%

Volatility: Medium

Max Win: 600x

Features: Respins, Symbol Upgrades, Wilds, Multipliers

5. Bubble Bubble 2 – 95.87% RTP | Medium Volatility Bubble-Themed Slot

rounded up in style – and we love it. This awesome release has six reels, five rows, and 50 fixed paylines. It also boasts an RTP rate of 95.87% and includes dozens of features that will keep you entertained for days.

The theme, as the name implies, revolves around bubbles. You will see pink, orange, lime, blue, white, and purple bubblesscatter over the reels, along with additional symbols such as cats holding brooms, black cats, potion bottles, crystals balls, and letters. Oh, and don’t forget about Raquel Trábolsinieri, the sexy witch that stars in this slot – she is the wild card that you will want to see the most!

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There are plenty of bonuses in Bubble Bubble 2. For instance, if you land three or more scatter symbols (the pink bubble with the “Bonus” tag), you will trigger the Popping Potions feature. Here, you will be taken to a new screen where you get to pop balloons for rewards – the more scatter symbols that triggered the bonus, the more turns you get!

Black Cat Collading Wilds is another cool feature included in Bubble Bubble 2. It is activated when the “No Worries” spirit symbol (a black cat) appears on reel 3. That spirit will expand and become a wild card, holding the position for that round’s remaining spins. Additionally, extra wilds may appear on reels 2, 4, and 5 – but only if the spirit makes eye contact with them!

Finally, we have the Win-Win feature. Basically, this option is unlocked if your bonus wins do not exceed 10x your bet. Depending on how unlucky you’ve been, you will either get a loss refund, a consolation prize, or a random prize that ranges between 10x and 20x your wager.

Like the first Bubble Bubble slot, this sequel also offers a Random Features Trigger. It gives you a choice between three bonus options (out of a total of eleven different ones) at the beginning of the free spins modes. The features are called Great Ghost Award, Secret Spell Surprise, and Wild Duplication Ingredient – and they can award you with up to 33 free spins, expanded wilds, extra wilds, Win Multipliers, and Prize Substitutions.

We enjoyed our time with Bubble Bubble 2 slot online – but then again, how could we not? It’s got bubbles, witches, cats, and prizes! Make sure to try it out at Stake Casino!

RTP: 95.87%

Volatility: Medium

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Max Win: Several Bonus Features

Features: Wilds, Scatters, Bonus Symbols, Free Spins, Win-Win Feature, Random Features Trigger

More Top Stake Casino Slots Worth Trying

Our best slots to play at Stake Casino list includes six awesome releases. But that’s not to say that Bubbles Bonanza, Happy Riches, Nine Realms, Christmas Joker Upgrade, Bubble Bubble 2, and the other games on this page are the only titans in the provider’s library. No – Stake Casino slots are abundant, and we encourage you to check them all out!

For instance, if you enjoy high variance titles that can award you with massive prizes, we recommend Primate King. Created by PG SOFT, this slot is set in the heart of the African forest – with gorillas, elephants, leopards, crocodiles, and other fauna acting as symbols on the reels. Besides looking incredible, this game offers a ton of features – from sticky wilds and free spin rounds to multipliers and instant prize awards. Want to know more about this title? Then go ahead and read our thorough here.

What if you’re in the mood for something Christmas-related, though? Well, we’ve got the perfect slot for you: Santa vs Rudolph by BGaming. This awesome holiday release is a Christmas-themed slot with a twist: Santa and Rudolph are fighting, with gifts and presents serving as weapons. The artwork is hilarious (our favorite is when Santa throws a Christmas pudding at Rudolph’s face), and the audio is even better – with a metal version of Jingle Bells playing in the background. Of course, this slot offers tons of features as well, including free spins, multipliers, wilds, scatters, and instant prize awards. Hit the link above to learn more!

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Last but not least, we want to talk about Dragon & Phoenix, another excellent PG SOFT title that could easily be considered among the best staked best slots out there. The story goes like this: the Dragon wants to impress the Phoenix, so he decides to showcase his riches – and this is where you come in. By matching various Asian-style symbols on the reels (think dragons, phoenixes, vases, lanterns, and so forth), you get to help the Dragon impress the Phoenix – and hopefully, you will be impressed as well thanks to the enormous prizes that this slot offers!

Dragon & Phoenix is a low volatile slot that offers plenty of rewards on a daily basis. However, even if you don’t hit the max win (800x your bet), you will still enjoy the experience immensely – the gameplay is smooth, the visual effects are beautiful, and the audio track is spot on. Definitely give it a try!

Stake Casino – The Place to Be!

By now, you should have a pretty clear idea of what the best slots to play at Stake Casino are. Of course, we don’t expect you to go ahead and try them all right this instance – that’s saved for the weekends!

The truth is that all these games are awesome and deserve to be tested thoroughly. Luckily, they can all be found on Stake Casino’s slot selection – arguably one of the best collections out there.

Stake Casino is a that has been online since February 2017. Backed by industry veterans with decades of experience, this platform aims to deliver the best gaming experience possible by offering an extensive portfolio of slots, a first deposit bonus of 250% up to $50,000 (or 0.06 BTC, 50,000 USDT, 50,000 USDC, 50,000 AUD, 50,000 CAD, 10,000 BTC, 10,000 EUR, 10,000 USD, or 5,000 mBTC), weekly bonus rewards, weekly cashback, daily tasks, weekly tournaments, a VIP program, fast withdrawals, and excellent customer service.

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To learn more about this platform, go ahead and check out our detailed . Trust us when we say that Stake Casino is the place to be for any slot fanatic out there – so waste no time and go visit it now!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Staked Best Slots

It’s time for our FAQ section! As usual, we tried our best to address the most pressing questions about Stake Casino and the five best slots to play on its platform. Remember that, if your query is left unanswered, you can always reach out to directly!

👑 Which are the best staked best slots?

There are many awesome slot machines out there – but only a handful can be considered the . Created by BGaming, this is a medium voltage release with a fantastic RTP rate, lots of features, and the chance to win up to 2,500 times your max bet as a guaranteed prize. Happy Riches also brings another exciting option: a progressive jackpot! Its visual effects are not as impressive as Christmas Joker Upgrade's, but its gameplay is superb.

🎁 Where can I play the best staked best slots?

Now that you know what the best slots to play at Stake Casino are, the next step is finding a reliable platform where you can actually enjoy them. Fortunately, all six games listed in this guide can be found at Stake Casino! This is one of the world’s top , boasting an extensive collection of slots, juicy bonuses, fast support, and much more.

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🤔 How to choose the best slot games at Stake Casino?

With so many awesome titles to pick from, choosing the best slots to play at Stake Casino might seem like a daunting task. Use the following tips to help you out: always play slots from reputable developers (PG SOFT, Bgaming, ReelPlay, Thunderkick); check the RTP%, volatility, and bonus features; and, finally, make sure the game is actually fun to play!

⭐ What are the most popular staked best slots?

The five best staked best slots presented in this guide are also some of the most popular titles currently available online. Why is that? Well, Bubbles Bonanza, Happy Riches, Nine Realms, Christmas Joker Upgrade, Bubble Bubble 2, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ER appeal to players due to their awesome visual effects, cool features, and excellent gameplay. Try them out and you'll understand what we're talking about!

🏆 How do I play slots on Stake Casino?

Playing slots on is extremely easy. First, make sure you have an account: join the platform, verify your data, and claim your welcome bonus. Now, open the site and click on the “Slots” tab located on the left sidebar. Browse through the hundreds of games available, click on the title you wish to play, wait for it to load, and start betting! Don’t forget to set your own bet limit before you start spinning.

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