Paddy transplanting Filed day at GSPF, Vavuniya

Field day on Transplanted Paddy was held on 15th March 2019 at the Government Seed Production Farm (GSPF)  Vavuniya under the  Chairmanship of Covering  Assistant Director of Agriculture Mrs. S.Jegatheeswary.

Farm Manager of the GSPF explained in his speech about the performance of the TransplantedPaddy. He was able to harvest around 142 bushels per acre in this method compared to 122 bushels per acre harvested in usual method of sowing. In order to minimize the usage of chemical fertilizer they had used Azollaas green manure.At the same time the field was free from weeds during entire growing period. Therefore they were able to save the cost of weedicides. The three and half month paddy variety BW 367 had been cultivated under this method.

The farmers, students of the School of Agriculture of Sri Lanka, Vavuniya and officers of the Department of Agriculture also participated in the field day.