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The Secret of Online Slot Games

Slots are popular with beginners because they are easy to play, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't learn some . We will tell you a few things that will help you increase your chances of winning at online slot machines.

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Before the internet became such an integral part of our everyday lives, people who enjoyed playing slot games had only one option – they had to go to land-based casinos or other similar venues. This limited players since going to a casino wasn’t something people did on a regular basis.

However, casino owners soon realized that certain players would love to enjoy their favourite games from the comfort of their homes, so they started creating . These quickly replaced physical slot machines, as they offer way more benefits to both players and casinos.

Namely, gamblers can now play their favourite games without even leaving their home, while casinos save a lot of money by not having to buy and maintain physical slot machines. In fact, many new operators choose to be from the very beginning, which goes to show just how profitable an online casino can be nowadays.

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If we look objectively, it is safe to say that the rise of the Internet has brought a multitude of changes into almost every sphere of our daily lives, but perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the world of gaming. And while most people are aware of the advantages players get to enjoy thanks to the digital age, very few seem to know there is no longer a need to spend a fortune if you want to boost your chances of winning at online slot game.

Simply put, the advent of the Internet has made everything related to this type of entertainment much more affordable, but nevertheless, most people continue spending a fortune needlessly. If you want to change that and start getting the most out of your money while playing online slots, stay with us until the end as we give you some useful tips based on the latest technological achievements.

What You Should Know About Online Slots?

Even though slot games have always been among the favourites of gamblers all around the world, these entertaining machines have remained a complete mystery for years. Not only were people unable to figure out how the reeled, but they also didn’t know anything about the principles on which these games were based. Everything changed at the beginning of the century when the world of slots was hit by two major innovations.

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The first big thing happened in 1964 when Milton Rosen developed a completely new type of slot machine. Inspired by the vertical orientation of slot machines that he had seen during his trip to Las Vegas, Rosen created the first Fortune Coin slot machine company in the US. The most interesting fact about this game is that it was the first one featuring a bottom payment mechanism and a top payment display, which made it extremely attractive to players.

Although the Fortune Coin Company managed to sell around 71 of its innovative slot machines, it went bankrupt less than a decade later after being sued by Miles Dalton. It turns out that Dalton had designed the machines while working for the Fortune Coin and sued the company right after he bought it. Although the Fortune Coin went bankrupt, its slot machines continued working around the world and greatly contributed to the rise of the so-called “fruit” games.

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The Rise of First Draw Poker Machines

There is another invention that revolutionised the world of slot machines towards the end of the 20th century, and we are, of course, talking about the first draw poker machines. Developed by John H. Bozanich in the early 1970s, these games featured a coin slot, a currency acceptor, a coin hopper, and a bill validator. However, the biggest innovation of these machines was the fact they could pay off with a jackpot of up to 800 coins.

Bozanich sold the rights to his invention to Ingersoll-Rand in 1974, but the game wasn’t quite successful until Arthur Sloan and David Kanewsky bought it several years later and created the first electromechanical slot machine called “Show Missile”. Soon after that, Sloan and Kanewsky started a company called Advanced Patent Technology (later renamed to ASH Technologies) which began manufacturing video versions of their slot machine.

As you see, slot machines have come a long way before becoming the digital versions we know today, but what does that have to do with the expert slots tips we promised to give you earlier? Well, even though the modern technology has had a huge impact on the development of these games, the core principles of slots remain the same. In other words, all the guidelines we are going to provide below can still help you win bigger sums of cash, so let’s not waste any more time and check them out!

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Top 5 Expert Slots Tips

Unlike many other casino games, such as study, blackjack, or poker, slot machines haven’t changed much over the last couple of decades. Of course, game developers have tried to spice things up by adding various new features and bonus games, but the rules of the game remain pretty much the same. On the other hand, slots have become a lot more affordable, while the internet has enabled players to find the best possible operators within seconds. So, if you want to learn how to make your slots experience better, check our five expert slots tips:

Always Check Game Rules

It might sound weird to check the rules of a game which seems to be as simple as it gets, but you’ll understand everything after a minute. Namely, even the most basic slot games come with a variety of combinations and winning symbols, and it is very important to know them all if you want to play efficiently. Apart from winning more frequently, you could also take advantage of various promotions offered by most .

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Namely, virtually all online casinos reward their customers for reaching various milestones or completing different tasks. For instance, most casinos offer extra spins if you unlock a certain level, and knowing how their system works could bring you many additional prizes in the future. Even if a casino doesn’t have such a promotion at the moment, you could still benefit from knowing its rules!

Use Casino Bonuses

There is no need to stress out how important bonuses are for every gambler nowadays, so we won’t waste your time explaining why you should use them. Nevertheless, we would like to point out there are many different types of casino bonuses and not all of them can help you play online slots at a lower price. As you see on the best , most of their promotions can be used for table games and live dealer casinos, whereas slots often come with higher wagering requirements.

So, the best way to use bonuses for playing slot games is to search for promotions offered exclusively for reel-spinning games. Almost all reputable operators have such deals, so make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting any bonus. Also, you should know that free spins usually depend on a certain game chosen by the casino, but some operators give you the opportunity to make your choice, so consider yourself lucky if you stumble upon such a promotion!

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Start Playing Highest Denomination Slots at $0.05

We know some of you will start saying “no duh” after reading the title of this expert slots tip, but you’d be surprised how many people make the mistake mentioned above every day. Of course, starting to play the highest denomination at the lowest possible rate if you want to reduce the cost of each spin. But where was him?

Well, if you decide to maximize your chances of winning the jackpot, you must increase the number of your coins before you change the value of each coin. To put it in simple words, you should first set the number of coins to the maximum number (mostly 1 to 5 coins), then start increasing the value of each coin. In other words, going from a quarter to a dollar won’t do the trick; you should first set the number of coins to 5 and then lower the bet to $0.25 (5 coins of $0.05).

Let us clear up any confusion by giving you an example. Let’s say you are playing a three-coin machine and each of your coins gives you the right to win one out of twenty combinations. If you pull the handle without putting any coins, the machine will randomly generate three numbers. In case they match, you win the jackpot.

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The situation is not much different even if you put one coin and get a match. You see, the main idea of playing slots is giving the computer as many chances as possible to match your symbol. So, if you put five dollars in a machine (without using coins( and pull the handle, you will get only one combination, while five one-dollar bills could give you five chances to win the jackpot.

Of course, the second scenario is far more expensive compared to the first one, but the main purpose of using expert slots tips is…you guessed it – to save some money in the long run without reducing the chances for a big hit. And don’t worry, lowering the value of each coin won’t minimize the prize you’re going to receive if you actually win the jackpot!

Most slots nowadays feature a chart next to the screen which shows you the value of each coin. So, if you are pulling one dollar instead of five coins of fifty cents, you should multiple the payout listed on the chart by five in order to get the prize you are really receiving. Given the fact most slot machines give you the right to win up to five jackpots simultaneously, you can imagine how important it is to use this little trap effectively.

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Don’t Believe in Bet Max Myth

Contrary to the popular belief, pressing the “Bet Max” button cannot help you improve your odds of winning at online slot games. Some people believe constantly betting the maximum amount of money could make the reels “move slower”, thus improving their chances of winning. But is this truly one of the greatest slots strategies ever or is it just a widespread myth?

Well, we already said several times nothing can improve your odds of winning at online slots, so there is no reason for believing this specific story. Furthermore, continuously betting max amounts of money can only do one thing – drain your bankroll significantly faster. That’s why you shouldn’t waste your cash chasing some non-existing possibility to boost your winning odds.

Apart from helping you reduce the costs, not maxing out can also bring you extra rewards! Namally, many slot machines feature so-called progressive jackpots, and most of them require you to play with max coins in order to qualify for the prize. However, doing so could sometimes trigger a bonus round or a mini-game which could bring you even bigger profit without revealing the coveted progressive combo!

Essential Slot Machine Strategies You Need To Follow

Choose Slot Machines With the Highest Payout Percentages

This is probably the best piece of advice we can give you, so make sure you remember it well. Otherwise, all other expert slots tips will be meaningless.

Known also as RTP (Return to Player), the payout percentage represents the amount of money the slot machine is expected to return to its player over a long period of time. Although the RNG (Random Number Generator) makes every spin fair and equal, most slot machines are programmed to keep a certain portion of the money played – and that’s where the biggest difference in lies.

In other words, some slot games can offer much higher payouts than others, so it’s up to you to find them and play accordingly. The easiest way to do so is searching for the list of top slots on a review website, but you could also ask the customer support of your casino for some recommendations. However, the most efficient way to find a good slot machine is, of course, playing for free until you get tired of it – and, hopefully, win some cash along the way!

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On the other hand, it’s also important to know how to calculate the payout percentage on your own. Although this may sound difficult, the formula is pretty easy: you just need to divide the amount gained from a certain slot machine throughout a certain period of time and divide it by the total amount of money invested in the same time span.

For example, let’s assume a player has spent ten grand on a certain slot machine during the last month and the total amount of paid out money reached eighteen hundred dollars. In this case, we would say that the payout percentage of the game in question is 18%, meaning it could be worth investing in that particular slot machine. Of course, it’s very important to track the developments over a longer period of time if you want to get relatively close to the actual RTP.

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Final Thoughts on Expert Slots Tips

Using our expert slots tips should help you manage your budget better and maybe even increase your winning chances, although the second goal is far from being easy to achieve. Still, many gamblers from around the world use the tactics explained above on a daily basis and some of them even make a decent living off online slots. Whether you will be one of them or not depends mostly on your skills and dedication, so feel free to use these slots secrets as a basis for developing your own strategy.

Having trouble picking the right slot machine? Check out our for some great ideas and see for yourself how these expert slots tips can contribute to your further success!