Provincial Public Administration Circulars – 2007

Date Circular Title Circular No.
12.07.2007 Re Issue of list of duties to all employee in the NPC (English) NP/02/2007(1)
23.07.2007 Co-ordination for people friendly Administration (English) NP/02/2007(2)
16.08.2007 Residential Facilities for Public Servants (English) NP/02/2007(3)
12.09.2007 Piece rate for word processing for OIS purpose (English) NP/02/2007(4)
26.11.2007 Maintaining Personal file and completing history sheet (Tamil) NP/02/2007(5)
29.11.2007 NPC Officers attached to Divisional Secretariat (Tamil) NP/02/2007(6)