Provincial Treasury Circulars – 2008

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12.01.2008 Public Expenditure Management and Incurring Expenditure for the year 2008(English) PT/01/2008
12.01.2008 Payment of Holidaypay (English) PT/02/2008
16.01.2008 Payment of Cost of living Allowance to Public Servant in terms of the Budget Proposal 2008 (Tamil) PT/03/2008
25.01.2008 Control of Recurrent Expenditure for the year 2008 (Tamil) PT/04/2008
31.01.2008 Virement Procedure(FR 66-69) (Tamil) PT/05/2008
01.02.2008 Payment of OverTime and Virement Procedure (FR 66-69) (Tamil) PT/05(1)/2008
11.02.2008 Provincial Procument Procedures as per NPA Guidelines (English) PT/30(1)/2007
25.02.2008 Revision of Advance Accounts Limits(Tamil& English) PT/06/2008
26.02.2008 Salary Revision of the Srilanka Technological Service ( English) PT/07/2008
05.03.2008 Assessment of Financial needs for the Fiscal Year 2009 ( English) PT/08/2008
14.03.2008 Control of fuel consumption for official vehicles ( Tamil) PT/09/2008
17.03.2008 Uniform Allowance ( Tamil) PT/10/2008
31.03.2008 Holiday Railway Warrent(Tamil) PT/20(1)/2007
03.04.2008 Revision of stamp duty rates stamp duty ACT NO 12 of 2006 ( English) PT/11/2008
03.04.2008 Revision of with holding tax ( English) PT/12/2008
09.05.2008 Losses and write offs ( English) PT/14/2008
09.06.2008 Curtailment of fuel and electricity consumption ( English) PT/15/2008
30.06.2008 Supply of fuel for official vehicles and payment of overtime and combined allowance to driver of such vehicles (Tamil& English) PT/16/2008
30.06.2008 Payment of monthly transport allowance instead of providing official vehicles(Tamil& English) PT/17/2008
08.07.2008 Supply of fuel for official vehicles and payment of overtime and combined allowance to driver of such vehicles (Tamil& English) PT/16(1)/2008
23.07.2008 மாகாண சபை அலுவலர்களுக்கான வாழக்கைச் செலவுப்படி வழங்குதல PT/18/2008
11.09.2008 Restructuring of salaries in the public service in terms of the budget proposals 2006 PT/19/2008
06.11.2008 Re-Employment of retired public officers PT/20/2008
10.11.2008 2008ம் நிதியாண்டிற்கான கணக்குகளை முடிவுறுத்தல் PT/21/2008
19.11.2008 2008ம் ஆண்டின் எஞ்சிய காலப்பகுதியின் போது அரசாங்க செலவின முகாமை. PT/22/2008
06.12.2008  Verification of Stores and Board of Survey – 2008 PT/23/2008
11.12.2008  Schedule Dates for Payment of Salaries and Salary advances for the year – 2008  PT/24/2008
12.12.2008 மாகாண அரச ஊழியர் வருடாந்தக் கணக்கியக்க கூற்றுத் தயாரித்தல்  PT/25/2008
24.12.2008 Appropriation Account – 2008  PT/26/2008
24.12.2008 Delegation of Functions for Financial control for the year 2009  PT/27/2008
24.12.2008 Increasing Cost of Living paid to Public Servants and Government  Pensioners as per Budget proposals 2009  PT/28/2008
30.12.2008 Special Advance to Public Officers  PT/29/2008
31.12.2008 Section 10 Chapter XXIV of the Establishment Code Distress Loan (Ten Month Loan)  PT/30/2008
31.12.2008 Section 13 Chapter XXIV of the Establishment Code Festival Advance  PT/31/2008
31.12.2008 Warrant under PFR 61 for Expenditure Funds for the Provincial Funds for Financial Year 2009  PT/32/2008
31.12.2008 Authorization for Incurring Expenditure for 2009 and Public Expenditure Management  PT/33/2008