No more than 35 students should be admitted in the classrooms of Northern Province Schools – Governor

Governor of the Northern Province, Dr. Suren Raghavan sent directive to the schools of Northern Province informing that the students’ admission should be done in accordance with the circular of the Ministry of Education. Accordingly, no more than 35 students should be admitted in an each class division.

The issue of school admissions in the past has been taken into consideration as the process of enrolling students in schools for the academic year 2020 is currently being carried out by schools.

It has been observed that when the students are admitted to schools, there is an increase in the number of students admitted to the class divisions and there are additional divisions without permission.

The class divisions approved by the Provincial Ministry of Education are only allowed. No more than 35 students should be enrolled in each class when admitting students in schools.

All school principals have been asked through the Provincial Director and Zonal Education Directors to pay personal attention to this matter. This procedure should be strictly followed in 2020. It has also been asked to the relevant officials to submit the reports in this regard from all Zonal Education Directors.

– Governor’s Media Unit