Best bike racks for garage - top-ranked bicycle storage in 2023

If you are a cycling enthusiast, then your garage or any other place where you keep your bike is probably not just a storage space but more like a trophy room. It’s normal to feel like that considering how beneficial bicycles can be for our health and the environment. Still, one small issue that bothers most of us (and it becomes more apparent if we keep more than two bikes) is how to organize them in the best way possible.

Besides looking cool and helping you save some precious space, good bike racks for garages also protect your two-wheelers from damage and rust by keeping them away from moisture and other elements. Another advantage is that you will be able to choose the “right bike for the right job” much faster; instead of pushing aside piles of metal frames and tires.

If you share the garage with a car, check out . We’ve got you covered!

Top Bicycle Storage Racks for Sale Reviews (2023 Updated)

Our team has been using these products for months before making up our minds about their quality, reliability, versatility, and overall value. Below, you can find detailed information on each model, including pros and cons, specs, and prices. That should make it easy for you to pick the best garage bike rack for your needs and budget.

#1 MTNRACK Stud 46 Bike Storage Rack — Editor’s Choice/Best Wall Mount Bike Rack

If you don’t have too much floor space at your disposal but still need to store four bikes safely, this product by MTNRACK might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s made of heavy-duty materials (solid steel, coated with corrosion-resistant powder), comes with all the hardware necessary for installation, and offers around 15 inches between the bikes, providing easy access to each of them.

Installing this garage wall mount bike rack doesn’t require any special tools or drilling skills, as it can be fixed with common household hardware. According to the manufacturer, its weight capacity equals 2080 pounds, which means that each bike shouldn’t exceed 520 lbs.

In terms of customization options, you should know that there are two color schemes to choose from and that the distance between the studs is adjustable (from 12 to 16 inches on center). That makes this product suitable for storing different types of bikes (including kids’ models).

In case you change something in your garage’s layout or decide to move to a new house, you should be glad to know that MTN Products offer a Lifetime Pro-rated Transferrable Warranty on this item. Also, many customers pointed out that they received excellent after-sales service from this company.


  • Solid steel construction, coated with corrosion-resistant epoxy
  • Simple DIY installation; no professional tools required
  • Can accommodate four bikes without sticking out too much
  • Reasonably priced; excellent quality/price ratio
  • 2 color schemes & adjustable stud distance
  • Comes with all needed bolts & anchors
  • Backed up by a reliable warranty & customer support


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  • Not the best choice if your bikes are very heavy

The first spot in our top goes to the MTNRACK Stud 46, which we consider to be the currently available. It’s well-built, affordable, and offers plenty of features, including adjustable studs that can accommodate bikes of various sizes. The fact that it comes with a solid warranty is also a big plus.

#2 Gladiator GAR025 Garage Bike Storage Rack — Best Horizontal Bike Rack for Garage

This product by Gladiator can hold up to four bikes vertically but with a horizontal orientation that keeps the tires and seats from collecting dust. In our opinion, that’s its main highlight and the primary reason why it could be the best horizontal bike rack for garage spaces.

Moreover, the tires won’t lose inflation due to being off the ground, and you will avoid scratches/grease stains on white walls. Each arm of this accessory can support up to 50lbs, and the whole unit measures 37.25 x 11.25 x 9.25 inches, so it won’t jut out too much from the wall.

You can install the GAR025 close to the ceiling or lower, depending on your height and the number of bicycles you want to put there. Gladiator recommends having at least 18 inches of clearance under the rack for safety reasons. A pack of anchor screws is included in the package, while the rest of the hardware is threaded into the bracket for assembly.

Most buyers were satisfied by Gladiator’s bike hanger’s performance, but there were also some complaints concerning its durability and the necessity of using a stud finder during the setup. Still, we believe that this product provides an optimal balance between price, features, and efficiency.


  • Holds four bikes horizontally to protect tires/seats
  • Simple installation with included anchor screws
  • Takes up little vertical space; leaves room to walk
  • Affordable price & good build quality
  • Allows positioning according to your preferences
  • Doesn’t let the bikes touch & collect dust
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  • Some customers had issues with the plastic parts

If you share your garage with another person and both of your bikes can fit Gladiator’s GAR025, that would definitely simplify storing and taking them out. Its horizontal design is among its most significant advantages and helps preserve the condition of your wheels.

#3 Wallgrace Bike Lift Ceiling Mount Storage Hoist — Best Motorized Bike Lift/Elevator

Many garages aren’t large enough to accommodate numerous bikes without cluttering the available space. That’s when a motorized lift can come in handy, raising your two-wheelers above the ground and freeing up some valuable room. This electric bike hoist by Wallgrace can lift up to 154 pounds (two bikes up to 77 lbs each) and features a reliable chain drive mechanism.

Its maximum lifting height is 10.24 feet, while the grab bar allows you to load/unload your vehicles safely. Other components included in the package are an remote control, an AC adapter, and ceiling mounting hardware.

For best results, the manufacturer advises installing this bike lift onto a solid surface like a concrete ceiling or a wooden beam reinforced with metal plates. You should also leave around 24x33 inches of space for operating this device.

Although this product costs more than most others in this category, it’s still one of the more affordable motorized bike lifts currently offered online. Most customers seem pleased with its performance, but there have also been some complaints about the chain jumping tracks or breaking soon after purchase.


  • Electric chain hoist allows safe & effortless lifting
  • Maximum lifting capacity of 154 lbs (2 bikes @77 lbs)
  • Remote control operation & automatic closing trolley
  • Relatively quiet & smooth; doesn’t shake too much
  • Good quality for the price
  • Includes necessary hardware for mounting


  • The chain may require regular lubrication

If money isn’t a problem, the Wallgrace Bike Lift could be the best bike hoist for your garage. It’s fast, efficient, and spares you the trouble of struggling beneath heavy vehicles. With this gadget, you can park two motorcycles, mopeds, or standard bicycles without mixing them up or creating chaotic clutter.

#4 IKELT Floor-Leaning Bike Rack — Best Leaner for Two Bicycles

This simple yet practical accessory by iKelt can hold two adult bicles or three smaller ones. Each tire rests against clear plastic cones that provide adequate grip and prevent slipping. The frame leans against the wall, freeing up floor space and allowing quick access to your vehicles.

According to the seller, its maximum weight capacity amounts to 80 lbs per bike, while the total dimensions are 25.6x5x13.8 inches. This product is made of sturdy tubular steel and can be assembled in less than five minutes without using any tools.

Many buyers appreciated the IKELT Leaner’s simplicity and affordability. Its transparent cylinders look modern and don’t leave marks on your bike’s tires. However, some customers complained that the plastic parts were too hard and could damage the rubber if you’re not careful when parking the bike.


  • Simple design that holds two bikes against the wall
  • Transparent cones provide a secure grip for the tires
  • Made of thick tubular steel for long-lasting use
  • Quick tool-free assembly; fits most bike frames
  • More affordable than many freestanding racks
  • Ships fast & packaged neatly


  • The plastic grips may feel too firm at first

If you seek a budget-friendly option among leaner bike racks, the IKELT Floor-Leaning accessory could satisfy your demands. Its construction seems robust, and the clear cones look more stylish than opaque rubber parts. That’s perhaps one of the most straightforward ways to organize two bikes indoors without spending too much.

#5 Feedback Sports E2 Expedition Bike Storage Rack — Best Travel Bike Rack for Garage

This collapsible accessory by Feedback Sports can be used to store two bicycles outside of the season or take with you on longer journeys. Its weight is only 11 lbs, while its external dimensions (when open) are 56x12x14 inches. You can hang two full-sized mountain bikes or road machines on it without worrying about scratches, dings, or other forms of damage.

Each arm is coated with a protective nylon sleeve and features a ratchet wheel with soft plastic-covered lever for tightening. When not in use, this rack can be folded flat for easier transportation or vertical wall storage. It comes with two straps for securing the tires and a lifetime warranty against defects.

Customers agree that Feedback Sport’s product is one of the best travel bike racks money can buy. Its sleek profile takes up little space in the trunk, and its sturdy construction ensures maximum safety for your prized possessions. Even though it’s not the cheapest model out there, its high ratings speak volumes about its quality.


  • Collapsible design for easy transport & vertical storage
  • Protective nylon sleeves for the bike frames
  • Soft ratchet wheel with tire straps included
  • Lightweight yet capable of holding hefty bikes
  • Great value for the price; backed up by a warranty


  • One customer reported issues with the ratcheting mechanism

If you need a portable bike rack for garages, sheds, or camping trips, the Feedback Sports E2 Expedition could be an ideal solution. It combines durability, convenience, and portability in a single package. We highly recommend checking it out!

#6 Wallhangz 4 Pack Bike Hooks — Best Wall Mount Bike Hooks

Not all of us own several bikes; maybe you share one with your partner or children. However, it’s always better to store such vehicles vertically, away from dirt, dust, and humidity. These four hooks by Wallhangz can be installed on any wall made of wood, sheetrock, cement, brick, etc. (with the help of anchors provided in the set.) They are designed to support up to 44 lbs per piece, so you can park virtually any type of bike without worries.

The distance between the mounting holes is 7.87 inches, leaving enough room between the hooks. Their body is constructed of solid steel and coated with black powder for enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion. Each package includes four S hook designs for added versatility.

A vast majority of clients were delighted to receive such a simple yet effective product that changed the way they relate to their bicycles. The Wallhangz hooks are easy to install and can be removed whenever you want to take a ride in the park. Several users even mounted them horizontally to create a minimalist display of their favorite two-wheelers.


  • Set of four sturdy hooks for vertical bike storage
  • Suitable for various types of walls; simple setup
  • Black powder coat provides anti-rust protection
  • Reasonable price for a four-pack; great value
  • Ideal for tight spaces where floor space is limited
  • Can be removed quickly for riding


  • The paint might chip off after a while
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Perhaps the Wallhangz 4 Pack offers the best bike storage hook solution for anyone seeking a cost-effective method of organizing their bikes. Its hooks are tough, versatile, and can enhance the looks of your garage or apartment. They may not be works of art, but they get the job done!

#7 Perfection Global PFCG200 Heavy Duty Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift — Best Budget Motorized Bike Lift

If you liked the concept of a motorized bike lift but didn’t want to spend a fortune on the Wallgrace model, here’s a cheaper alternative by Perfection Global. It uses a chains drivetrain powered by a strong motor that can raise up to 100 lbs (150 lbs for a short period) and Features an automatic closing trolley with nylon-coated hooks for a better grip.

That bike elevator can be operated via the included wireless controller from distances of up to 33 ft. Its maximum lifting height is 10’, while the chain is protected by a rubber cover to minimize noise levels. You can install this product onto a solid surface like a concrete ceiling or a wooden beam reinforced with metal plates.

Of course, you should read the instructions carefully before attempting to assemble and mount this device. Some customers mentioned encountering difficulties with the chain falling off track or requiring frequent lubrication. Still, judging by the overall feedback, the PFCG200 offers an excellent price/quality ratio.


  • Affordable price for an electric chain bike hoist
  • Capable of lifting up to 100 lbs (ceiling mounting kit included)
  • Quiet operation & wireless remote control
  • Nylon-coated hooks for a better grasp of the frame
  • Decent build quality & customer service


  • The manual could be more intuitive/detailed

Can’t decide whether the Wallgrace Bike Lift is worth every penny? Check out this cheaper alternative by Perfection Global and see if it meets your requirements. Although none is perfect, this motorized hoist seems to offer an excellent value for the cash.

#8 YARDGUARD LP500D Bicycle Storage Ramp — Best Garage Bike Ramp

Maybe none of the previous models seemed appealing because your garage is too far from the car portal or has a steep incline. In such situations, a ramp could come in handy, allowing you to roll your bike indoors without struggling or sweating excessively. This product by YardGuard can support up to 150 lbs and features a textured non-slip surface for added safety.

Each side of the ramp measures 32 inches, and its total thickness is 19.25”. You can purchase it in six colors: red, blue, green, gray, yellow, and black. This accessory is made of heavy-duty PVC material that won’t scratch your vehicle’t tires or leave streaks.

Many customers were happy to find such a sturdy and compact ramp at an affordable price. Its foldable design allows storing it underneath the car or somewhere else when not in use. Cleaning it is also incredibly easy thanks to the non-porous surface devoid of nuts, bolts, and crevices.

Still, several buyers reported issues with the plastic connectors separating under pressure or after a few months of intensive usage. If you plan to carry heavy motorcycles uphill, it might be wiser to opt for a beefier ramp or a bike lift.


  • Lightweight & foldable bike ramp for garages
  • Textured surface prevents slipping & scratching
  • Available in six colors to match your style
  • Won’t rust or corrode over time; easy to clean
  • Reasonably priced & backed up by a warranty
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  • The connectors could be stronger

A ramp could be the easiest way to load your bike onto the car’s trunk or a motorized lift without risking injuries or damaging the frame. This product by YardGuard seems competitively priced and well-suited for everyday use in residential garages.

#9 Steadyrack Classic 2 Bike Garage Storage Rack — Best Bike Storage Rack for Garage with Sloped Ceiling

Do you have a sloping ceiling but would still like to install a bike rack on it? Maybe the Steadyrack Classic could help you solve that problem. This accessory can hold up to two bicycles and swivels automatically to follow the contour of the wall. Its arms feature soft rubber grippers that avoid scratching the frame and allow tilting the bikes outward at 15 degrees.

According to the manufacturer, its weight capacity equals 44–55 lbs per bike and compatible with 2" and 3" tube diameters. Installation is said to be simple and requires only two bolts or screws. An instructional video is also available on the official website to guide you through the process.

Clients seem generally pleased with the Steadyrack Classic’s performance and innovative design. Its swivel mechanism allows storing larger bikes without hitting the ceiling or each other. Besides, it adds a futuristic touch to your interior, resembling a UFO docking station or a secret agent’s hi-tech gadget.

However, you should remember that this product is more expensive than most straight bike racks for garages and may not be compatible with certain types of frames or roof angles. Moreover, some customers remarked that its finish was prone to chipping or fading.


  • Unique swivel bike rack for curved ceilings
  • Automatic following of wall contours; simple install
  • Rubber grippers avoid scratching the frames
  • Outward tilt allows easy access to the bikes
  • Futuristic design; can store larger models
  • Compatible with most standard bicycles


  • More expensive than straight racks

Can your garage’s ceiling dance the salsa or at least feature a slight inclination? In that case, the Steadyrack Classic could become your favorite two-wheeler storage device, combining functionality with originality. True, it costs more than traditional products, but its swiveling mechanism compensates for that drawback.

#10 Feedback Sports Echo XL Bike Storage Rack — Best Wall Mount Bike Rack for Road Bikes

Some people prefer road bikes to mountain models because they are lighter, more aerodynamic, and adapted to traveling on paved surfaces. However, not all wall-mounted racks can accommodate such vehicles because their frames are usually more narrow. The Echo XL by Feedback Sports is an exception, designed to store road machines with wheels measuring 650b, 700c, or 29” in diameter.

Each arm features a ratchet system with a lever and soft plastic covers that reduce the risk of damage. The distance between the centers is 11”, while the maximum reach is 29”. This product can hold bicycles weighing up to 44 lbs apiece. It comes with two straps for securing the front wheels.

We found that most customers were thrilled to discover such a clever solution for those who can’t stand their road bikes leaning against the wall. The Feedback Sports Echo XL can make better use of vertical space while sparing you the hassle of cleaning dust off the frames. Its price tag is also considered reasonable compared to similar accessories.

Nevertheless, some buyers complained that these racks left marks on their rims or required more space between the arms to fit wider tires. Make sure to measure your bike’s width before ordering and compare it with the seller’s specifications.


  • Designed for road bikes with 650b, 700c, or 29” wheels
  • Ratchet arms with soft covers to prevent scratches
  • Compact design saves floor space in small rooms
  • Easy to install on any wall; great customer service
  • Reasonably priced and backed up by a lifetime warranty
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  • The straps could be longer for plus-size tires

Having limited square footage at your disposal shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your road bike without seeing it all the time. The Feedbage Sports Echo XL could be the most convenient bike wall rack for such cases, offering a secure grip and a reasonable price.

How to Choose the Right Bike Rack for Your Garage

Before buying a bike storage rack, you should ask yourself a couple of questions. What type of bicycles do you wish to park? Are you running low on floorspace, or the ceiling is slightly inclined? Which materials suit you best – steel, aluminum, or plastic? Do you want to showcase your vehicles or hide them inside? Here are some additional factors to consider:

Capacity. The first thing to check is how many bikes a particular rack can hold. Do you live alone, or is your spouse also addicted to two-wheelers? Do your children have their own bikes or share yours? Would you like to store motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, and strollers simultaneously? Always count the number of vehicles and search for a product that matches that criterion.

Compatibility. Different racks work better with particular types of bikes. For instance, leaners are great for standard models, while ceiling-mounted hoists are recommended for road machines. If you seek a universal solution, wall-mounted racks can adapt to most frame shapes and tire sizes.

Size and Design. After determining how many bikes you wish to store, you should measure their overall length, handlebar width, and tire diameter. That will help you select a model that can accommodate them comfortably without forcing or rubbing against each other. Also, think about the orientation you prefer – upright or horizontal.

Material Quality. Bike racks are typically made of metal, plastic, or wood. Steel is the strongest and most durable option, resisting corrosion and deformation. Aluminum is lighter and more affordable, albeit less sturdy. Plastic can be colorful and creative, adding a decorative element to your interior. Remember to check the coating or lamination applied to prevent scratches and rust.

Easy Assembly. If you hate reading manuals or lack handiness skills, seek a rack that can be installed within minutes and without using power tools. Some models come fully assembled, whereas others require attaching a couple of bolts or screws. Try to watch tutorials or ask a friend for assistance.

Price Point. Last but not least, you need to establish a budget that will determine which products fit your requirements. Cheap racks can be simple and functional, suitable for occasional use. Premium models integrate advanced technologies, such as motors, chains, or ratchets, for comfortable and effortless handling. Balance your finances with your expectations to achieve satisfaction.

How to Organize Bikes in a Small Garage

Even if you lack ample space, it’s not impossible to store a couple of bikes indoors. Depending on their size and shape, you can lean them against the wall, suspend from the ceiling, hoist onto a ramp, stack vertically, or arrange horizontally. Here are some ideas to inspire your imagination:

  • Wall-Mounted Rack. This is probably the most popular and practical method of bike organization. By suspending them from the wall, you free up floor space and avoid tripping over protruding handles. You can find leaners, shelves, hooks, and rail systems for different frame styles. They are also relatively cheap and easy to install.
  • Ceiling Hoist. If you must park many bicycles or deal with a sloped ceiling, a motorized lift could save your back and mind. Such devices can raise the bikes to higher altitudes, making them accessible via a remote control. They might be pricier than wall racks, but they optimize vertical space brilliantly.
  • Bike Ramps. Sometimes, it’s tricky to push a heavy mountain bike onto the car’s trunk or your motorcycle lift. That’s where ramps come in handy, allowing you to roll the wheels smoothly without sweat or grunts. They can be made of wood, aluminum, or PVC, featuring textured surfaces for traction.
  • Stacking Racks. Do you enjoy fixing old bikes or trying new ones without accumulating dozens of frames? A vertical rack can store several vehicles one above the other, saving tons of real estate. You can access them by sliding or tilting the upper models to reveal the lower ones. Some variants can accommodate different sizes and types of bikes.
  • Folding Racks. If you want to maximize flexibility and minimize clutter, try a rack that can be collapsed or disassembled. That way, you can utilize the area for other purposes, such as working on your car or doing yoga poses. Look for models with sturdy locks and latches to ensure stability and security.

How High Should a Bike Rack Be in the Garage?

The optimal height of a garage bike rack depends on the ceiling configuration and your physical abilities. If it’s perfectly horizontal, you can install a leaner or wall-mounted rack at a comfortable distance from the floor. For a slightly inclined roof, a swiveling swing-arm rack might be more appropriate to prevent the bikes from tipping over. Ceiling-mounted hoists should be placed high enough to clear the ground and low enough to fit the longest frame. Don’t forget to leave some clearance for opening doors or rolling cars.

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Other Helpful Garage Accessories for Bike Lovers

After finding the proper storage for your steeds, you might want to pamper them with some extra care and attention. Here are some complementary tools and gadgets that can make your life easier:

  • Work Stands. Once you bring your bike down from the rack, you might need a sturdy base to hold it steady while repairing, cleaning, or greasing its parts. Work stands come in various sizes and materials, allowing you to adjust the angle and height. They often feature wheels for mobility and tool trays for accessories.
  • Cleaning Kits. Dirt, mud, and sweat are natural enemies of bicycles, reducing their efficiency and aesthetics. To avoid scrubbing each part manually, you can employ a specialized cleaning kit with brushes, sponges, detergent, and hoses. Some kits can remove chains and reassemble them later. Others can inflate tires and sealants.
  • Maintenance Stations. If you use your bike frequently or in harsh conditions, you ought to lubricate its joints, replace its cables, or tune up its gears regularly. A maintenance station can gather all the necessary tools and fluids in one place, such as Allen keys, grease, oil, and torques. Some stations can hang on the wall or fold for storage.
  • Motorized Lifts. Perhaps your physical strength is not what it used to be, or you simply despise carrying heavy objects. A motorized lift can solve that issue promptly and safely, elevating your bike to a desired height with the press of a button. You can find lifts for different types of vehicles and garages, some of which can accommodate multiple bikes simultaneously.
  • Tire Swings. Who said you cannot have fun with your bicycles indoors? A tire swing can transform any bike frame into a rotating platform for thrilling rides and relaxing swings. You can hang it from the ceiling or a sturdy branch, using ropes, chains, or straps. Just make sure to test it with someone trustworthy nearby.


How to store bicycles in a small garage?

What is the best way to store bikes in a garage?

How do you organize bikes in a garage with limited space?

Should bikes be stored vertical or horizontal?

How high should a garage bike rack be?

A Few Words About Our Review Process

When it comes to testing bike racks for garages and sheds, we follow a rigorous protocol aimed at distinguishing the champions from the pretenders. First, we gather a diverse array of products, browsing online stores, talking to manufacturers, and consulting customer feedback. We try to represent different categories, brands, and price ranges to cater to various preferences and needs.

Then, we analyze their specifications, comparing features such as capacity, compatibility, size, design, material quality, ease of assembly, and price point. We identify the pros and cons of each model and how they address the initial criteria.

Next, we order the items from best to worst based on our collective impressions and personal experiences. Some factors that may influence our ranking include personal taste, intended use, budget constraints, brand reputation, and availability of spare parts.

Finally, we prepare our report, which consists of the following elements: