Mr. Marc Andrew France, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Organization in Sri Lanka stated that the United Nations will continue to provide fullest support for the improvement of the livelihood of the people in Northern Region and the development of infrastructure.

He stated that he is happy with the life of the northern people and their daily activities and that the United Nations will provide full support to organize the future development and infrastructure of the people. To achieve the development goals, the United Nations is taking steps to provide better support in the future to strengthen that foundation.
Northern Governor Mrs P.S.M. Charles briefed him on the current situation in the Northern Province and it was revealed in this discussion that the people of the Northern Region, who were affected by the thirty years of war, are now reaching a favourable position when the representatives of the United Nations met Mrs. Charles on the evening of 05.06.2023 at Governor’s Secretariat.
UN resident Coordinator stated that there is a satisfactory trend in the social, economic and well-being of the Northern Region and the aim of the United Nations is to support the development of these activities in the future.
 In this discussion, a lot of attention was paid to the infrastructure development of the Province and Provincial Chief Secretary Mr. Saman Bandula, his officers and a few UN officers were participated in this discussion.