Free Licence

Situations of Issue

  1. Vehicles that are belonging to Sri Lanka Government or Provincial Council in Sri Lanka
  2. Vehicle which belongs to a foreign diplomat who is in Sri Lanka
  3. License Authority is Provincial Motor Traffic Department of Northern Province


  1. Registration Certificate of Vehicle or The Extract Containing Particulars of the Vehicle Issued by the Commissioner of Motor Traffic (CMT-76 or MTA-11 ) or Certified Photo Copy of C.R. Approved by Finance Organization.
  2. MTS-2 which is certified by the relevant department or institution Head
  3. Valid Vehicle Insurance Policy Certificates.
  4. Fitness Certificates for Commercial Vehicles.
  5. Valid Emission certificate
*Certificate of Insurance (not mandatory)
*MTS-2 form should be presented when doesn’t have Insurance Certificate
*MTS-2 form which should be certified by vehicle owner or any other officer/ executive for vehicle owner with seal