Special Discussion with Ayurvedic Doctors

A special discussion about problems of Ayurvedic Hospitals of the Northern Province and the Ayurvedic Doctors was held on 28th of June 2021 at 11 am at Governor’s Secretariat under the Chairmanship of Governor of the Northern Province Hon. Mrs.P.S.M Charles. The Secretary to the Governor and Ayurvedic Doctors were also present at the Discussion.

Several matters including the lack of basic facilities in the functioning Hospitals, issues in the Service minute and the Personnel problems were portrayed by the Ayurvedic Doctors at the discussion. While commenting on the discussion, Hon.Governor pointed out that traditional food habits and life style are becoming extremely rare among the public due to the shortcomings in the services of Department of Ayurvedic. Thus, advised the respective authorities to encourage the villagers to make herbal garden,  activities like online marketing, exhibitions and conducting awareness programs through Community Medical Officers to screen the Non-communicable diseases in order to provide the value of Ayurvedic.

Further, Hon.Governor instructed the authorities to make the arrangements to access natural perfumes and powders by the younger generation and advised authorities to work with Famous companies to increase the productivity.

Further, Hon.Governor directed the authorities to submit the proposals of Department of Ayurvedic for the year 2022 and instructed them to implement mobile services.