Special discussion on the usage of organic fertilizer in the production of Maga.

Special discussion on implementing the usage of Organic Fertilizer in the field of Agriculture to ensure the right of the people to access non-toxic foods affirmed in the National Policy Framework ‘’The Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” was held on 21st of June  2021 at 2 pm at Governor’s Secretariat under the Chairmanship of Governor of the Northern Province Hon.Mrs.P.S.M Charles. The Chief Secretary of Northern Province, the secretary to the Governor, and Heads of the Agriculture Departments within Northern Province also participated in this discussion.

While commenting on the discussion, the Hon. Governor emphasized that a proper plan should be implemented, as it is vital to engage in organic farming at this juncture to produce a healthy citizenry. Identify the suitable organic fertilizer for the soil and to encourage the farmer’s involvement on it, providing necessary trainings and granting financial assistance were also discussed in detail.

Further, Hon. Governor advised the respective authorities to make collaborative effort with the farmers, and instructed them to identify the organic measures to control the weed and pests in the farming land and to submit the report on the feasibility of applying them. Hon. Governor suggested that wastage should be categorized by the General Public before the collection done by Local Government and also discussed regarding the amount of fertilizer that can be generated and the amount to be distributed. In addition to that, Hon. Governor instructed the authorities  to encourage the farmers engaged in generating organic fertilizers and advised the them  to Carry out awareness programmes through media, hand-outs and by attractive sign boards.

Furthermore, purchasing machineries to generate organic fertilizer and the financial assistance were discussed in detail and Hon.Governor instructed to obtain the opinions of the staff representing Department of Irrigation while taking decisions regarding Agriculture as there is an inter-connection between Water management and Agriculture.