Play4fun casino games you can play for real money

  • Pulsz is one of the best social casinos that offer Sweeps Coins you can redeem for real cash.
  • At Chumba Casino, you can exchange Gold Coins for cash prizes, but you’ll have to spend some to get more.
  • In case you had any doubts, yes, it is legal to play fake money games for real money.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a high roller but your wallet said otherwise, social casinos are here to save the day.

These online gaming sites allow you to play for free or purchase chips that could net you a profit. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. Sort of.

In this article, I’m going over how social gaming sites work and which ones are worth your time. Shall we?

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Let me ask you something; do you like playing video slots and table games without breaking the bank? Me too!

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Unfortunately, pretty much all online casinos in the US require you to make a deposit before you start playing. But what if I told you there was an alternative?

Enter play money or sweepstakes model, used by social casinos to describe their business operations. Essentially, these websites let you play various gambling games with – you guessed it – play money.

Usually called Gold Coins, they are (as the name suggests) only valuable in the world of a particular online casino.

Most places will also give out free Gold Coins every now and then, allowing players to try their luck without spending a dime.

Some social casinos also offer Sweeps Coins. FC-Exchange describes Sweeps Coins as a hybrid between GC and actual money because you can exchange them for gifts cards, gift couriers, or even redeem them for cash prizes.

However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s clarify a couple of things.

Firstly , so don’t get scared when you learn that you’ll have to verify your account before you can receive your Sweeps Coins .

Secondly, things regarding these types of sites are somewhat regulated on a state level, so and where you can legally play for real money.

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As of now, this model is widely available in , , and Idaho. If you provided your mailing address to your favorite social casino by accident, you wouldn’t be able to redeem your SC for cash, so make sure you double-check the laws in your area.

Best Social Casinos for Real Money Players

So, you can play pretend casino games for free, accumulate piles of counterfeit coins, and maybe even swap them for a T-shirt or an Amazon voucher. That’s cool and everything, but why would real money gamblers care?

Well, aside from being tons of fun, social casinos feature a chance to win some actual cash.

Now, now … Don’t get too excited. We’re not talking about hitting the lottery or finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Still, a few extra bucks in your pocket can’t hurt anyone.

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Without further ado, these are my top five social casinos for real money players.

1. Pulsz Casino – A Free Casino with Real Cash Prizes

Pulsz may very well be the king of social casinos, offering everything a discerning online gambler wants.

To begin with, this place looks and feels like an actual online casino, complete with several hundred high-quality video slots and table games.

What makes it different is the fact Pulsz gives away free bonuses (both GC and SC) every 30 minutes. The downside is you must be physically located in the US to qualify for freebies.

But even if you’re abroad, you can make a one-time $10 purchase of 3.8 million GC and 320 SC to try things out.

However, the main reason Pulsz tops my list is its Sweeps Coins. Unlike most social casinos, this place allows you to rack up a ton of SC and exchange them for respectable amounts of real money.

The catch is you need to collect at least 950 SC per year just to keep your account active. Fail to do so, and you risk losing your remaining balances.

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Pulsz is available in all but three US states (Idaho, Washington, and Alabama). However, you can play its games worldwide if you prevent your browser from determining your location.

2. Chumba Casino

This free online casino from VGW has been around since 011, boasting dozens of popular slots and original titles in its lobby.

Like other social casinos, Chumba Casino welcomes newcomers with 2 million GC and the chance to win one rare Golden Ticket each day. This virtual ticket can be exchanged for either 10 Sweeps Coins or $10 once you collect 200 of them.

A word of warning, though—Chumba is strict when it comes to one account per user rule. The company may suspend or even permanently ban you if you break this policy.

Also, while Chumba’s terms and conditions state you can acquire up to 300,000 GC for $10, I bought 1 billion units of Gold Coins for $9.99 during this review. Given that the conversion rate is 10GC : 1SC , this means I purchased 100SC for $0.99.

And finally, Chumba Casino is one of the few social casinos that require you to buy Gold Coins to obtain Sweeps Coins.

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I guess this is necessary if you want to convert thousands of SC rather than hundreds. Still, it’s something to bear in mind before splashing the cash.

3. WOW Vegas – Best Free Slots App & Social Casino Game

WOW Vegas resembles Chumba Casino both in terms of visual appearance and gameplay. It also uses the dual currency system based on Gold and Sweeps Coins.

You can claim 6,800,000 free GC and 30SC with your complimentary bonus, and then spend $0.99 (or your local equivalent) on ~100 million GC and 10SC.

Not the best exchange rate, but better than what Chumba is offering.

What sets Wow Vegas apart from its competition is its loyalty program. There are 25 levels, with each one unlocking a mystery box and granting access to exclusive promotions and events.

This social casino collaborates with PayPal and offers it as its primary payment processor. Not only is this e-wallet the safest way to send SC to your friend but one of the quickest ways to receive your rewards.

Is WOW Vegas safe? Of course, it is. The app is developed by Spiral Interactive, NT, whose portfolio includes numerous Facebook games and Slotomania – the world’s most popular free slot machine app.

4. DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino is an oldie but a goodie. This social casino has been around for almost a decade, and it supports both Facebook and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon).

DDC features hundreds of video slots, blackjack, roulette, bingo, and other specialty games. All game results are powered by Aristocrat Gaming’s proven random number generator.

Another thing DoubleDown Casino has inherited from its parent company is its eye-pleasing design and high production values.

In other words, this social casino looks and feels like an actual online casino. The difference is you start your journey with 2 million WC and a chance to win up to 10 million additional Gold Coins daily.

Unlike other sweeps websites, DoubleDown allows you to exchange 500 SC for $15 (or equivalent in gift coupons). It takes a lot of work to amass 500 Sweeps Coins, but at least it’s doable.

One last thing: like Chumba Casino, DoubleDown allows its users to give their friends 1.5 million GC and receive the same amount in return.

5. Bull’s Eye Casino

Our top five finishes with another social casino that uses the dual currency system – Bull’s Eye. As you’ve probably guessed already, this site’s theme revolves around everyone’s favorite back-alley game.

Be that as it may, Bull’s Eye has more than 100 slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and other specialty games in its arsenal.

New players receive 7,500,000 BC and 3SC as a welcome bonus, alongside the opportunity to win up to 10 million additional Gold Coins daily.

Sure, you can play at Bull’s Eye without making a purchase. However, things will get slow and boring relatively quickly.

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Therefore, I recommend buying 5 million BC pack (worth $4.99) to get 60 days of routine check-ins and 4,800,000 additional BC. Each subsequent purchase brings more coins and longer expiration dates.

Say, you can get 1.8bn BC and extend the validity period to one year for $39.99. This deal also comes with 320 Sweeps Coins.

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you’ll need to buy more SC if you want to redeem them for real cash.

But provided that you enjoy bull’s eye, receiving a few extra bucks for basically throwing some virtual discs should sweeten the pot.

Other Sweepstakes Casino Sites

The five social casinos I reviewed above are the best places to play fake money gambling games. However, there are other sites that use similar business models.

For example, MyStarnanny offers astrology readings, horoscope reports, and other astrology-themed content. New users receive 60 free credits and a chance to earn up to 15,000 additional tokens daily.

You can send 150 SC to your fellow players as a gift or wait for the administrator to organize one of many credit events.

MCaffeine is another interesting social casino that lets you play casual puzzle games for GC and SC. The second currency can be swapped for cash prizes, gift cards, or donated to cancer research.

Whale Coin Casino allows its customers to play bingo for GC and SC. The latter can be used to purchase more Whale Points and move up the loyalty ladder.

Finally, we have Everygame Casino, which awards every new customer 2,500 Greeting Points and 20 free spins. Everygame has more than 300 video slots and table games in its collection. However, you can’t exchange the collected points for cash.

Instead, Sweeps Coins serve as this casino network’s sole source of play money and real rewards. What’s unique about Everygame is you can collect SC through its sports betting and poker rooms.

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Is it Legal to Gamble with Fake Money?

Yes and no.

Playing at social casinos is legal in the United States. However, things get tricky when you attempt to swap Sweeps Coins for real cash.

As mentioned earlier, sweeps websites operate under the vague definition of “promotion” or “sales contest.” Their main source of revenue is purchasing digital goods, which the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regards as “making a purchase.”

The thing is, the United States has yet to adopt a uniform law that would govern online gambling. Instead, each state can draft its own regulations concerning play money sites.

Nowadays, SC can be used to purchase goods or redeemed for cash prizes in nearly all US states except Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Washington, and Alaska.

However, you might want to check your local laws before signing up at any social casino.

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Failure to do so may cost you your winnings, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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OK, so you can’t just stroll into some online casino, click a few buttons, and receive a pile of cash. Bummer.

On the bright side, it’s not that hard to abide by the law while still having fun and perhaps increasing your bankroll. Here are some tips for winning money on social casinos:

  • Read the Terms & Conditions – Believe it or not, but most people don’t bother checking out T&C before creating an account at some website. Those who do find this article usually put it off until somewhere after step two. Well, I’m here to tell you that reading T&C is essential if you want to play social casinos. The rules regarding purchases, redemptions, gifts, etc., are usually spelled out clearly, so don’t skip this part.

  • Create an Account – Once you’ve gone through T&C, it’s time to create an account. Most social casinos will request your email address and ask you to come up with a strong password. Some places will also ask for your phone number and/or mailing address. Make sure you provide accurate information because you won’t be able to withdraw SC unless everything matches.

    what is a live casino
  • Claim Your Welcome Offer – After setting up your profile, you should receive your first dose of free Gold Coins and maybe even some Sweeps Coins. Social casinos often allow their users to claim bonus every few hours, so put a reminder on your phone.

  • Purchase More Play Money – If you want to speed up the game, it’s a good idea to buy some packs of Gold Coins. Sure, most social casinos offer lots of free GC, but the action gets slow after a while. Spending a few dollars on a small bundle is a great way to win more games and maybe earn some SC.

  • Use the Sweeps Coins to Redeem Prizes – Assuming you’ve amassed enough Sweeps Coins, you can now trade them for cash prizes, gift coupons, or gift cards. The process is pretty straightforward, but you must verify your account first. As I said, make sure your personal info is correct before doing this.

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Fake Money Gambling Addiction

Real money can bring out the worst in people. Replace it with free play money, and you get a completely different set of problems.

See, unlike regular online casinos, social casinos don’t have strict age restrictions. It means minors can access these sites regardless of their parents’ wishes.

And it’s not like kids aren’t interested in fake money gambling; quite the opposite.

A study conducted by the UK Gambling Commission found that as many as 55,000 children in Great Britain gambled on credit in 2017. Moreover, 4.6% of underage participants admitted asking adults to manage their gambling affairs.

The danger is even bigger among socially isolated teenagers and young adults. These individuals are prone to developing a problem with social casino games because they mimic the real thing.

Symptoms of social casino addiction are the same as gambling disorders:

  • Neglecting other activities because of social casino games
  • Using social casino games as a way to escape negative emotions or difficult situations
  • Spending more time and money on social casino games than intended
  • Unsuccessfully attempting to cut down or control social casino game use
  • Experience restlessness, irritability, or insomnia when attempting to cut down or stop using social casino games
  • Spend a lot of time obtaining GC or SC to play more games
  • Ignore the negative impact of social casino games on their health and wellbeing
  • Continue using social casino games despite relationship problems caused by them
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Fortunately, social gaming sites use various tools to help players in distress. For instance, Pulsz allows its members to set daily, weekly, or monthly limits on GC purchases.

They can also self-exclude from the platform for seven, 30, or 365 days. Finally, users who feel like they’re losing control over their gambling habits can ask Pulsz to block all purchases for the remainder of the current month and the entire following month.

Similar options are available at other reputable social casinos, so make sure you use them if needed.

By the way, if you suspect that someone you know is developing a problem with social casino games, look for the following symptoms:

  • Lying about the time and money spent on social casino games
  • Failing to follow through with plans due to social casino games
  • Feeling guilty or ashamed because of social casino game play
  • Foreshortening the time between “redemption attempts,” i.e., trying to swap SC for real cash more frequently than usual
  • Requests to borrow money that exceed logical explanations
  • Defensive reactions when someone asks about social casino gameplay

If you notice three or more signs of addiction, encourage that person to contact the relevant authorities or .

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Best Social Casinos for Real Money Players

Let’s conclude this piece by repeating that social casinos are a fun and safe way to experience the thrill of online gambling without breaking the bank.

Sure, it would be best to stick to legitimate operators such as Pulz, Chumba, Wow Vegas, et al., and avoid shady websites that promise too much for too little.

Even if you join a reputable social casino, there’s a slim chance you’ll win enough Sweeps Coins for cashing out. Still, playing video slots and table games for free is much better than depositing hundreds of dollars only to give it back to the casino a few hours later.

In short, if you want to enjoy some quality gambling entertainment without messing with real money, visit one of the sites from my list of the and see what they’re all about.

Not your cup of tea? There are plenty of other ways to gamble online for free, so stay tuned for more expert guides coming soon.


  • FC-Exchange defines Sweeps Coins in this .

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