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Let’s face it, when a state finally gets around to legalizing gambling after years of being surrounded by ones that have had the pleasure attached, there is much excitement in the air. Such is the case with , as they recently joined the ranks of states such as New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania who all presently enjoy legal online gambling options.

As excited as we are to see yet another state come into the fold, we can’t help but wonder about those players who may be new to this arena. For instance, how will they know which among the multitude of operators out there to choose from? Or even where to begin to look? This is exactly why we at GamblingSites.com are here; to make your choices easier.

One of the fine operators that we suggest for the Garden State is . Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment (MGE) owns and operates the in-person casinos in Connecticut, and they have now brought their brand to New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well. They were one of the first online operators to go live in New Jersey back in 2014 under the name MoheganSunCasino, and since then they have honed their products until they are among the best available anywhere. When they went live with their online operation in Pennsylvania, they renamed it to fit in with the Keystone State’s geographical designation – so expect to see later on in this article.

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In this two-part series we would like to familiarize you with our ten favorite games at these two Mohegan Sun online casinos. We will cover the first five in this piece, and then revisit the list next week with the second half. We chose these games because they all have high return-to-player (RTP) ratings, or in other words they give the player the best chances for winning. This is calculated differently in each game, with some relying entirely on luck while others involve skill as well. Additionally, we only chose one game from each category, as we want to provide you with a wide variety of the most beneficial opportunities available.

Mohegan Sun Casino Online Games Overview

Please keep in mind that, just as with any online gaming operation, they periodically change their offerings so that the above games may be there when you visit, or they may not. We recommend that you take advantage of our link above to take you directly to their site, and then proceed to their section labelled ‘Casino Games’ at the top of the page. This will open up a drop-down menu that includes Slots, Blackjack, Table Games, Video Poker, Live Dealers, Racing (i.e., horse racing), and Daily Fantasy Sports.

It doesn’t matter which heading you choose, as every game currently featured will be listed alphabetically. Once you find the game that brought you here – or one of the others that caught your eye as you scrolled past it – simply left click on its title and you will be taken to that individual game page. Here you can left click on the button labeled ‘Play Now’ and you will be prompted to sign in or register an account if you haven’t done so already. Once this formality is completed, you will be ready to play for some big wins on these high RTP titles.

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Now that you know how simple it is to get started, let’s get to our first selection. You may have already played this one before – we certainly had to – but we want to impress upon you the importance of seeking out the more advantageous propositions. All of the games that you will read about in this article meet that criteria.

Double Bonus XL

We will begin our list with a game that relies partly on luck and partly on skill, which is Double Bonus XL in the Multi-Hand Joker Poker/Video Poker section. Most players are familiar with the Video Poker genre, where they feel that they have somewhat more control over the outcome than with slot machines or the like. This particular variation offers 9x tangible value on a full house and 6x on a flush, which are higher payouts than most video poker variations. There is also a progressive jackpot for four hands with four deuces, or one hand with four aces. Always a crowd pleaser, we are sure you will enjoy Double Bonus XL just as much as its cousins Double Double Bonus XL and Double Bonus Deluxe.

Ten Zone Blackjack

Let’s move on to blackjack, and specifically Ten Zone Blackjack which can be found in the Blackjack section. Those of you who regularly participate in blackjack will no doubt be familiar with the idea behind Ten Zone Blackjack. In short, wagers are divided into 10 zones along the bottom of the screen, each containing one, two or three suits. Before receiving any cards, players must place a bet on how many of the five about to be dealt will match a suit in one of your zones. For example, let’s assume that you bet on the red zone and all five cards are either hearts or diamonds. You would win on the suits of three of the cards, half of one and one-third of the final card as it lies on the boundary of two suits. Tens are used for each suit and jokers are employed for the unknown cards.

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We realize that this sounds a bit confusing, but please keep in mind that the rundown on each game is provided for you so that you can simply view it to familiarize yourself with the specifics rather than trying to commit them to memory. Furthermore, this game has an RTP of 98.5% and few things in the gambling world top blackjack in the first place. Thusly, we strongly recommend that you give Ten Zone Blackjack a try – and the other 17 live table games, 5 variants and 9 RNG versions as well.

Blood Suckers

Now we turn to Blood Suckers in the Video Slents around page 3, which features 25 pay lines on 5 reels. This horror-themed slot game has a return to player rate of 98% and we guarantee that you will want to sink your teeth into this one. As you can likely surmise from the title, the graphics revolve about vampires and all of the associated paraphernalia including stakes, garlic, holy water and more. There are 6 different bonus rounds and 3 different free spin options to add even more spice to the action. Another plus with slot machine games is that you can generally set the bet amount as low or high as you wish, allowing everyone to feel comfortable.

We realize that there are many slots players who will immediately turn the page when they see a horror theme. Fear not, however, as there are literally hundreds of slots selections to peruse through at the Mohegan Sun online casino NJ and PA sites. Feel free to browse around Andy Warhol, Sumatran Storm, Alien Spinvasion, Cash Claim Beast, and scores of others that feature everything from animals to sports to movies to music to mythology and beyond. There is truly something for everyone among these selections. Speaking of which, let’s continue with our top recommendations with a trip to the tables.


Three card primer and you’re set to play Hi Lo!

Next up is Hi-Lo, which can be found in the Table Games section. Also known as , this classic card game has been enjoyed for centuries and goes by numerous names including Heaven and Hell, Hot and Cold, and many more. The concept is very straightforward – guess whether the next card will be higher (Hot or High) or lower (Colder or Lo) in value than the current card. You can double down on your initial bet if you feel particularly strong about your prognostication. With an RTP of 97.37% – 98.44%, depending upon how the bets are placed, this is a welcome change from the typical house edge of 4- 7.5%. Just be certain that you are aware of the differences between Edwards, Mathematician and Chelsea variants so that you understand the risks involved before placing your bet.

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European Roulette Pro

Finally, we conclude this segment with European Roulette Pro in the Roulette section. We are sure that none of our readers need any introduction to roulette, whether European or American. However, for the benefit of those who may be new to this ancient game, we will provide a brief synopsis. A ball is dropped onto a wheel consisting of numbers 1-36 as well as 0. Depending on where the ball comes to rest, that is the number that will be paid out to the players who had wagered on that number – or groups of numbers – prior to the spinning stopping.

Those groups include splits (two numbers next to each on the board), streets (three numbers in a vertical or horizontal row on the board), corners (four numbers where the lines intersect on the board), six lines (three numbers in a vertical row on the board), street bets (three lines of numbers), column bets (wagering on a entire column of numbers), and of course single number bets. The difference between the two varieties of roulette is that the American version also includes a 00 space, for a total of 38 possible outcomes. This reduces the RTP for American roulette to 94.74% while the European version allows for a considerably better 97.30%. Feast or famine in the USA, anyone?

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Well there you have it, the first five Mohegan Sun casino online games to play. Join us next week as we bring the curtain upward with the second half of our list. Until then, feel free to explore these first five selections as well as the rest of the exciting games offered by Mohegan Sun Casino in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As always, be sure to gamble responsibly.

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Mohegan Sun Pennsylvania

Speaking of responsible gambling, we would like to take a moment to familiarize you with the situation in Pennsylvania. Online gambling became legal in the state during October of 2017, with the proviso that licenses would be issued to brick-and-mortar casinos within their borders. Such was the case with the , which launched the online Hollywood Casino on July 15, 2019. Of course, the Mohegan tribe was partners with Hollywood, so it was only a matter of time before they unleashed their own online enterprise in . This they did on November 17, 2019, making available the online versions of their Washington Pavilion and Meadows Racetrack. State law requires that 15% of all online revenue must be remitted to the host community where the in-person casino is located, with another 54% going to the state for education, benevolent purposes, and the important job of putting lottery vending machines in supermarkets and public places throughout the Commonwealth. The remainder goes to the license holder, in this case Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment.

It’s a big state, with 12 million people, so the prediction is that the online gaming industry in Pennsylvania could soon eclipse the $380 million per year generated in New Jersey. This means that now is the time to establish yourself as a preferred operator, and few names carry more clout than Mohegan Sun. So join the fun at their Pennsylvania site today!

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Deposit and Withdrawal Options at Mohegan Sun Casino in PA

It makes little difference which state you are playing in, as the deposit and withdrawal methods will be similar across the board. Below we have itemized several of the most popular ways to fund your account, so please take a moment to review them carefully.

  • ACH Transfer: Arguably the easiest method is to simply grant the casino your ACH information – that’s bank account and routing number – and authorize them to make withdrawals. To reverse this process is a hassle so we strongly recommend that you use this method only if you have access to immediate online banking.
  • PayPal /Skrill : These two e-wallet services are nearly identical, with PayPal being more widely recognized and Skrill the preference in some European nations. The beauty of either is that you can easily transfer money into and out of your account without involving your banking information with the casino. Most players keep their PayPal or Skrill accounts funded via a connected bank account, though both also offer debit card and direct deposit options. Transactions are typically processed within 24 hours, and transaction fees are minimal.
  • Credit cards: This remains a contentious issue in the online gambling world, as the major credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard are often loath to allow their name to be affiliated with gambling transactions. Mohegan Sun PA does accept credit cards from certain issuing banks, although we cannot divulge which ones these might be. The good news is that if your bank permits it then this remains the fastest and easiest way to both fund your account and receive any winnings.
  • Bank Transfers / Wires: While this method is neither difficult nor time consumconsuming for the player, it does tend to be the most expensive. Mohegan Sun may very well foot the bill for this transaction, but don’t be surprised if they pass some or all of it along to you.  On the deposit side my be as simple as finding the casino’s accounting info and sending the approved amount their way, while on the withdrawal end they will provide an account number and banking instructions.  My experience is that most large transactions can be accomplished within 24 hours using a bank transfer.
  • ASH : An alternative school of thought to Bitcoin is that of ASH, or A Secure Hosting Service.  The idea here is that sensitive information such as credit cards and banking details should never be entrusted to an online entity, no matter how reputable they may seem.  Thusly, an ASH service allows its customers to make transactions via their secure servers, thereby eliminating the risk.  This is a growing trend in online commerce, and may eventually become the preferred method of funding your online gaming account.
  • Checks: Finally, nothing has changed in that old fashioned checks are still accepted both for depositing funds into your account as well as for withdrawing your winnings.  Bear in mind that a check must clear the bank before the credits become actual cash at your disposal, and vice versa.  Further, hard copy checks can take several days in the mail, although once received most online operators will hold your funds in a form of escrow so that you can request a check for the entire amount rather than having your original withdrawal amount show up alongside daily loss amounts.
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Keep in mind that these methods may vary slightly between states, especially as online gambling is still a relatively new phenomena in America.  We suggest that you avail yourself of the ‘Banking’ webpage at the Mohegan Sun website that you are visiting, as this will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for your specific situation.

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We hope that you have found this first installment of our top games at Mohegan Sun online casinos enlightening, and we appreciate your patience as we catch everyone up on the latest states to join the online revolution.
Join us next week as we complete our survey of their establishments with picks #6 through #10, and in the meantime feel free to explore all that the Mohegan Sun casinos in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have to offer.
Good fortune!