Paddy power slots you have to play - #5 has surprising votes

  • If you are looking for a new casino, head over to Paddy Power Games to play Cleopatra or Rainbow Riches.
  • Both of those slot machines are among the most popular in the UK, and for good reason.
  • Paddy Power offers many other slot options, including Blood Suckers, which has the highest RTP% around.

We’ve all been there. Strolling through a casino, perhaps on holiday, maybe even a little tipsy (or more!) and feeling lucky. We pick a slot machine to play purely because it seems to shout our name, it could be its theme, its layout, or that it looks like it pays out regularly. I know when I’m on holiday, I’m more likely to play a slot just for fun rather than using my limited bankroll chasing some huge jackpot.

Today, I wanted to look at some of the more “obscure” slots you’ll find out there. Now, by no means are any of these slots obscure per se, but they might not sit within the top 100 most played slots online.

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I decided to choose ten slots I have played on a whim and fancied seeing how they fare in terms of popularity and if they are any good. I picked five from the UK and a few from other parts of the world.

Paddy Power Casino Review

**Paddy Power is one of the most well-known casinos in the United Kingdom. **They have an OK range of slots, which as you will see, are mostly quite popular ones. They make up for this with an extensive list of table games, many of which have a unique take on traditional games.

Their welcome bonus is nothing to write home about, and I question whether requiring players to stake £20 to get the full match bonus is wise during what could charitably described as a difficult period for the industry. Still, they are established, trusted, and offer enough games to keep most players happy.

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mythical Las Vegas slot made the transition online years ago, and it remains as popular today as it was back then.

It has an RTP of 95.1%, which isn’t amazing, but the gameplay is so slick, and those bonuses come around enough to keep people coming back for more. The theme tune alone is enough to get slot heads salivating whenever they hear it.

So, I put it to you, the SLOTS Magazine readership, how do we follow Cleopatra? There was really only ever going to be one answer here; I present to you Gentling of Edinburgh!

Gentle of Edinburgh was a massive slot winner back in 2013 and won just short of £138k playing £0.20 spins on Cleopatra. Now, I don’t suppose many people would agree that winning just under £140k over three years ago makes you famous, but in the slot world, it does!

slots for fun and free

Since then, Graham Martin, as he is known to his friends, has continued to play at Casinos and has become something of a celebrity in Scottish Gambling Circles. So, in tribute to Graham, let’s look at some slots you can play instead of Cleopatra.

Alternative to Cleopatra: Book of Dead

If you are looking for an alternative to Cleopatra, I recommend Book of Dead. This is a slot I have played several times on a whim, mainly because I love Egyptian-themed slots and rich backstories.

The main character, Richard Freund, an archaeologist searching for the Book of Dead, which apparently reveals the location of untold riches. I’ve never managed to hit the expansion feature on the welcome screen, where the text reads “Ten Thousand?”

That would be nice, though, right? With an RTP of 96.21%, it has a higher return percentage than Cleopatra and has 243 ways to win on every spin. It’s available at almost every casino you care to mention, including Paddy Power.

Welcome bonus aside, Paddy Power’s catalog of games is pretty average. Granted, they have loads of table games, which offsets things slightly, but their list of slots isn’t amazing. It did give us a perfect opportunity to introduce , though!

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Rainbow Riches

By far and away, the most popular slot of its genre, if not overall, is Rainbow Riches. Developed by Barcrest, it uses the VERY original leprechaun theme and has spawned hundreds of clones since it first came out.

With an RTP of 95%, it’s not the most generous return rate, but it is a smooth game to play, and the graphics are decent. As someone who isn’t overly keen on animated features, I have found myself getting sucked into playing Rainbow Riches simply because I like it.

Again, much like Cleopatra, I thought the recipient of my poisonous darts would be Paddy Power, mainly because of the sheer volume of games they have. However, it can literally be found everywhere. So, instead, I’m going to look at another Barcrest classic and two up-and-comers looking to knock Rainbow Riches off its perch.

Alternative to Rainbow Riches: Owls on Wings

First up, an obvious choice, but for those who enjoy Rainbow Riches but fancy a change, . The difference between the two is subtle, but if you are a fan of one, you will probably like the other.

If you want something different but still with that Irish Luck vibe, check out these two gems, both of which are growing in popularity.

Alternative to Rainbow Riches: Leprechaun Carol

is an interesting game. It uses the same theme as Rainbow Riches but combines it with Christmas Carol music. It works really well, and the game is very smooth. With an RTP of 96%, it gives the other two a running in that department.

I also like the fact there are five progressive jackpots to play for, giving it a much more modern feel than some of the older slots still dominating the market.

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Alternative to Rainbow Riches: Irish Luck

is a long-time favorite of mine and, in many ways, set the template for subsequent Barcrest slots. Much like Owls on Wings, if you like one, you will probably enjoy the other.

With an RTP of 95%, it isn’t as generous as Owls on the Wing, but it still has much of the charm that made Irish Luck such a big hit when it first came out.

There are only 7 pay lines, which might put some people off, but sometimes less is more. Why not take one of these games for a spin the next time you fancy playing Rainbow Riches?

Yorkie Chocolate or Fudge?

As I was looking for slots to compare to Rainbow Riches, I came across a fair number of fudge and chocolate themed slots. I have to admit, I didn’t know chocolate fudge was a British thing. I mean, sure, we have it in the US, but it’s not a big deal.

Apparently, in the UK, there is a huge debate about whether a Yorkie bar should include a chunk of fudge. You learn something new every day, right? Anyway, these are the three most popular slots based on everyone’s favorite confectionery treats.


fans will no doubt enjoy this 25-line, 5-row slot. With an RTP of 95.79%, it’s got a better return rate than Rainbow Riches, and there are plenty of features to keep you entertained.

With four bonus features, wild multipliers, and free spins, it’s got more going for it than most. Oh, and did I mention the random chance feature that triggers a bonus? Because it does. I like this a lot.

Available at , one of the , this is a very smooth running game with great graphics and sound effects.


Now, I have to hold my hands up here; I didn’t realize there was a debate about whether a Yorkie bar should contain fudge. I must have missed the memo. Maybe that’s a good thing. Either way, if you like fudge, you might enjoy this slot, which has a whopping RTP% of 98.0%.

In keeping with the theme, the highest paying symbols are various types of fudge. A wild logo boosts wins by 2x or 3x when in a winning combination.

casino playing online

A bonus icon, along with a Banker Bonus meter, can trigger additional wins. It’s a fun, easy-to-follow slot that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles but remains a solid option for those looking for something fudge related to play.

is a cute take on the whole fudge/Yorkie debate. Reels are framed by a sea of chocolate bars, with a selection of sweets acting as multipliers.

Five bonus symbols trigger free spins, and the “pick me” style Bank Holiday bonus can net you up to 10 times your total bet. A simple game with some pleasing graphics and sound effects.

Blood Suckers

This is one of my favorite slots of all time. Created by NetEnt, it has an RTP% of 98%, meaning only payments are taken to cover operating costs. In theory, you could play this slot forever and technically walk away with more money than you started with.

Of course, we know that the laws of gambling say you must eventually go negative, but not before you’ve had a ton of fun and, hopefully, some decent wins.

When you consider the house edge on most casino games ranges from 1-8%, Blood Suckers is a revelation. But, let’s be honest about one thing, the house edge and RTP% are meaningless unless you have an unlimited bankroll…

Everyone has a limit, and even with a favorable house edge, variance will catch up with you eventually. That said, the next time you go on a streak and end up $600 down after wagering $400, show people your house advantage and shut them up for a day or two!

Anyway, I figured that plenty of slots feature animals; why not find one to replace Blood Suckers? Something with trains, perhaps birds of prey, or even reptiles. Let’s roll with reptiles… You read it here first, the next big thing in slots is going to be reptile-based. Get in before it takes off!

Alternative to Blood Suckers: Skulls Heist

OK, so I may have jumped the gun on the whole reptile thing. Clearly, I missed the memo about all the chocolate and fudge slots out there!

Anyway, I stand by my reptile prediction, but in the meantime, how about Skulls Heist? Another great offering from Playson, this slot has an RTP% of 96.34% and some excellent graphic design work.

You’d expect nothing less from a studio that created , in my opinion, one of the best new online slots of 2022.

Skulls Heist plays well, and the various features and bonus rounds keep things moving. If you closed your eyes and listened to it, you’d probably think you were playing Blood Suckers. Not bad for $0.01 per pay line!

Book of Ra

Novomatic’s Book of Ra is an incredibly popular slot that has spawned numerous sequels and clones. It’s got an Mummy theme going on, with intrepid archaeologist Ra digging up treasures and artifacts in tombs around the world.

With an RTP of 95.1%, it’s not the most generous slot in the world, but it makes up for this with smooth gameplay and some huge bonuses. Many people report having to increase their bet to stake larger numbers of lines because they win so frequently.

This is a classic example of variance in action. Rather than dishing out small wins, play Clear Options and wait for a bigger bonus. It will come; it’s math, after all.

But some days, you just want to play and win consistently without breaking the bank. For that reason alone, Book of Ra is a firm favorite with players around the world.

There are now versions of Book of Ra that have been expanded to include more features, better quality graphics, and more ways to win.

For the purposes of this exercise, however, I’m going to look at bugs, and mummies can’t be arseholes, so that rules out ancient Egypt. Instead, we’re looking for insects. Who knew, huh?

Alternative to Book of Ra: Bug Night Feeder

On the surface, this may not seem like an obvious swap out for Book of Ra. Hear me out, though. First, the similarities.

Both slots use the expanding symbol bonus feature. In addition, they both have a Mummy/Bug theme (don’t ask). Finally, they both have a respectable RTP% of 95. This isn’t exactly scraping the bottom of the barrel, people!

Now, I haven’t spent much time playing Bug Night Feeder, but it plays like a cut-down version of Book of Ra. And you know what? Sometimes you don’t want to learn a new game. You just want to plonk yourself down in front of a familiar-looking slot and watch your balance tick upward for a while.

I recommend checking Bug Night Feeder, or any of the other bug-related slots below, the next time you fancy playing Book of Ra.

Alternative to Book of Ra: Bugs!

How could I create a section comparing Book of Ra and NOT include another Mummy-Bug hybrid? I couldn’t. I’m sorry if that upsets anyone, but I’m only human.

This is another simple but effective slot that fans of Book of Ra may enjoy. Once again, we have 5 reels, 4 rows, and 10 pay lines. The expanding symbol feature is present, as is a healthy 95% RTP.

Some nice graphics and sounds help bring this one to life, and unlike some of the other more obscure titles mentioned in this article, you can find this at some of the .

Alternative to Book of Ra: Bugfest

Another excellent offering from iSoftbet, Bugfest has a slightly higher RTP than the previous two entries at 95.12%. It also has a cool 25 pay lines, along with lots of nice bonuses and a great soundtrack that captures the tense atmosphere of being outside at night when all the creepy crawlies come out to play.

At its core, this is a very simple slot with some excellent animations and features. As someone with a pathological fear of anything with more than four legs, I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed playing this.

I recommend loading up and blasting your favorite horror movie score in the background for maximum effect. Just don’t try playing this if you’re camping. Bad idea.

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Book of Mayan

Novomatic strikes again with this, er, fascinating twist on an Ancient Civilization theme to slot gaming.

Much like its counterparts in this subgenre, the Book of series features poor old Max Hochmann as he journeys deep into the heart of South America to pillage the tombs of long-dead Mayan civilizations.

Who needs National Geographic documentaries when you can see priceless artifacts sitting in some dusty tomb when you spin a couple of reels?

Personally, I think Mr. Hochmann should be stopped, but hey, it’s a job, right? At least he’s consistent, turning up in everything from Ancient Greek slots to Egyptian ones. I bet he wishes he’d been typecast earlier in his career.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s a great slot if you like the concept but fancy trying something different to Book of Maya and Book of the Dead.

Aztec Temple Treasure

Microgaming’s Aztec Temple Treasure is a vastly underrated slot that deserves to be played more often.

With a healthy RTP% of 96.29% and some awesome graphics and audio, this game transports you to the depths of the Amazon rainforest in search of long-lost temples and priceless treasure.

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Featuring some huge multipliers and the chance to win up to 30 free spins, this is a fast-paced game that keeps you guessing. One of the best things about Aztec Temple Treasure is the way it dishes out smaller wins.

Unlike some slots that leave you high and dry for hours before bombarding you with the opportunity to go broke, this game pays out regularly and is ideal if you want to play for longer without having to constantly top up your account.


Based on the classic Disney film and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novels, this Microgaming masterpiece has 5 reels, 40 pay lines, and an RTP% of 96.19%.

If you close your eyes and listen to the soundtrack, you can almost smell the leaves and monkeys swinging through the trees. Almost.

Tarzan is a fun game to play. There are tons of features, including picking bonus rounds, free spins, and rolling reels that can generate multiple wins from a single spin.

With a maximum jackpot of 200,000 coins, there’s plenty to aim at. But do you have the strength of Jane to bag the biggest prizes of all? Only one way to find out!

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If you like Tarzan, you’ll probably enjoy these two jungle-based alternatives.

Jungle James

I’m not sure who James Brown is, but clearly, he likes slots as much as I do! This fun 5×3 offering from PG SOFT has all the hallmarks of a classic in the making.

With 243 ways to win and a healthy 96.51% RTP, it’s got much the same stats as Tarzan. Where it differs is in the artwork and sound design.

There are some nice bonus rounds and features that keep it fresh, and I like the cartoonish feel to the symbols and backdrop. Definitely worth a spin next time you fancy swinging through the jungle.

Jungle Deluxe 6

I included this on the last SLotSCAST because it’s bloody awesome, not because it’s a Tarzan alternative. But you know what? It’s got bloody apes in, so I’m counting it. Deal with it.

Jungle Deluxe 6 is a fabulous hexagonal slot that uses cascading symbols and cluster pays for a fresh approach to spinning the reels.

With an RTP% of 96.40 and a host of features, this is a fun game with some serious cash-winning potential. The bonus round is particularly good, featuring a wheel divided into sections that trigger various events, including free spins, multipliers, and coin wins.

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Great graphics and sound effects finish this one off nicely. If you like your slots to play differently than most, add Spinomenalura’s brilliant Jungle Deluxe 6 to your list.


I wanted to include a lottery-style game in this piece, and for me, Keno falls into that category. I’m aware it’s markedly different from slot machines, but bear with me here; the principles are the same.

You wager, you hope to win. Some slots enthusiasts like big wins after betting small amounts. If that sounds like you, then you may enjoy dipping a toe into the world of lottery-style games.

And if you do, Keno is a GREAT place to start. So, I put it to you, the SLots Magazine audience. How about we find a keno alternative to ……. Wait for it ….. Bingo Bonanza?!

Don’t run! Please! Hear me out!

There will always be a market for Bingo Bonanza. People like bingo. I get it. I don’t get it, but I get it. So, I’m going to suggest that if you like Bingo Bonanza, you might enjoy these other animal-based keno variants.

Who’d have thought it, right?

Zoo Week Keno

Topping our list of alternative animal-themed keno slots is XPro Gaming’s excellent Zoo Week Keno.

With some excellent graphic design work and a slick user interface, this is a great entry point for anyone new to keno or lottery-style gaming.

real cash out casino games

Some nice animations and sound effects help bring this one to life, and unlike some of the more basic examples of keno out there, this has plenty of features to keep you entertained.

Bettors can choose up to 15 numbers from 1-80, and draws take place every 3 minutes. All standard stuff for seasoned keno players. But if, like me, you tend to stick to slots, it’s a relatively painless process to learn the ropes of XPro Gaming’s Zoo Week Keno.

Jungle Keno

I wanted to include another keno slot, preferably another jungle-themed one to replace Bingo Bonanza. Preferably with a tiger or a bear or something. But alas, there aren’t that many out there.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from Jungle Keno when I loaded it up for the first time. But you know what? It’s not half bad. For a basic keno game, it does enough to make the experience of playing more engaging than some rivals.

In many ways, it reminds me of the early days of video slots, where developers were learning what worked and what didn’t. From that perspective, it’s quite endearing. And who knows? Maybe you’ll like it!

Savanna Keno

Rounding out my trio of keno slots is Savannah Keno, a game that looks great and is very easy to play.

Once again, you can select up to 15 numbers from 1-80, and draws are quick and painless. Animations and sound effects are good, and it plays well on desktop and mobile devices. If you like keno and slots like Bingo Bonanza, it’s definitely worth a spin.

Your Thoughts on These Slot Alternatives?

Well, there you have it. Seven pairs of slots that I think could act as adequate substitutes for some of the most popular slots in the world.

Do I think people will stop playing Cleopatra, Rainbow Riches, etc., and start playing Leprechaol Fugs or Owls on the Wing?

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No. Of course, I don’t. What I would like, however, is for people to broaden their horizons a little and explore some of the fantastic games out there that aren’t the most popular.

Having worked in customer service for several years, I can tell you that a shockingly high number of people email helpdesks asking for specific games to be added to a site.

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Let’s be clear about something: casinos don’t add or remove games based on the demands of individual customers. To do so would be commercially suicidal. Sure, they commission exclusive slots, but that’s usually part of a wider partnership with the operator.

So, rather than waste time writing to sites asking for a particular game, why not try some of the titles above the next time you fancy playing something similar? You might be pleby-gawd-blind surprised at how much you enjoy them!

Steven is a published academic working on his doctorate degree in theology. When he’s not writing about heaven, Steven loves writing about other topics he’s passionate about, such as entertainment, media, and politics. He loves writing just as much as he loves reading, especially if it’s a good piece that illuminates or challenges his thinking.

Prior to working with UsReviews, Steven wrote for a variety of websites and publications, including certain newsletters that are no longer around thanks to his involvement. When he’s not writing, you’ll find him spending time with his wife and three children, or watching the latest soccer matches.