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On this page, you’ll find the best browser slots you can play directly in your web browser without the need to download and install any software first. As you might know already, online slots are the most sought-after games at . However, many players also enjoy playing demo modes of these games on other websites, such as on the websites of news portals or slot review sites.
Newer and newer slots are released every week and all serious software providers deliver their games in a way that they can be played both on home computers and on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The graphics look sharp, the features work flawlessly, and the sound is awesome, no matter which device you play them on and which operating system it uses.
In the past, so-called web-based slots used to be rather primitive compared to their download versions. But those times are long gone and today almost no developer bothers to produce download slots anymore because web-based slots have caught up with them regarding quality and performance. You could call it instant play, no-download or in-browser gaming, it makes no difference what you call it, what’s important is that you can just load the game directly in your browser using Adobe Flash or – more recent – the HTML5 format which has become more popular during the last years.
What are browser slots?

Browswer Slots

Browser slots refer to online slots that do not require a download of any kind. Instead, players simply click to play an instant play slot right in their browser.

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Using Adobe Flash or – more recently – HTML5, browser slots offer great graphics and gameplay that used to be inferior to downloadable slots a few years ago.

While there is still many a fine download slot to be found, the technology has caught up tremendously and instant play slots now come close to the performance of their download siblings.

Some of you might still have to install the latest version of Adobe Flash to play some browser slots, mind you, as Adobe Flash will be history soonest, the makers invested very little into its further development so they might discontinue support anytime. This is why virtually all browslot games are built on HTML5 nowadays which, by the way, can be played on every modern device including smart phones and tablets.

List of the 20 Best Browser Slots

Before we take a closer look at browser slots in general, let’s start with the best browser slots currently available online. We picked slots from different software developers and with varying features to give you a good overview of what’s out there. Have a go at one of the slots by clicking the “Play Now” button and you will be taken to one of our favorite casinos where you can either play the slot for real money or – if you don’t want to take any risks – in free play mode where the only thing you need is to click “Start” and watch the reels spinning around. Our top 20 list of browser slots is as follows:

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You might wonder why some of the screenshots above show slots with progressive jackpots although we said before that browser slots can be plays both on your desktop computer and on your mobile phone. Well, indeed, not all progressive slots are built with HTML5 but a significant portion already is. By the way, the screenshot above is from Playn Go’s famous Gunslinger Reloaded slot which is one of the best browser slots featuring a progressive jackpot. Other well-known progressives playing nicely in your browser are Typically Swedish from NetEnt or Dolphin Gold from SG Interactive. Anyway, let’s continue with our browser slot machines list.

As you can see, we included classic fruit machines like Fruit Warp from Nektan, modern video slots such as Vikings Glory from Booming Gaming, branded slots like the Kim Kardashian OMG! from ART Harvey, and there is even a browser slot machine with a whopping 720 ways to win, namely Dragon Maiden from XPro Gaming. If you want to dig deeper into the world of browser slots, keep reading. In case you are new to online gaming, better start with our Beginner’s Guide to Slot Machines.

How to Play Browser Slots – A Short Tutorial

All right, you learned what browser slots actually mean and you know that they are the rule rather than the exception these days. No download is necessary, you just click “Play Now”, pick a slot you fancy, and off you go. Still, there might be some of you who have never played slots online before and therefore feel a bit uncomfortable about all those buttons, windows and settings which seem to overrun the whole screen. Don’t worry; we got you covered.

  1. First, make sure to pick a trusted casino offering a wide range of browser slots.
  2. Click the “Play Now” icon to activate our sign-up bonus.
  3. Create an account and claim your welcome bonus which you can use to play slots for free.
  4. Once you have funded your player account you can start to play the browser slots.
  5. Most slots have only a few setting which you should get familiar with.
  6. Click “Auto Play” if you want the reels to spin automatically for a number of times.
  7. Use the speaker symbol to turn the sound on or off.
  8. Press the “Info” key to get details on the way the features and the paytable of the current browser slot.
  9. Use the menu button to set the size of your coins, the number of coins per line and the number of active lines (if selectable).
  10. Finally, click the “Spin” button to start the reels or use the arrow keys (on PC) or the slider on touchscreen devices to make them move.

There you go, you know now how easy it is to play browser slots. Of course, there are differences depending on the number of rows, reels and features the particular slot has been designed with. Some slots – particularly the older ones – even allow you to choose a different payway, others feature a bunch of different betting options while the latest video slots hardly have any settings left except maybe for some advanced autoplay options.

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Generally speaking, browser slots have become very user-friendly in the last few years. Software vendors like NetEnt or IGT care a lot about Casinos not offering their games because of bad handling or confusing menus. After all, it’s not them who get blamed by the players if the software works properly but the casino operator does. That being said, however, we would like to recommend using our beginner’s guide for online slots which will help you getting started with slot machines in general.

Advantages of Playing Browser Slots

The main advantage of browser slots is obvious: You don’t have to download anything which saves precious time and spares unnecessary work. Further advantages include:

  • No special software required
  • Instant play after clicking single icon
  • No waiting time, just play the demos immediately
  • Run smoothly on Windows, iOS and Android
  • Graphics and sound are almost as good as download slots
  • New slots replaced on regular basis
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Especially the last point is important. While the “old” browser slots – mostly the ones developed ten years ago or so – are indeed a bit rudimentary in terms of graphics and animation, the new generation of instant play slots is nearly indistinguishable from the download slots. This becomes apparent when you test some of the newest releases such as Secrets of Atlantis from NetEnt or Raging Rhino from SG Interactive. Both games were launched in 2016 and feature breathtaking graphics, a lot of features, and great audio effects. It doesn’t really matter whether you run these browser slots on your desktop computer or on your tablet – they work perfectly smooth on each device.

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By the way, if you prefer playing browser slots on a mobile device, please consult our selection of the best mobile slot games. For the moment, you should know that pretty much all online slots developed since 2012 are built on HTML5, which makes them fully compatible with all kinds of devices. Of course, the smaller screen estate of your smartphone or tablet forces the software developers to simplify some settings or hide certain information, nevertheless, you will hardly notice any difference when switching from your desktop browser to your mobile device.

Brower Slots vs. Download Slots

Of course, there are still quite a few notable exceptions, too. Particularly some of the older browser slots (let’s say slots that have been converted from the download version to an instant play version) may lack some of the finer animations or features of the original version. You also have to make sure that you update your browser regularly because otherwise some browser slots may not run anymore. Mind you, though, the browsers themselves notify you automatically if an update is available. At least this is true for the major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. In fact, browser slots even rely on updated browsers because lots of new slots make use of cool graphical effects which are only possible thanks to the power of modern browsers.

Another advantage of browser slots compared to download slots is the fact that you always play the latest version of the slots right away. Unlike casino software, where you usually have the option to decide whether you want to update the software or not, browser slots always run the most recent version. This has two major advantages:

  • You always get the latest features, graphics, and sounds.
  • You are always eligible for the current progressive jackpots.
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Let’s assume you would download a casino client onto your computer and then forget about updating the software. Later, when you play a progressive slot, you might try to collect the biggest jackpot the casino offers only to find out later that you were not eligible for it because you played the old, obsolete software version. Unfortunately, this has happened to many players in the past and while most casinos would certainly pay out the correct jackpot if the discrepancy became apparent, nobody would envy the player the trouble he or she would have to go through in order to prove that the big hit indeed was legitimate.

This problem cannot arise when playing browser slots because the versions are equalized on the server side. What you see is what you get and you always get the latest software version.

Conclusion: Best Way to Play Slots Online

We hope you enjoyed our list of browser slots as much as we did selecting and testing them. Frankly, it wasn’t an easy task to pick “only” twenty slots from the hundreds of great games available online. And who knows, maybe your favourite browser slot is still awaiting its place in the top 20 list. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below and, in fact, don’t hesitate to use the comments box for whatever question, remark or suggestion you might have.

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Finally, if you are ready to go for the biggest scores, please visit our page on where you not only learn which slots are most suitable for scoring the biggest wins but also what strategy you should adopt in order to cash in your score.