No deposit bonus codes (2023) - best sites & free chip promos

A lot of casinos online offer no deposit bonuses, either in the form of bonus codes or directly claimable through the casino lobby/cashier. These offers can give you anything from $10 on up to several thousands of dollars in free money or chips, depending on what sort of offering it is.

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This page has been created to help you better understand these types of offers; how they work, where to find them, what kinds are out there, etc. It's important to note that free spins offers are quite different from no deposit cash offers and though both are "free," they come with different terms and conditions, which we will be going over below.

Top No Deposit Bonus Codes & Free Spins Offers

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Are No Deposit Bonus Ches a Good Idea?

Yes and no. All gambling sites – especially ones that are new or operating in competitive markets – have to find ways to get your attention and entice you to sign-up. Like it or not, welcome offers have become one of the most effective means of drawing in new customers and since they benefit the player, too, it’s hard to see this trend changing anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean every site should be trusted with your business or that every offer is worth taking advantage of. For example, if a site looks shady, it probably is so it’s not a good idea to sign up even if they do offer a generous welcome bonus of some kind. Same goes for offers that appear too good to be true because nine times out of ten, they are. If you stick with our recommended no deposit bonus offers above, however, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The operators we partner with are vetted for safety, security, reliability and legitimacy. Their various welcome offers have also been reviewed and verified as being safe, fair and easy to clear. That’s not to say every single no deposit promo is a good idea, but the ones featured on this page certainly are. As long as you pick a reputable gaming brand, any attached wagering requirements aren’t too high, and you pay close attention to all the Terms and Conditions, there’s really no reason why you couldn’t turn a small no deposit bonus into a big win. Furthermore, even if you fail to meet the playthrough targets, you’ve only really lost the time it took to try and clear the bonus. You didn’t have to spend any of your own money to get a shot at some free cash, so what have you got to lose? If you hit a hot streak, you could end up walking away with a profit. 

How to Use No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes

Using no deposit casino bonus codes is an extremely straightforward process. Below, we walk you through everything you need to know about using these promo codes to access your free chip, spins, or another type of promotion. 

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to sign up for an account with the online casino in question. To do this, use one of the links provided on this page to visit the site. This will ensure that you receive the no deposit bonus when you sign up. From there, you’ll need to enter some personal details, including your name, address, phone number, email address, and social security number (for sportsbooks and poker sites). Once you’ve entered all your information, agree to the terms and conditions of the site, and hit submit.

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Step 2: Claim Your Bonus

Either during the registration process or after its completion in the cashier section of the casino, you must enter the no deposit promo code to activate the reward. If you have any issues or troubles, you can always contact customer support via live chat.

Step 3: Clear the Bonus and Withdraw Your Winnings

Once you have claimed your bonus, you now must clear it according to its respective terms. This usually includes playing through the amount a certain amount of times before being able to withdraw the winnings. Please read the specific instructions for each bonus to fully understand how to clear it.

Types of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

On this page, you’ll learn about a wide range of no deposit bonuses. Online gambling operators tend to be creative when it comes to marketing their brands, which is why you can find dozens of different types of welcome offers online. In the next sections, we’ll cover no deposit offers across all major verticals like casinos, poker, racebooks, and sportsbooks. Additionally, we’ll talk about various forms a no deposit bonus can take. You may be most interested in free chips, but some of the other deals—like free spins and sweeps coins—have plenty of value to offer as well. 

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

  • Free Spins – Used to gamble on slots. Each spin represents a single chance to win money.
  • Free Play – Gives you a set amount of time in which all wagers are considered a free play. Whatever you win during this time is yours to keep provided you’ve cleared the playthrough requirement.
  • Free Spins with Free Play – Combines the two so that you get a specified number of free spins along with a timed free play session.
  • Kickoff / Get Started / Cash Back / Welcome Buffet – Euphemisms for a free play offer. All trying to make the experience sound more exciting than it really is.
  • No Deposit 2nd/3rd Deposit Bonus – Some sites require you to make your first deposit to qualify for a no deposit bonus on the second or third deposit. Usually, this requires a larger deposit than the initial deposit. And the bonus amount is often much bigger than the initial no deposit offer.
  • No Deposit Bonus + Deposit Bonus Combo – Many sites offer a no deposit bonus along with a standard deposit bonus package. It’s a great way to get things started and provides a good basis for comparing different casinos. After all, you can always not use the no deposit offer and just focus on clearing the deposit match bonus.
  • Monthly/Loyalty No Deposit Bonus – Some sites offer no deposit bonuses to loyal patrons on a monthly basis as a reward for continued patronage. Most casinos change their promotions around regularly, so one site may offer depositors something different next month instead of the monthly no deposit bonus.
  • Refer a Friend No Deposit Bonus – Awarded to both parties if you get a friend to sign-up using your referral link/code. Both the existing player and newcomer would be eligible to receive a free chip or another type of offer.

Free Spins No Deposot Bonuses

The majority of no deposit offers in the casino space take the form of free spins. This applies particularly to bonuses acquired through third party websites like those found in our list above. 

In most cases, free spins no deposit bonuses are tied to slot machines. However, many of these spins can be used on a selection of popular games from the casino’s library. We’ve listed some of the most common terms associated with free spins bonuses below. Take these into consideration before accepting an offer.

Slots.EV - Research and Find the Best Slots Deals

Slots.EV is a website dedicated to finding value in slot machines, whether that be through bonuses, promotions, or other opportunities. If you’re looking for the best free spins offers available online, slots.ev is the place to start your search.

and Up Casino - Does 21 And Up Allow Casino in USA?

One great feature offered by slots.ev is their database of no deposit bonus offers. Here, you can compare some of the top deals currently available online and choose the one that is right for you.

Not only can you find free spins offers here, but you may come across other lucrative forms of no deposit bonuses such as freeplay offers and cash bonuses. If you want to start playing slots without making a deposit, slots.ev if the perfect place to begin your search.

Free Bet No Deposit Sports Betting Bonuses

Sportsbook welcome offers tend to be far larger when a deposit is made. However, as mentioned earlier in this guide, some operators require you to make your first deposit to quality for a no deposit bonus on your second or third transaction.

There are a few free bet no deposit sports betting bonuses out there, but you have to look harder to find them than you do with casino sites. Generally speaking, sportsbooks don’t give away free money quite as liberally. Again, any of the offers featured on this page can be trusted and, provided you bet on sensible odds, any free bet profits are guaranteed. Here’s a quick overview of how a typical free bet no deposit bonus works.

  • Bet On Long Odds – Any edge you gain will be small because the bookmaker’s overall advantage is very slim. So, to maximize your chances of winning the bet and covering the juice charged by the sportsbook, you need to target markets where your selection has long odds. The longer the odds, the greater your profit will be if it wins. Therefore, you should only use a free bet on a market where the potential ROI outweys the amount of the free bet. For example, if you have a $10 free bet, it isn’t going to do you much good betting on even money markets because you need a $10 bet to make just $10. Conversely, placing that same $10 bet at odds of +500 would see you win $50, which is a much better return on investment (ROI).
  • Don’t Waste the Bet if You Lose – Unlike casino games, where you have lots of opportunities to win your money back, there aren’t many ways to lose a sports bet and then get it for free. Some betting sites will give you a free bet if your initial bet is a losing one and the events on which you wagered come in as winners of a parlay. For example, if you had a five-team Lucky 60 ticket and missed on one pick, some sites would give you a free bet equal to the value of your initial stake. Similarly, you may be able to get a free bet if you cast your vote with the Betting Experts at Sports Insights and your pick ends up becoming the public consensus choice. However, opportunities like these are few and far between, so don’t waste your free bet on a long shot as it’s highly likely that you’ll lose it.
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Want to Place Bets Risk Free?

May be of interest to sports betting fans seeking no deposit options. It offers new customers a $500 risk free first bet that will be returned to you in the form of a single bet refund if your opening wager at odds -110 or longer loses. Not only does MyBookie have a great offer for new customers, but it also has a fantastic range of betting lines and odds for all the top US and international sporting competitions.

Poker No Deposit Bonuses

When it comes to , you’ll generally find that the offers are quite modest compared to what you get from sportsbooks and casinos. Most come in the form of free sweepstakes coins or tickets that can be used to enter freeroll tournaments. Real money no deposit poker bonuses are rare but not unheard of.

You’ll need to earn or buy your way out of the sweatstakes economy and into the big leagues. Even the best poker players in the world typically start off playing freerolls and using any no deposit bonuses they can get their hands on. So, you should follow suit, especially if you don’t want to deposit and play with real money straight away.

Poker sites often have multi-tiered rewards schemes that give you more benefits the more you deposit. So, it may be worth creating multiple accounts even if you only use no deposit bonuses on each one. Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect from the average no deposit poker bonus:

  • Global Poker’s Free Initial Chips – Global Poker is the exception to the rule when it comes to no deposit bonuses in the . Like Casinomeisters, they operate in a legally gray area, which allows them to give players free chips just for signing up. At GP, you’ll receive Gold Coins (GC) and free sweepstakes coins (SC) simply for registering an account. You can use GC to play free non- Gambling Commission licensed games on the site’s online casino. And you can use SC to play non-GC licensed games or trade ten SC for one SD and play those instead. Sweepstakes Credits function as real money, with the exception being you can’t withdraw them directly. Instead, you must trade all your SC back for Sweepstakes Dollars (SD) and withdraw your SD balances. It’s an extra step, but it keeps Global Poker compliant with US and Canadian sweepstakes laws.
  • Sweeps Coins and Freeroll Tickets – Most poker sites will give you some number of free sweepstakes coins (SC) upon sign-up. They may also give you a ticket or two for some freeroll tournaments. Any SC you earn can typically be used to enter more freerolls and other low stakes tourneys. The idea behind these offers is to build your bankroll slowly and give you a chance to move up through the stakes. If you do well in some of the lower tournaments, you'll be able to use the cash or SC you win to enter higher level games. The cycle continues until you either go broke or have built up enough SC to withdraw.

Want to Play for Sweepstakes CASH and Gold Coins?

Is a social gambling site that operates a little outside the boundaries of traditional online poker. Global Poker welcomes players from most US states and Canadian provinides with gold coin “free play” and free virtual “sweepstakes” currency you can redeem for cash prizes. Global uses a pretence of purchase model, which means you purchase GC for gold coins which you use for playing all the casino games. The fun part is all purchases give you free ‘sweepstake coins’ which you can accumulate and swap for cash prizes. It’s a unique concept that gets around the confusing US online poker laws and allows Global Poker to accept players from most US States and Canadian Provinces.

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Racebook No Deposit Bonus Codes

Though not as prevalent as sportsbook and casino offers, you can still find no deposit bonus codes for use at top horse racing betting sites. As with sports betting, we wouldn’t recommend using these offers to bet on long priced outsiders. You’d need to win way too many of those to make any sort of profit from a no deposit offer. It would be far wiser to target slightly shorter priced shots in graded races or those with strong form.

Another option would be to use a no deposit offer on the favorite in any race. Though short priced, favorites win anywhere from 30-40% of the time and most racebooks offer a payout structure that gives you more than your original stake back if your selection wins. For example, you may get $1.80 for each $1 wagered on a horse with odds of -110.

We explain more about how to bet on horses and the intricacies of racebook pricing models in our extensive . Until then, here are a few pointers for getting the most out of no deposit offers at top thoroughbred betting sites…

  • Check the Terms – Some racebook no deposit offers can only be used on particular races or events. Make sure you check the full terms and conditions of any offers to determine their scope and limitations.
  • Use on Favorites or Strong Form Horses – You don’t have to bet on a certain horse or in a specific race, but you should pick a steed with a good chance of winning. Otherwise, you’ll never make a profit if you’re constantly losing bets. When starting out, the best thing to do is bet on the favorite in whichever race you want to place your no deposit bet on. Though they don’t always win, favorites win somewhere around 30-40% of the time. And when they do win, racebooks usually pay out more than your original stake. For example, the favorite may be priced at -110, which means you get $1.90 back for every $1 wagered.
No Deposit Bonus Casinos in the USA (2023) - Online Casino Reviews

Enjoy Competitive Racing Odds?

Is one of the top thoroughbred racing betting sites in the United States. Available in 40 US states, this bookie offers competitive odds lines on domestic and international meets, a wide variety of bet types, and live streaming on select races. MyBookies also has a generous welcome bonus that that can be used on the horse you want to back in the Kentucky Derby or any other notable race.

Free Play Poker No Deposit Bonuses Explained

A free play poker no deposit bonus gives you a predetermined amount of play money that can be used on any real money poker game or tournament. The catch is that all the money you win with this free play money is only available to withdraw up to a certain amount. Anything you manage to win beyond that maximum withdrawal amount will only be redeemable in merchandise, tournament entries, or other promotional perks.

For example, you might join a site that offers a $500 free play welcome bonus. In this case, you’ll be given a hypothetical bankroll of $500 that you can use to compete against real money players. Under the terms of this bonus, you get to keep whatever you win up to $500, while anything beyond that top line becomes capped at redemption rates of $10 for every 100 points earned.

The main benefit of a free play welcome bonus is that it exposes you to the rigors of real money online poker with absolutely no risks to your own bankroll. You’ll be competing against players who are putting their own real money balances to work, giving you a feel for what it takes to succeed among the highest caliber online poker players in the world.

Another benefit of a free play welcome bonus is that it gives you a chance to build a bankroll from scratch. If you happen to have a hot streak, you could walk away from your free play bonus with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in winnings.

Best of all, it costs nothing to take advantage of a free play welcome bonus.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how a free play welcome bonus works under hypothetical circumstances:

  • Join a Site Offering $500 Free Play – Let’s say you’ve decided to join a site that offers new players $500 in free play credits. Being a savvy shopper, you first check our reviews to find the best sign up bonus available and end up following a link to said bonus from one of our top ten lists. Either way, you wind up qualifying for the $500 free play bonus and open an account.
  • Get Your Free Play Credits – The site offers you $500 in free play credits once you complete the sign up formalities. These credits act exactly like real cash in that you can use them to buy into any cash game or tournament within the bounds of the bonus.
  • Win $750 in the Free Play Environment – You quickly acclimate to the real money environment because you’ve put in your time on play money tables prior to joining. Using your free play credits wisely, you manage to win $750 over the course of a week.
  • Keep $500 and Fight for the Rest – Under the terms and conditions of this bonus, you get to keep the first $500 you win. Anything beyond that amount enters you into a meritocracy based on the number of frequent player points you earn.

How to Clear a No Deposit Bonus

Every offer is unique and therefore comes with its own terms and conditions regarding how to clear the bonus. That being said, almost all no deposit offers come with a rollover requirement. Also known as wagering or playthrough, this term refers to the amount of money you must bet before being allowed to withdraw the bonus and any associated winnings.

Reel Slots Guide - Best 5-Reel Slot Online Casinos

With most online casino bonuses, the entire promotion must be cleared at once. For instance, if you receive a $10 free chip, you’ll have to bet $10 x the wagering requirement before accessing your bonus funds. With no deposit offers, the amounts are usually much smaller. As such, it is possible to clear them in a single day.

Game contributions vary from one site to the next. The best no deposit slots contribute 100% towards the playthrough requirement. However, table games rarely count for more than 20%. It is within the realms of possibility to clear a no deposit bonus, but there are thousands of bets involved. Thus, anyone considering doing so would be well advised to use slot games.

Are No Deposit Bonuses Legal?


All of the offers discussed on this page are 100% legal. We’ve been operating since 2004 and have yet to find ourselves promoting illegal bonuses. Of course, we only point you in the direction of these deals, it is ultimately down to you to abide by the small print yourself.

In the United States and throughout much of the world, no deposit offers fall into a legal gray area.

They don’t require any money to activate, yet they provide some sort of value to the player.

This makes them similar to promotional offers you might find at brick and mortar casinos, which often give out free drinks or discounted meals as incentives to play.

Most jurisdictions regulate gambling laws based on whether a operator has required the player to deposit and risk their own money.

As such, no deposit bonuses are legal in virtually all regulated markets around the world. This includes places like the United Kingdom, Malta, Gibraltar, and the various US states that have legalized online gambling.

Even in countries where online gambling is mostly prohibited, such as China and Russia, no deposit offers are still widespread. I know from personal experience that you can find these deals throughout Asia and Eastern Europe, despite the fact that these areas have largely outlawed internet betting sites.

Why Casinos Offer No Deposit Deals

From a strictly financial standpoint, no deposit bonuses make very little sense.

After all, any half decent player is going to receive more in winnings than the casino offers as a bonus. Then they’ll cash in their winnings while having deposited nothing and risked nothing. In this sense, the house appears to be giving away free money with no expectation of ever seeing it again.

And in a manner of speaking, that is precisely what they’re doing.

Casino bonuses exist for one simple reason: to attract new customers.

Whether a player deposits money to access the bonus or receives it on sign-up makes no difference to the net revenue of the casino. In both instances, the site has gained a new patron that might not have signed up otherwise. From there, it is the job of the online casino to retain that player with good service, reliable payments, and a comprehensive game library.

It is the goal of CasinoSource to direct players to the industry’s best sites. We have years of experience under our belts and have seen countless casinos come and go during that time. The ones that have stood the test of time are the ones that offer no deposit bonuses as a way to encourage new business, and then go above and beyond to satisfy their customers.

No Deposit vs Deposit Bonus

What’s the difference between a no deposit and deposit bonus?

In a word: deposit.

Ways to Play Poker Without Putting Money on the Line

You don’t have to deposit in order to receive a no deposit bonus. Nor do you have to deposit any money to access the casino or any other facet of service.

A standard deposit bonus, on the other hand, requires users to put down a minimum amount of money before the site matches it with additional funds. The most common example of this bonus type can be found across most reputable : 100% matching funds on deposits worth up to $1,000.

Other examples of deposit bonuses include sliding scale offers that match a smaller percentage on larger deposits or reverse onus bonuses that require players to wage a set amount in order to receive funds up front.

These are all legitimate promotions offered by trustworthy operators, but they differ from no deposit offers in that clients must put money in to get anything back.

Here’s a brief comparison of these two common bonus categories:

Tips for Clearing Bonuses

Every offer is different, which means you have to read the terms and conditions to know exactly how to clear a bonus. However, there are some general tips that apply to the vast majority of no deposit casino offers out there.

First and foremost, you want to use your bonus funds on games that contribute 100% toward the playthrough requirement. Slot games are almost always included in this category. Whereas, table games may only count for 5-20% toward clearing your bonus. You can sometimes avoid slot games altogether by playing video poker titles with appropriate wagering levels. But these games typically only contribute 5% or less to bonus playthrough.

Second, you’ll want to maintain an adequate bankroll so that you don’t bust your normal game before you’ve had a chance to clear the bonus. This could take days or even weeks, depending on the size of the no deposit bonus and its corresponding rollover requirement. If you normally play $10 slots, for instance, you might consider bumping it up to $20 per spin during the period in which you’re trying to fulfill the wagering conditions.

Lastly, remember to meet the bonus playthrough in a timely fashion. Every offer comes with an expiration date, which might be anywhere from a few days to several months. If you fail to clear the bonus within this timeframe, the operator will forfeit all accumulated earnings and void any winnings you may have amassed with that bonus.

Advice for Finding the Best No Deposit Bonus Codes

I’ve been working with Casino Source since 2007, and I can tell you that the best way to find the latest no deposit bonus codes is to consult one of our experts.

Each of our reviewers maintains contacts within the industry who keep them informed of new promotions as they emerge. We also maintain relationships with various affiliate managers, who allow us early access to new no deposit bonuses before they’re rolled out to the public.

You can take advantage of these exclusive offers by following the links to top online casinos provided on this page.

Every bonus you see here has been thoroughly vetted by our team of reviewers, ensuring that it is both valid and active. If you see a bonus on this page, you can rest assured knowing that it is indeed available for new players who sign up from the US and a number of other nations.

Not only do we provide no deposit bonuses for casinos, but you can also find offers for leading sportsbooks and top rated poker rooms.

If you’re looking for the best no deposit offers online, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Bother Using a No Deposit Bonus Code?

Some players eschew bonus codes altogether, preferring to simply call up customer support and having them added to their account.

While this method certainly has its place, there are definite advantages to using no deposit bonus codes instead.

To start, you don’t have to wait on hold to speak with a representative.

Safe Online Casinos That Accept PayPal in 2023

I know from experience that online casino support staff can be rather backed up at times, especially when a major promotion is underway. By entering a bonus code, you can bypass all that phone time and get right down to business.

Another advantage to using no deposit bonus codes is that you can stack them.

Many casinos won’t allow you to use a bonus code if you’ve previously called in a offer, but the reverse is almost always true. If you come across two or more no deposit bonus codes that appeal to you, you can enter as many as you like in the proper fields to stack their corresponding bonuses on top of one another.

Finally, I like to think of no deposit bonus codes as a sort of secret handshake.

Anyone can call up a casino and ask for their current promotions to be explained over the phone, then choose the no deposit offer that seems most attractive. But when you have a code, it lets you know that you’re privy to special knowledge that other players don’t necessarily have access to.

Of course, the biggest reason to use a no deposit bonus code is because they allow you to play free casino games online, giving you a chance to win money without risking a dime of your own. What’s not to love about that?

No Deposit Bonus FAQs

Are no deposit bonuses legal?


Though laws governing online gamblingBonn are complex and somewhat convoluted in nature, there is nothing within international legal statutes that specifically makes no deposit bonuses illegal. In fact, these offers are commonplace among regulated jurisdictions around the world, including the United Kingdom, Malta, Gibraltar, and various US states.

Do all online casinos offer no deposit bonuses?


steps to opening your own casino (and 5 reasons why you might not)

Only a fraction of online casino bonuses are no deposit offers. The majority of promotions require players to make a deposit before receiving any sort of incentive. That being said, there are plenty of top sites that do offer no deposit bonuses, and we’ve listed several of them here on this page.

How do you clear a no deposit bonus?

Every offer is different, but most bonuses require players to wager a set multiple of their promotion in order to clear it. This is often referred to as rollover or wagering requirements. It is typically expressed as a multiple of the bonus and/or deposit. For example, a $10 free slot spin with a 20x rollover would require $200 in wagers before the bonus could be cleared (10 X 20 + 10 = 200).

Can I cash out a no deposit bonus?


Once you’ve cleared the requirements of your no deposit bonus, you should be free to cash out your balance along with any associated winnings. Some casinos may have separate banking methods designated for bonuses and regular deposits/withdrawals, so be sure to double check the terms and conditions to see where your funds can be accessed.

Are no deposit offers limited to a certain amount of time?


All no deposit bonuses have an expiration date beyond which they become null and void. The length of this period will depend on the specific promotion in question. Some offers might only be valid for a day or two, while others could last for several weeks or even months. Be sure to read the full terms and conditions of any bonus to determine its expiration date.

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