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While it may not be Vegas or Atlantic City, there are some great South Carolina casinos. While most of these are focused on the lottery and bingo, there are a couple that offer a more Las Vegas experience.

What is the one requirement for a casino? Usually, it's table games and slot machines. Unfortunately, you won't find many South Carolina casinos that fit this description. There are a few lottery options as well as American Indian casinos in SC that will be opening soon.

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It's disappointing South Carolina’s governor doesn’t see the economic benefits casinos can have. It seems he’s worried about a small number of people becoming addicted to gambling. Whether his constituents would prefer a buoyant economy rather than his misguided altruism is up for debate.

It looks like we might see some action in the near future, but it won’t be much. There are two Native American casinos set to open at some point this year.

If you can’t wait for those to open, there are a handful of South Carolina casino options for you. If you want to play at the top offshore online casino in the Palmetto State right now, .

South Carolina Gambling Laws

Before we get into the ins and outs of casinos in South Carolina, let’s look at the laws. As it stands, the only forms of legal South Carolina gambling are bingo, the lottery, and raffles.

There are some caveats to that statement, which I’ll explain in a moment.

Any other form of gambling is technically illegal. That includes casinos, sports betting, poker, and horseracing.

Of course, there are a few loopholes to these South Carolina gambling laws.

You can make your way to any of the South Carolina Indian casinos, which will surely confuse some out-of-staters.

If you’re wondering if daily and office pools are legal, they are. Your fantasy sports illegality worries were also answered with a big “naw, them’s LEGAL.”

The real kicker here is social gaming. You and your buddies can get together and gamble to your heart’s content.

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Unless you’re doing it for money. Don’t do it for money. That’s basically the crux of South Carolina’s Funny Money Use Act of 2004.

The “No Real Gambling” Exception

It’s almost word for word like this.

“Money and things of value given as gifts or prizes on one occasion to individuals on an infrequent basis are not included.”

That means you can gift someone fake money or prizes as long as you don’t make a business out of it.

So, technically all of these South Carolina casinos are breaking the law. That said, none of them have had any issues thus far.

I imagine that would change should they decide to bring out the poker chips and card tables.

As we speak, lawmakers are considering changing the state constitution to allow forms of gambling. A referendum needs to take place before it becomes official.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. They introduced similar bills last year, and they went absolutely nowhere.

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Even if they do become more accommodating, you’ll still be waiting for SC casinos in a worst-case scenario.

The legislators seem intent on taking advantage of charitable gaming. Other than that, they’ve shut down any talk of online betting, racinos, or casinos in South Carolina.

Taxes on South Carolina Winnings

Whether you’re visiting the best casino in South Carolina or hitting that lucky jackpot on a scratchcard, you’ll need to know about taxes.

Lottery winnings are tax-free in this state, which is nice.

All other forms of gambling are subject to state and federal taxes. The state rate is 7%, while the federal rate depends on your overall income and where the tops of those brackets are by the time you win.

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One thing to note about South Carolina gambling laws is that the person collecting the winnings is required to report them to the Department of Revenue.

That goes for businesses and individuals.

In other words, if you run a weekly poker game in your basement and fail to report the winnings to the state (and the winner), you could be in serious trouble.

I’m not here to rat you out, but the state will pounce on low-hanging fruit whenever they find it.

Be smart about how you gamble for money in South Carolina.

Cities With Casinos in South Carolina

Where are the best casinos in South Carolina?

That’s tough to say because only a few truly fit the definition. If you’re looking for slots and table games, your options are limited.

Not only that, all of the “big” casinos in SC are clustered around the same area.

Cue up Bananaphone, folks.

The cities with casinos in South Carolina are:

  • Conway
  • Myrtle Beach
  • North Myrtle Beach
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They’re not exactly on the other side of the state from each other. In fact, North Myrtle Beach is connected to Myrtle Beach, so they’re essentially the same city.

Conway isn’t too far away, either.

If you visit the best casino in South Carolina, it’ll look somewhat like a conventional establishment. However, it won’t have the full selection of offerings you’d find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Now that we know the cities with casinos in South Carolina, let’s look at the top South Carolina casinos.

Top South Carolina Casinos

Yes, I’m aware that there aren’t very many South Carolina casino gaming locations. Still, I don’t like misleading you, so I’ll continue referring to them as casinos in SC.

Most of them are bingo halls that operate like casinos in other states. One is an authentic American Indian casino, while the others are located on property leased to specific organizations.

Here are the top South Carolina casinos.

1. Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino

  • Location : Hallandale Beach
  • State : Florida
  • Turned Down Building Because It’s Ugly : :

If you’re looking for the best SC casino, this is it.

Well, it’s not in South Carolina. Unless you have a problem with a two-hour drive, however, I’d be shocked if you decided not to come here because of it.

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It’s also somewhat close to the Florida casinos, so maybe don’t get attached.

At any rate, Gulfstream Park is an excellent location for all forms of gambling. Not only does it have one of the best races for the Sprint, but it also has slots, live poker, table games, and sports betting.

SC is one of , so this is the best workaround at the moment.

There are usually major tournaments for ETX and SLS, as well as daily tournaments for 1/1 and 1/5.

The racebook is also first-rate. Every track in the United States and plenty from around the world are accounted for. You can even bet on greyhound racing here, which is harder to find than you’d think.

The sportsbook has everything featured at the track, as well as occasional rebates and bet and stay deals.

Once you get done betting on other people’s money, you can put your own where your mouth is.

Table games include blackjack, pai gow, Spanish 21, and Texas Hold’em. There are also mid-stakes and high-stakes poker rooms.

Low-stakes players might feel a little bit out of place, but everyone is friendly enough.

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The Gulfstream Park VIP program is another reason why this is the top South Carolina casino on my list. You can earn points toward free play, comps, and meals by simply playing your favorite games.

2. Creek Road Corner Store

  • Location: Conway
  • Bingo Machines:** : 80

Is Creek Road Corner Store the best casino in Conway SC?

It’s hard to say, but it is the biggest. With 80 bingo machine spots, it has ample room for you and all of your new friends.

The menu isn’t extensive, but it gets the job done. You can grab a cheeseburger, corn dog, nachos, and a variety of other snacks. They also have fountain drinks, coffee, tea, water, and a decent beer selection.

This is one of the South Carolina Indian casinos that will be opening soon.

God’s Country Casino is owned and operated by the Santee Sioux Nation of Nebraska. The tribe purchased the land in 2020, giving them sovereignty in the matter.

They plan to build a full-on casino with restaurants, hotels, spas, and everything else you’d expect from a first-class establishment.

It could be the best South Carolina casino by this time next year.

3. Crown Auto Sales & Bingo

  • Location: Conway
  • Bingo Ball Markers : 6
  • Jell-O Shots Made Onsite : Sometimes 
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Welcome to the best casino near me in SC. Well, it’s one of a few, anyway.

This is essentially a used car lot with a large bingo hall out back.

While that doesn’t sound appealing, dozens of glowing Google reviews suggest otherwise. People love the call booths, friendly staff, and reasonable prices on quality vehicles.

As for the bingo, there are sessions every day starting at 1 p.m. There are three late sessions per week that start at 6:30 p.m., and they accept walk-ins.

You can smoke Jell-O shooters made by hot chicks in teeny-tiny shorts and bingo cards while listening to hair metal from 1986.

It’s like you’re 16 again – except you can’t legally drink, and you have actual responsibilities now.

Still, this is one of the better South Carolina family casinos.

You can bring the wife, kids, grandma, dog, and cat. Although I don’t recommend bringing the cat; it probably wouldn’t enjoy bingo, and it would freak out all the old ladies.

4/5. River City Bingo & Lounge

  • Location: North Myrtle Beach
  • Bingo Session Points to Win Jackpot: 46
  • Bingos Per Week: 18
  • Location: Myrtle Beach
  • Bingo Session Points to Win Jackpot: 55
  • Bingos Per Week: 19
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Tying for fourth on the list of best South Carolina casinos is River City Bingo & Lounge.

OK, OK, so it’s not really a tie. One has higher point jackpot bingos (55) than the others, but all sessions require at least 46 to win the jackpot. There are 18 sessions at the Conway casino, while you can choose from 19 at the Myrtle Beach location.

Wait a minute…​those are the same numbers. Something fishy is going on here.

I’m guessing River City Bingo & Lounge took over Cabana Bar & Grill, keeping the same bingo schedule. Either that or they’re twins separated at birth who grew up to run identical bingo operations.

You can play bingo at noon and 6:00 p.m. most days at both locations. They also have later sessions on weekends and special occasions.

Are these the top South Carolina casino gaming locations? Nope. Are they the closest thing we have right now? Yep.

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If you’re wondering what kind of prizes you’re playing for, that changes based on the number of cards in play. At 46 or fewer, the pot is typically a few hundred dollars. When it creeps up to the high 40s, you could be playing for more than $1,500.

Admittedly, $1,500 doesn’t sound like much when compared to Vegas or Atlantic City.

Remember, though, that the average person is not making the trip to South Carolina casinos to be a high roller. Most of them are local residents looking for a cheap thrill.

If that sounds like you, I’d recommend hitting up one or more of the best online casinos for real money.

6. Elrod’s Strike Zone Pro Shop & Bowling

  • Location: Spartanburg
  • Number of Lanes : 24
  • All You Can Bowl for an Hour: $17

Elrod’s Strike Zone Pro Shop & Bowling isn’t one of the casinos in Conway SC or anywhere else in that general vicinity. It’s worth the extra drive, though, especially if you have kids.

Not only does it have a great pro shop for bowlers, but it has 24 lanes for bowling.

For just $17, you can get unlimited bowling for an hour. Shoe rental is extra, but it’s totally worth it.

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Sure, you can go barefoot if you want. You can also pee behind a tree if the nearest bathroom is too far away, but that doesn’t make it right.

Some of the entertainment options at the top South Carolina casinos are lacking. That’s not the case here, as there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

In addition to laser tag, bowling, and an arcade, they have batting cages outside.

Kids under 6 are free, while ages 6 to 15 years old pay $4.50. Everyone over 15 is $6.50 per person.

Socks are required to play, so keep that in mind before you head over.

While it’s not a true South Carolina Indian casino resort, it’s arguably the best casino near me in SC. It’s certainly closer to Greenville and Spartanburg than any of the others.

7/8. Ameristar Vicksburg Casino Resort

  • Location: Vicksburg, Mississippi

  • Distance from Greenville, SC: 327 miles

  • Number of Rooms: 503

  • Location: Robinsonville, Mississippi

  • Distance from Spartanburg, SC: 313 miles

  • Number of Rooms: 742

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Here are the best SC casinos for people in the upper part of the state.

Ameristar Casino Hotel Vicksburg and Fredonia Casino & Hotel are owned by the same company and connected by the Riverwalk Gaming Complex. Together, they have more than 1,200 games, including slots and video poker.

You’ll also find table games, a racebook, sportsbook, and poker room.

Those aren’t the only reasons why they’re among the top South Carolina casinos, however.

Non-gamblers will be happy to know that there are plenty of other things to do in Vicksburg and Robinsonville. From spas and salons to shopping and nightlife, there’s something for everyone at Amerisrtar Vicksburg Casino Resort and Fredonia Casino & Hotel.

If you’re thinking about staying the night, there are nearly 1,300 rooms between the two properties.

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It’s important to note that Mississippi gambling laws are similar to South Carolina’s. The only difference is that their constitutional convention came up with three specific forms of gambling the people could approve or reject.

Voters greenlit riverboat gambling, cigarette excise tax, and raffles. Everything else falls under the “this looks an awful lot like a casino to me” category.

With that in mind, don’t be surprised if these Mississippi casinos near South Carolina suddenly transform into a bingo parlor.

9. Virginia City Casino

  • Location: Henderson, Nevada
  • Distance from Spartanburg, SC: 1,993 miles
  • Number of Rooms: 300+
  • Distance from Conway, SC: 1,990 miles

We’re getting a little crazy here, putting a Nevada casino on a list of the top South Carolina casinos.

Stick with me, though, because this is worth your time.

Many East Coasters living near Charleston or Columbia like to visit Las Vegas casinos. The vice capital of the world is a long ways away, though, even for those that can work remote.

Virginia City Casino is one of the top online casinos for real money.

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Not only can you play slots and table games from the comfort of your home, but you can do it from your phone.

Do you remember earlier when I mentioned the Atlanta Falcons losing millions of dollars because of people’s commutes? Some folks had to drive two hours to Louisiana or Mississippi to go gambling, returning home before dawn.

That’s not a problem with Virginia City Casino, of course. It’s also not an issue if you’re gutting it in Conway. But if you live in the boondocks, say in Chester County, you’re looking at a four-plus hour round trip to hit the brick-and-mortar casinos in South Carolina.

Virginia City makes it look like child’s play. Literally.

If your commute is two, three, or four hours long, you shouldn’t be driving to Louisiana or Mississippi to gamble. It’s 2021; we should be past the idea that gambling has to be at a physical location.

That doesn’t make sense for sports that require physical contact. Poker? Yes. Blackjack? Absolutely. Bumping elbows with other gamblers at a slot machine? Hell no.

Casinos Where You Get a Free-Play Bonus Just for Signing Up

Now that we’ve established that an online casino can exist, you might be wondering which one is the best.

Virginia City gets our nod due to their wide variety of slots, table games, video poker, and more. New users can get a $100 welcome bonus and a 250% deposit boost (up to $2,500).

Naturally, they are one of the top sites for gambling on mobile devices. Their customer service team is available 24/7, and they have fast payouts. What more could you ask for? Oh! How about a detailed Virginia City Casino review?

Smokeshop Casinos in South Carolina

We’ve looked at the best casino in South Carolina and the ones nearby. While they’re fun and all, I’m left with the feeling that they’re not enough.

One of these South Carolina Indian casinos is going to be a full-fledged resort. That means slots, table games, a variety of pit games, a racebook, sportsbook, poker room, and restaurants/bars galore.

Maybe they’ll even build a sweet waterpark.

God’s Country Casino, which I previously assumed was one of the smoking pipe casinos in South Carolina, is supposed to be a full resort. The original plans were denied, but the tribe has appealed the decision.

Hopefully, we hear good news regarding those South Carolina casino gambling resorts in the coming months. Until then, we’re stuck with smokeshops and bingo halls.

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Some of you might be down with that, especially if you haven’t been allowed out of the house in years. For the rest of us, I’d fire up your mobile device and visit one of the best offshore online casinos.

Not sure which site to use? Check out our guide to the best South Carolina gambling sites.

If you’re interested in learning about other regional casino scenes, check out our guides to Baltimore casinos, Cincinnati casinos, Columbus casinos, Raleigh casinos, and Louisville casinos.


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