Must-take live dealer games besides blackjack, roulette & poker

  • If you’re looking for live dealer games besides blackjack, roulette, and poker you’ve come to the right place.
  • Casino games such as Dream Catcher have risen in popularity in recent years making it to the top of many live gaming lists.
  • Other fun live dealer games include Football Studio, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo.
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Blackjack, roulette, and poker are great. They’re also incredibly popular which means if you aren’t playing one of those three games you must be a high roller with special treatment from the dealer. Right?

Wrong. Some players prefer to play other live dealer casino games, even without the special treatment. Either because they haven’t been offered to you before or you’re simply after something new, here are some of the best live dealer games to try online today.

Best Sites to Play Unique Live Dealer Games

Before we get started on the unique types of live dealer games available to you online, you will no doubt want to know where to play them. Fortunately, PA has legalized and regulated online gambling so residents and visitors can enjoy these games safely and securely.

The following live dealer game sites provide not only the classics but plenty of alternative table games and lottery-style options too.

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As you can see above, each of our recommended casinos will present you with a generous welcome bonus on signing up. Be sure to make use of them. Not only will they boost your bankroll, but you’ll also have ample funds to try lots of different live dealer games online.

Types of Live Dealer Table Games

Although blackjack, roulette, and poker are without a doubt the most played table games, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for others.

Some casinos refer to their live games as “specialty games” and often, these tables are found in the specialty section of the casino rather than the table games section.

Our own online casinos in Pennsylvania follow suit with most online gaming sites around the world, grouping lottery-style games such as bingo under this category. Despite not being traditional table games, they are often grouped together and are great fun to play.

You can find dozens of exciting alternatives to the usual live table games at PA online casinos.

Let’s take a closer look at the alternative live dealer games you should consider playing next.

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1. Baccarat

Baccarat has long been seen as a glamorous game, favored by James Bond himself.

It’s gained more popularity since being included in the TV show and film, but it still remains one of the less popular live dealer table games. That said, this ancient card game is easy to learn and our guide to how to play baccarat live explains the process in greater detail.

In short, the goal of the game is to predict which of the two hands dealt — the player or the banker—will win. A winning wager on the banker pays out at 19 to 20, while a win on the player pays out at even money (-110). There is a third bet you can make, the tie, which pays out at 850, but this has extremely long odds.

The rules of the game dictate that both the player and banker receive two cards to start with. If the total of either of their card values adds up to eight or nine, they both stand. Otherwise, the player’s hand will receive another card depending on the following rules:

  • If the player’s total is five or less, they receive another card.
  • If the player’s total is six or seven, they stand.
  • The banker then receives a card according to the same rule based on the player’s card.
  • The dealer then gives each hand another card following the same rules until one of them hits eight or nine, or stands because it has reached that total.

Add up the card totals: number cards count as their face value, tens count as zero, aces count as one, and if the total of your cards is double figures, you save ten and keep the single digit value. For example, a six and a seven would give you a total of 13, but in baccarat, that’s a two.

Remember, the dealers don’t alter their playing style based on player bets, so every round is completely random and fair.

A winning wager on the banker pays out at 19 to 20, while a win on the player pays out at even money (-110), making the banker the better bet. However, you will need to pay a 5% commission to the house if the banker hand wins.

For even money returns, put your money on the banker to win.

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Want to play baccarat like a pro? Head to .

2. Dragon Tiger

Based on the same principles as baccarat, Dragon Tiger features just one card deal per hand, rather than two.

This makes it a much faster-paced game and ideal for anyone who likes the sound of baccarat but does not have the time, or patience, for longer rounds. Our detailed guide on how to play dragon tiger teaches you all you need to know about this Asian-inspired classic.

The object of the game is the same; bet on which of the two hands you think will end up with the higher value card, the left which represents the Dragon, or the right which stands for the Tiger. A tie goes to the Tie bettor and losing bets are paid out last.

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The rankings of cards are identical to that of baccarat with some additions that could catch you off guard if you’re using a strategic system for baccarat.

  • All cards (numbered 2-9) are valued at their pip value.
  • All tens are equal to zero.
  • The letter A is worth 11 points.
  • Cards are not scored using the last number only. For example, a 7 will beat a 5, but a white will also beat a 5. In this sense, a 2 will beat a king and an ace will beat both. Confused? Best stick with simply remembering that tens are zeros and aces are ones.

Dragon Tiger may seem complicated when you first see it, mainly due to its minimalistic styling with one card per hand, but it plays like baccarat and is equally easy to get the hang of.

Try it once, and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t played it before.

3. Sic Bo

If you really want to mix up your live online casino experience, sic bo is the way to go.

This ancient Chinese dice game has remained popular in the Far East for centuries, and now you can enjoy it without getting on a plane.

Sic bo translates to “precious dice” and in many ways resembles a version of our great grandparents’ game known as “great hundred.” Roll three dice and predict the outcome of their combination, sounds simple right? Well, it gets even easier as you don’t need to predict all three as there are numerous ways to bet on just one of the dice.

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Betting options cover:

  • Total rolls
  • Specific triangle totals
  • Odd/even or big/small wagers on individual dice
  • Pair wagers on doubles of a single number on two of the dice
  • Special wagers covering specific triangles

Dice are rolled in an elaborate glass capsule that resembles an hourglass and once the dice have landed, payouts are made accordingly.

To give you an idea of possible wagers, the table below highlights the ways you can bet on a single die.

We recommend trying out the free versions of the game before betting real cash. It’s a game that benefits from a little strategy and understanding of what makes a “good” roll, which a strategy can help highlight.

Once you get a grasp of this, you’ll love it. Trust us.

4. Football Studio

There are no goals here, unfortunately, but you can still come out a winner.

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Football studio is exactly that, a live game show based around soccer, hosted by a live presenter who will explain any cards you may be dealt. This is very much a card-based version of a live casino roulette wheel, except instead of winning a multiple of your stake on red or black, you win on various football-related cards.

Cards are ranked between one and 100, with 100 being the ace.

Players are invited to play when the previous round has ended and can choose to play on the following two markets.

  • Card color – players can bet on whether the top card will be a specific color (red or black) as it would be in traditional live casino roulette. In this case, red cards are represented by the historically rogue team in blue cards represent black.
  • Card draw – players can bet on whether the lowest value card in the next batch will be lower or higher than a specified card from a deck.
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Each player’s chosen cards are displayed on screen when the dealer says “betting closed,” which occurs roughly 70 seconds after players are invited to play.

Three decks of cards are shuffled and the bottom card is revealed, satisfying the “card draw” market.

Two further cards are drawn from the deck to determine the “card color” result, with red or black cards chosen at random from the two remaining cards.

Around 30-40 games can fit into one deck, which on average last around 45 seconds each. This means up to four games can be played with one deck of cards.

Fast paced, easy to play, and ideal for casual punters.

5. Money Wheel

Similar to the , Money Wheel is a game of chance held back by nothing more than that which you believe is luck.

Presented by a live dealer, bets open as soon as the previous round has finished and remain open for approximately 60 seconds or when the dealer closes them. You now choose the value you wish to stake and which sector of the wheel you think the spinner will land on.

Placing your bets is done by clicking on the corresponding box on the table. You can keep changing your bets right up until they close. Once they do, the dealer will spin the wheel and reveal the outcome roughly 60 seconds after they were closed.

Payouts are then made accordingly and you can click on the winning sector for a recap of what just happened.

So, what are you betting on? And why would you bet on one thing over another?

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The chances of the money wheel landing on any given segment follows the below chart.

The best bet here is obviously the jackpot, but this only has a 0.56% chance of coming in. The lowest odd bet is the green $40, which is highly likely to come in but only pays out like bets at the races, offering very little value indeed.

In many cases, it’s best to avoid the odds and go for the even money (1:1) bets between the lobster and the hot wheel symbol. Yes, one has a slightly higher chance of coming in than the other, but only just. Over a long period of time, the odds suggest there won’t be much difference in the outcome of these bets.

Flawed? Yes. Fun? Most definitely! Especially when you’ve got a pretty dealer spinning the wheel.

6. Dream Catcher

If money wheel looks familiar, that’s because it’s essentially the same game but branded by a different provider.

Only thing is, Dream Catcher was the first to hit the airwaves and as a result, is arguably the best live dealer table game you can play online.

The objective of the game revolves around guessing which of the six colors the spinning wheel will stop at following a quick spin.

You can place multiple bets on any number of colors, with payouts ranging from substantial multipliers of your bet for a successful wager on the two-tiered turbo multiplier segment or on the topper wheel segment, and even money returns for successfully predicting any other section.

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Turbociser segments that land on a colored section will pay out a multiplier of the bet on that segment. Meanwhile, those that land on the two-tiered segment will win prizes that range anywhere from a multiplier of 50:1 up to 10,000:1.

On top of the multiplier segment, one lucky player is awarded a multiplier between x10 and x40 on their bet, located on the wheel itself. These are handed out totally at random.

The gameplay is fast, the host entertaining, and there’s tons of action. Plus, as there are no strategic elements to this game, you can just switch your brain off and enjoy.

7. Ultra Lucky 7

Back to basics, Ultra Lucky 7 is a super simple live casino game that allows you to bet on whether a spinning wheel will land on a number that is, well, lucky for you.

The game consists of a large spinning wheel containing 70 lucky segments. When you enter the gaming area, you’ll be greeted by a live dealer that invites you to place your bets on the reading panel.

Once bets are closed, the dealer spins the wheel and stops at a randomly selected segment. All winning bets are paid out immediately.

There are several betting options and strategies you can apply to ultra lucky 7. It has a similar feel to roulette, so if that’s a game you know how to attack, this will feel familiar.

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There are four types of bets:

  • Lucky numbers. There are 10 lucky numbers (from 4 to 14) that offer a payout of 1:1. Bet on one or more of these numbers to win a multiple of your initial stake.
  • Lucky sections. The wheel is divided into four colored sections. Predict which of these sections the wheel will fall into for a payout of 4:1.
  • Lucky diamonds. The wheel contains four diamond segments that cross each lucky section. Betting on this section will win you 10 times your original stake.
  • Lucky fractions. Each arc section has a unique fraction associated with it. Predict which of these 10 fractions the wheel will land on for a payout of 20:1.

You can increase the intensity, and therefore the potential prize, by combining bets. However, you’ll need to be aware of how much you’re spending. Unlike blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, where you can apply strategy and perhaps lower the house edge, ultra lucky 7 is a game of pure luck, so don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

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Likeable and very easy to get into, Ultra Lucky 7 provides some enjoyable moments in front of the computer screen and is perfect if you fancy a change from more serious games.

8. Virtual Roulette

It’s hard to beat the real thing, but PA does virtual roulette very well indeed.

This computer-generated game uses a random number generator (RNG) to determine where the ball will land, mimicking a real live roulette wheel, complete with slow-motion camera angles and software that zooms in on your bets for emphasis.

It’s strange at first, especially when that famous human interaction is removed from the equation, but you quickly adapt to this futuristic take on a timeless classic.

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Just like regular , you can place bets on a variety of outcomes including red/black groups, odd/even numbers, ranges of numbers, or even singling out a single number.

What’s good about virtual roulette is that it removes any doubts you might have had about the outcomes on other RNG games. With regularly tested and verified RNGs, you know the game isn’t rigged, unlike some of the cheaper software found on rogue sites further afield.

Virtual roulette provides a cheap and cheerful option for anyone with a itch that needs rouletting. We recommend you try it for yourself at .

Live Dealer Casino Games FAQs

* What are the most popular live table games aside from blackjack, roulette, and poker?

The most popular live table games aside from blackjack, roulette, and poker depend on personal preference, but dream catcher, football studio, and sic bo tend to go down well with newbies.

* Can I interact with the dealers on live table games like Dream Catcher?

Yes. You can chat to the dealers through the live stream, much like you would on any other live dealer game. But beware, whatever you type can be seen by everyone in the virtual seat area.

* Are live table games like Money Wheel legit?

Yes. Money wheel and all the other live table games listed in this post are legit. Using random number generators, the results on these games cannot be tampered with once the wheel/pods etc. have been put into motion.

* Which is the easiest live table game to play?

Dream catcher, sic bo, and money wheel are among the easiest live table games to play online.

* Where can I play Dream Catcher?

You can play dream catcher at any of our top rated . We also have dedicated Dream Catcher casino guides for the following states: MD, NJ, WV.

Now that we’ve covered some of the alternative live table games you can play online, you can head back to the drawing board to decide which are right for you.

We recommend starting with the obvious choices, like dream catcher and sic bo, and work your way through the rest based on whether you enjoyed them or not.

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Whatever happens, you’re guaranteed a different experience away from the usual suspects of blackjack, roulette, and poker.